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Buffy Rogue
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Female Healthy
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Character Information


Around her mother’s height, Buffy’s build is, well, buff. She’s extremely well built for a female, physically capable of being a powerful fighter. Her thinner coat shows this build off, though again, her cheeks are surrounded by a puff of fur- especially come winter. Color-wise, Buffy is a typical timber wolf. Creams, tans, and greys make up her pelt, along with a touch of black. Her eyes are dark blue, navy colored, and the fur around them is a touch darker.


Buffy has a bit more of her father’s joking attitude to life. She can be serious when needed, but often tends to find the humor in a situation before anything. She’ll make a joke out of nothing, these jokes getting more raunchy as she gets older. As a pup, she likes to have her share of fun and mischief, but can reasonably assume what is and isn’t out of line. She wouldn’t have the desire to cross that line, preferring to keep in her family’s good graces. Buffy is a very capable girl, not scared by much or intimidated easily. She’s not eager to pick fights, but would very rarely let herself get walked over. Especially with her sister, whom she might not always get along with. Buffy doesn’t always take kindly to Lynn’s whims, preferring to keep the peace even if it means calling out her sibling.


Buffy was born in Full Spring, HY4 upon the slopes of Starlight Peaks in the Uruz Fellowship to Kamaal and Fray. She was followed by Lynn and then Xavier.
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As of 12 December 2017, Sam became the roleplayer for Buffy. All posts prior do not belong to Sam.


Height Build
Large Muscular
Father Mother
{Fray} {Kamaal}

{Lynn} & {Xavier}

Other Relationships
{Kyoren} :: Uncle.
{Azura}, {Meir}, {Skuld}
Heard of
No one
Visited Areas
Starlight Peaks
Ice Grotto
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet