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Name Pack
Calliope Song Silu Tribe III. Brightheart
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 6 mos.)
2585 SP

Character Information


Standing twenty-eight inches at the shoulders, Calliope clearly inherited the tall stature of both her parents. However, she is by comparison a slender, leggy thing: athletic in build but more streamlined than solidly-muscled. Although her weight fluctuates a bit depending on the season, she tends to hover around ninety pounds on average. Her coat is primarily ginger with a smattering of darker russet, though the rich colors fade to off-white around her muzzle and underbelly. And her eyes – a mixture of Vesper’s electric turquoise and Nyla’s moon-yellow – are a pale shade of sea-foam green.


An introvert by nature, Calliope spends a lot of time submerged in her own thoughts. She is imaginative, introspective, and sharp as a tack – although she can be a bit absent-minded. Still, for someone whose head is often in the clouds, the girl is surprisingly down-to-earth: always sensible, rational, and level-headed. Besides her flights of fantasy, Calliope operates primarily in the realm of realism and logic. Because of this, she can be rather stubborn about her opinions, and she is prone to be judgmental and at times critical towards opposing viewpoints. She doesn’t really like to argue, per se, but she will never hesitate to speak her mind or defend her beliefs. In any case, she never has any ill intent. It’s simply in her nature to analyze everything.

Overall Calliope has the same warm, easygoing nature that her mother and father both share. She also inherited a kind heart and an optimistic take on life – as well as a healthy sense of humor. Her personality shines brightest around familiar faces: strangers tend to bring out her shy side, causing the normally talkative and opinionated girl to become oddly quiet. Large gatherings also make her uncomfortable, and as such she prefers her company in small doses.


Uhh… She was born and raised in the Firewing Brotherhood, but she left after everyone else started leaving and she decided she wanted to live at the beach. Then she joined the Silu Tribe.

I promise I’ll fill this out properly one day. Lol.


• Calliope enjoys singing but gets embarrassed if anyone overhears her. She can often be found belting out a tune while strolling along the beach, where the sound of the waves keeps anyone from overhearing her easily. Her voice is actually quite lovely, though.

• Her other hobbies include observing marine creatures and picking up sea shells. A painstakingly-organized collection of the latter can be found far back in the central cave at the Hidden Cove.

• Although she does a pretty good job at hiding it most of the time, Calliope suffers from anxiety. When faced with overwhelming situations, she sometimes lapses into a panic attack.


Height Build
Large Lean

Guarded Falls
Horizon Valley

Father Mother
{Vesper} {Nyla}

{Mako}, {Melody}, {Kyoshi} (✝)

Other Relationships
“Uncle” {Dante}, “Aunt” {Chai}
Human Play-by

Random Stock Photo Lady

Spirit Symbol