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Name Pack
Cade Hillside Sanctuary VII. Aspirant
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 2 mos.)
120 SP

Character Information

--ty, Wynter! __________


For now, Cade most resembles a dirty snowball: round, grayish-white all over, and built for destruction. ;)

Also, Cade's turn can be skipped in the posting order while actual people (read: not potatoes) have conversations and stuff. He may be pped by his parents.


Once Cade grows a little, he'll sport a white coat with cream-colored patches on his crown, flanks, legs, and tail. These cream patches will lighten as Cade ages, developing into a thick and fluffy, arctic coat inherited from his parents. Cade seems to take after his father, {Caspian}, in a few of his defining features: he was born with a smoky smudge across the bridge of his nose that will expand as he ages. Also, as he grows his puppy-blue eyes will darken to a deep, amber hue.

At his best, Cade is: Quick-witted, bold, adventurous, energetic, deeply loyal, a loving brother and son.

At his worst, Cade is: Dramatic, arrogant, insensitive, impulsive, excitable, hot-headed.


Cade was born alongside his brother, {Carrick}, to parents {Catrine} and {Caspian}, pack members of the Hillside Sanctuary.


Height Build
Large Lean
Riverside Hollow
Father Mother
{Caspian} {Catrine}


Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet