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Name Pack
Brynn Awbrey Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 9 mos.)
4590 SP


Height Build
Small Lean
Father Mother
Aron Awbrey
Lilly Ellis

{Amy Awbrey} ♀
{Brynne Awbrey} ♀

{Fenix Rivers} ♀
Adopted sister

{Calamity D'Augusta}
(forever and always, wherever you are)
{Junior Awbrey} (Brynn Jr) ♂
{Faithful} ♀
Albus/{Ace} ♂
{Courage} ♂
{Pierre} ♂
Adopted son??
Other Relationships
{Amy} - Gone.
{Brynne} - Other half. Gone.
{Calamity} - His everything, gone.
{Junior} - Left behind.
{Faithful} - Disappointed her.
Albus/{Ace} - Disappointed him.
{Courage} - Disappointed him
{Pierre} - Stupid boy. Will drive the Cadre into the ground.
{Fenix} - Misses.
{Charcoal} - With Pierre? Glued to the wolf's hip.
{Ryd} - Wonders why she saved him.
{Lyra} - Not sure if she abandoned them or died. Former pack leader.
{Lynett} - Probably drowned.
{Fern} - Blunt old lady who’s probably long dead. Carried her home when she was sick.
{Irene} - Never found her son. He stayed with her until she passed. Had a gruesome death.
{Koyak} - Taught him how to meditate. He never does it…
{Grigore} - Asshole who mistreated Calamity.
{Della} - Grigore’s mate, used Pierre’s hospitality. Overstayed her welcome. Let Grigore threaten his mate.
{Meir} - Taught him about herbs. Female of body, male of mind. Interesting.
{Cree} - Nice, decent wolf. Fate uncertain.
{Lenka} - Scary piece of shit. Tried to attack or eat him!?
{Randy} - A fucking asshole.
{Fray} - Another fucking asshole and a liar.
{Lenka} - Scary piece of shit. Tried to attack or eat him!?
Art credits
Notsble things
- Nip out of his left ear.
- Right eye blind and clouded.
- Slight limp in his right hind leg whenever he walks.
- Has grown more grey over time. Will get more grey as he ages.
Visited areas
Falter Glen
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet