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Name Pack
Caesar Greenwood Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 8 mos.)
570 SP

Character Information

Caesar Greenwood

Princess No More


Caesar is a petite female, prone to bouts of sickness that leave her holed up for days. She is monochrome in color, with a small amount of red starting to peak into her coat as she ages.

As Cae matures more and more, her coat is growing darker and darker


Caesar is a wolf of former rigid routine. Her days were chosen for her, and she reveled in it. But the structure fell out from under her and she panicked. Now, however, she is slowly recovering, out on the road with her mate and best friend.


Once upon a time...

A beautiful Queen ruled over a peaceful kingdom. She was beloved by those around her and yet...she was lonely. She sent word out

"Bring me the fairest of young men. Those bright of spirit and humble of heart " She said.

Many men came. Many failed to impress the Queen. For she was one purest of soul, and sought one like herself.

Tsar was her exception. A young man, with a coat of shining colors such as gold, black, and a small amount of grizzled red. Empress, for that was the name of the Queen, fell head over heels for the young man.

They had a litter of three. Pharoah, noblest of heart. Regent, sharpest of mind. And Marchioness, lightest of spirit. The young wolves grew up together, forging an unbreakable bond. They loved and laughed

Then came Caesar. Purest of Soul. Weak, hardly able to stand on her own two feet. But, she grew into a strong young wolf.

The four young wolves came of age, and set out to create kingdoms of their own. But, tragedy hit, as the three were lost among the wilderness, almost as if they were never to reunite.

Once a lost little girl, now a hardened warrior, her purity remains unsoiled. Caesar is now taking on her title as Councilor of the Adunati Rangers. She has found Pharaoh, but not her others. She refuses to give up on them however

With her remaining sisters found, Caesar couldn't be happier. But...she can't help but feel like someone is missing

Caesar has vanished. In her place is a wolf who can't sleep, can hardly eat, and cries when she's alone. Happy go lucky Cae is no more.

Caesar is on the road with her mate, trying to recover from her stress breakdown.

Voiced by: Marcella Lentz-Pope as Corrin (Neutral) from Fire Emblem:Fates



Height Build
Petite Lean
Eagle Cap Wilderness
Father Mother
Tsar Proleator {Empress} Proleator

{Pharaoh} Proleator [Reuinited]
{Regent} Proleator [Reunited]
{Marchioness} Proleator [Reunited]


Other Relationships

{Hippolyta}- Cousin (Unknown)


{Nomad} Nice. Too nice. Maybe. I don't know. He is extrodonarily close to Bucky. That's what I know

{Pharaoh} He's my big brother of course. Overprotective as hell and a bit of a prick, but I can handle him

{Regent} My older sister. People may think she's heartless but I know better

{Marchioness} Singer of Playful Songs and Protector from Monsters

{Bucky} Best friend. One of the only ones I can trust

{Magnus} My knight. It wasn't Bucky who was my first love, it was him. Everything I could have ever wished for.



{Empress}Hey. Hey mom. I'm not a Proleator anymore >:3

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet