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Name Pack
Bunny Royaume Magnifique IV. Knight
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 6 mos.)
465 SP

Character Information

Bunny is nonbinary and goes by they/them pronouns.
Mistakes are bound to happen ingame, but please be sure to respect their gender out of character!


— Very average in size, but built for agility: strong legs, slim torso.
— Youthful, foxy features. Protruding canines. Pale peachy-gold eyes.
— Solid cream coat with black smudges around their muzzle.
— Often a little ruffled, but scrupulously free of dirt and grime.
— Moves with energy and enthusiasm; keeps a spring in their step!
— Lots of scattered scars, but none are obvious and most are hidden.
— Smells of pine and mulch, with lingering floral undertones.


— Amiable, cheerful, optimistic. Visibly full of passion and energy at all times!
— Hardworking, driven, single-minded. Thrives on rules and hierarchy.
— Scrappy! Loves to fight, both seriously and recreationally (and excels at it).
— Young at heart. Naïve, impressionable. Well-meaning but easily influenced.
— Obliviously self-centered. Sort of dense, especially in social situations.
— Impulsive. A little too courageous. Prone to violent bouts of anger.
— Holds themself to high standards; obsessed with perfection and self-improvement.


— Among the firstborn to patriarch Sarlin. Grew up in a pack of his other children and mates.
— Adventurous and eager-to-please as a pup. Trained with enthusiasm and ambition.
— Soon matured and achieved status as one of the family's finest protectors.
— Grew especially fond of their little half-brother Ancell, despite his unpopular status.
— Developed qualms with Sarlin after he forced Ancell out. Ranged farther from home.
— Had something of an identity crisis. Reconsidered their gender, but feared coming out.
— Ultimately chose to leave the pack on good terms and find their place elsewhere.
Bunny is a name that they chose for themselves, not their given name. They're very private about their birth name; currently, only Ancell knows it, and he's not talking!
Bunny meets many of the criteria for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and intermittent explosive disorder.
Bunny actually likes rabbits a lot and refuses to kill or consume them (although they occasionally chase them for fun).
Bunny's teeth are a little oversized for their mouth, hence their upper canines sticking out. Their family used to joke that they look like an alligator.
Bunny is an all-terrain animal! They enjoy both climbing and swimming: they like to use uneven ground to their advantage in fights, and they bathe frequently to maintain their coat's pale lustre. They're most accustomed to forests, but they appreciate all biomes.
Bunny believes that the best defence is a good offence, especially given that they have an unusually high tolerance for pain. They don't really bother with tucking their tail or flattening their ears, instead pouring all of their energy into assailing their opponent.
Although many wolves are likely to assume that Bunny is a boy, there are certain clues that call this into question. Their features and build are effeminate, and their voice is very high, almost androgynous, with lots of ups and downs. They also have a notably bouncy, flamboyant way of moving.
Soundtrack by Lou
(Full version on Spotify)
Lionhearted — Porter Robinson
We'll finish what we started / So promise me that / We'll be the lionhearted
Pumped Up Kicks — Foster the People
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks / Better run, better run / Outrun my gun
That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed) — Panic! at the Disco
Things have changed for me, and that's okay! / I feel the same, I'm on my way, and I say
Blast Doors — Everything Everything
Down in my beast heart, I build an empire / Whenever I'm blind I open my wild eye
Sugar, We're Goin Down — Fall Out Boy
I'll be your number one with a bullet / A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it
Something to Believe In — Young the Giant
I'll give you something to believe in / Burn up a basement full of demons
Don't Tell Dave — Dance Gavin Dance
We don't care if it gets a little rowdy / Everything is gonna be alright
Fader — Temper Trap
Bless this mess, so we tried our best / That's all that we can do


HeightAverage (27 in.)
WeightLean (95 lbs)
Rocky Mountain (50%) x Arctic (50%)
AlignmentLawful neutral
OrientationBi, asexual
Spirit SymbolHoof
Voice ReferenceTilian Pearson
BirthdayMarch 28th, HY2
Ancell — little half-brother
"What happened to you wasn't right." many, many others!
Valley Entry
Wormwood Grove (Early Spring, HY5)
Current Location
Wormwood Grove (Full Spring, HY5)
Settle into a suitable pack
"I need a job, a home... a new family."
Explore the valley and its territories
"There're so many sights to see!"
Connect with other wolves
"And so many friends to make!"
Develop their skills in combat
"There's always room for growth."
Dominion Relations
Jacqueline — admired leader
"I look forward to meeting you."
Selra — recruiter, ditzy sentry
"Thank you for bringing me here."
Parseltongue — aloof elder
"Hopefully I can earn your respect."
Positive Relations
Kilmeny — granny figure
"You have so much to teach me."
Bucky — friendly neighbor
"Thanks for the spar! See you around."
Tamaska — Bucky's packmate
"I hope we get to talk again sometime."
Paloma — hunting buddy
"I'll make it up to you, just you watch!"
Phoenix — potential friend?
"I knew I could get you out of your shell!"
Uncertain Relations
Pierrepont — frowny-face neighbor
"I wish you'd stopped by for a chat."
Wolf photography by Sas R.
Background by Martin Adams
Painting by Gabe here on Horizon!
Custom coding by Lou
Big Credit
Bunny was readopted on the 20/11/18 by Zesty. All the code, previous posts and profile were made and written by Lou, their previous roleplayer. I'll miss you, dude! <3


Height Build
Average Lean
Father Mother
Sarlin Punch

{Ancell} (half-brother) and many others!

Spirit Symbol