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Name Pack
Brynn Awbrey Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 2 mos.)
4590 SP

Character Information

Hiatus - River
Hiatus - We Can Be Ghosts Now
Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight
X-Note Soundtrack - Truth
X-Note Soundtrack - Farewell
X-Note Soundtrack - Broken

Voiced by Andrew Garfield

Timber wolf, 24 in, 66 lbs, straight

A ghost of the past, a distorted version of who he once was. A sad, broken man. Regretful and ashamed.

Brynn used to be a happy, cheerful and excited goof. Finding a life in Horizon during early spring, HY2 and joining the Starfall Cadre mellowed him down. He became more serious, found a mate, had pups. Everything seemed to go decent for him. He had finally found a place where he belonged.

Not anymore. Brynn felt like a failure, he had been afraid. After he lost his mate, things did not go well for him. Depression made him try to kill himself, but he failed. After fleeing his home and Horizon, he tried to find a new life, a new purpose. But it wasn’t so easy. It has turned him bitter and judgmental. He’s tired, of everything. He just lives to survive now. He lives to eat, he eats to live. Brynn has detached himself from others, and hopes to never feel attached to anyone again. It only hurts you, he found out, to love others. You will always lose them, in the end. He had become mostly feral, and is no longer afraid to die. doesn’t trust strangers and refuses to talk to others. Unless he’s addressed. But other than that, he tried to avoid other wolves. He hopes to never see his family again. He knows they would be better off without him.
He runs away from his problems, and might lash out when cornered. Even now to those he once knew.

Brynn was born in a small pack with just his parents and two sisters, {Amy} and his twin, {Brynne}. He had a normal and happy upbringing. He didn’t learn how to hunt for the first two years of his life, because he never paid attention and his parents were too soft on him, babying him. Eventually, he became dependable on his family. His sisters cared for him and babied him, as well. He didn’t grew up mentally, as he was always treated like a kid.

His mother died when they were around a year old. She was pregnant at the time, but got struck by a disease. It left them all heartbroken, especially their father. It was the first taste Brynn got of reality, but he never lost his puppy-ish outlook on life. He even stepped up to try and help his father wherever needed, supporting him and his sisters. His father became his role model, and Brynn was there to cheer him up.

At the age of two Brynn left his home. He did not know why, but something tugged at him, pulled him away. His sisters stayed behind, but soon enough left as well, after their father died. The circumstances for his death were unknown.

Brynn arrived in Horizon during early spring HY2. He joined the Starfall Cadre that same month after meeting {Ryd} and {Echo}. As of early winter HY2, he and {Calamity} became mates, and during early spring HY3 they had four puppies. {Junior} (Brynn Jr), {Faithful}, Albus (now {Ace}) and {Courage}. In the meantime their former leader {Lyra} had vanished, and Calamity’s son {Pierre} had taken over leadership as an eight months old pup, something Brynn did not agree with. But he let it happen, because no one else stepped up.
It went downhill from there. Brynn showed signs of PPND (Postpartum Postnatal Depression) and struggled to bond with his kids for a while. Two fights happened at the Cadre, and Brynn was there to join into both. It made him doubt Pierre’s ability to lead and keep his family safe, even more.
The Cadre fell apart, and his mate disappeared. And when his pups were around a year old and scattered, Brynn couldn’t take it anymore. He tried to drown himself in the lake, but was saved by {Ryd}, a former pack mate. He fled the Cadre and the valley after that.
In early autumn, HY4, he returned to Horizon. But his goals are unclear and he’s no longer the man who he once used to be.


Height Build
Small Lean
Father Mother
Aron Awbrey
Lilly Ellis

{Amy Awbrey} ♀
{Brynne Awbrey} ♀

{Fenix Rivers} ♀
Adopted sister

{Calamity D'Augusta}
(forever and always, wherever you are)
{Junior Awbrey} (Brynn Jr) ♂
{Faithful} ♀
Albus/{Ace} ♂
{Courage} ♂
{Pierre} ♂
Adopted son??
Other Relationships
{Amy} - Gone.
{Brynne} - Other half. Gone.
{Calamity} - His everything, gone.
{Junior} - Left behind.
{Faithful} - Disappointed her.
Albus/{Ace} - Disappointed him.
{Courage} - Disappointed him
{Pierre} - Stupid boy. Will drive the Cadre into the ground.
{Fenix} - Misses.
{Charcoal} - With Pierre? Glued to the wolf's hip.
{Ryd} - Wonders why she saved him.
{Lyra} - Not sure if she abandoned them or died. Former pack leader.
{Lynett} - Probably drowned.
{Fern} - Blunt old lady who’s probably long dead. Carried her home when she was sick.
{Irene} - Never found her son. He stayed with her until she passed. Had a gruesome death.
{Koyak} - Taught him how to meditate. He never does it…
{Grigore} - Asshole who mistreated Calamity.
{Della} - Grigore’s mate, used Pierre’s hospitality. Overstayed her welcome. Let Grigore threaten his mate.
{Meir} - Taught him about herbs. Female of body, male of mind. Interesting.
{Cree} - Nice, decent wolf. Fate uncertain.
{Lenka} - Scary piece of shit. Tried to attack or eat him!?
{Randy} - A fucking asshole.
{Fray} - Another fucking asshole and a liar.
{Lenka} - Scary piece of shit. Tried to attack or eat him!?
Art credits
Notsble things
- Nip out of his left ear.
- Right eye blind and clouded.
- Slight limp in his right hind leg whenever he walks.
- Has grown more grey over time. Will get more grey as he ages.
Visited areas
Falter Glen
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet