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Name Pack
Briar Rogue
Sex Status
Female Injured
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 5 mos.)
765 SP

Character Information

Current Status

During a fight with {Frick} in Early Summer, she received a fractured left rear leg. She is currently moving about on three legs whenever possible.


55 lbs ● 20 inches tall

Briar is white and very small, with bright amber eyes. She has a rather sweet outward appearance, a becoming face, and dainty limbs.


Briar is, first and foremost, a shitbag.
She doesn't really like anyone** and loves to stir up trouble. If she can use her sweet face to her advantage, she will. However, Briar is a coward, and so unless she has backup, tends to prefer to flee or avoid excess conflict. She gets her jollies off of telling lies to strangers, and if she can steal from them, all the better. Her diet consists largely of scavenged scraps.

** The exception is {Dhracia}, who she adores and idolizes.


Briar does not talk about her time prior to entering the valley, but it can be assumed that she faced some trauma, likely at the hands of a male or males, and likely from a pack, which should explain her dislike for both of those things.


Height Build
Petite Average
Father Mother
Other Relationships
{Dhracia} - I'm fucked.

Coalsmudge - A kind but boring youth

{Lagora} - The Beast.
{Frick} - Call me Cutie one more time
Baby - Poor, empty, spoiled brat. Go back to your pack.
{Nanook} - Mr Experience, Guardian of the Sanctuary.

Just Briar Things

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet