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Name Pack
Cadeyrn Vanjin Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 8 mos.)
420 SP
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Character Information

Born of war, Cadeyrn is a dark wolf with orange eyes who bares a large scar on his right shoulder,right flank and left side of chest. He's is very large reaching around 120lbs, 35inches tall, and 6.4ft long.

Personality: (Lawful Evil) Insensitive, Dedicated, Brave, Honorable, Responsible, Cares for his subordinates. However, Insensitive towards individuals, Strong-willed, and believes he stands above all.

Follows a code of honor: Making him unwilling to kill out of cold blood and unable to back down from any challenges.


The Early Years:
Born with a father as King and a mother as the Elite. Cadeyrn and his brothers and sisters were faced with extremely high expectations. When they were old enough to stand and see it was the beginning of heavy training. Intense to the point that there was never any time for joy. Extreme to the point that one of his sister starting falling behind she was exiled and never seen again. It was all to harsh that even he along with his siblings tried to run away but only to get ambushed by wolves they never met before. They ended up getting saved but not all of them. Cadeyrn, his brother Cazi, and his sister Kira were that remains. The rest of their first year continued if only training if not rest before getting into training again.

Two Years Old:
The three the remained survived the rest until there was nothing else to be learned from home. They were taught to be more than just honorable warriors. Unlike the other members of the pack they were raised to be heirs that would rule all other wolves when the time came. The influence of the wolf who called himself king was very respected. There was no one unwilling to follow the heirs as well.

Although old enough they were still not allowed to leave unless it was a hunt or a scouting mission. Neighboring packs were said to be dangerous rebels which was what his father explained. Since they had grown enough the King had decided it was time to take the fight to the other packs. The real war begun and lives were lost on each side which included Cazi, Cadeyrn's brother. The rebel pack surrendered and the rest were spared if they sworn loyalty. Out of all of that, not once was Cadeyrn allowed to mourn for his brother's death. It was completely discouraged. Everyone believed that it simply meant that his brother wasn't worthy but as for Cadeyrn he wanted to believe his brother could have lived if he had done better.

Three Years Old:
Many forms of battle and submission took place until the day the rebels all united for one last final showdown. Cadeyrn and Kira had to take command of their own groups while others were given their own task. The final clashes were difficult and it was Cadeyrn who took out the enemy leader himself, earning him the title of the Prince of Battle. Victory was won and the war was over, however that was not the end.

Shortly Cadeyrn was order by his father to go cross the mountains to gather his own followers. This was the last stage in becoming fit the be the next king. There was no exact time limit. When his father felt it was time, that is when the test will begin. Cadeyrn is tasked to gain followers strong enough to stand against his father with his own elite warriors. This was a matter of life and death, If he loses this fight he would no longer be entitled to be king, yet alone live. He was either King, or a wolf who died trying.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Spirit Symbol Emblems
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