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Carrick Hillside Sanctuary VII. Aspirant
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Male Healthy
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(0 yrs, 8 mos.)
225 SP

Character Information

Currently: Nothing is ok anymore but he's trying to take it one day at a time.

He's of an average height, and an average build. However, especially lately, Carrick is definitely on the lighter side of an average weight. His fluffy winter coat hides the mild visibility of his ribs and hip-bones but he's not got a lot of extra fat to keep him warm. His fur is soft and dense, a white color he gets from both parents. He does not have any black markings, and has yellow eyes. He does not care for himself very well (though he is in no danger of starving) and his fur tends to be a bit unkempt and dirty. His eyes, though a brilliant and striking color against his pale fur, are often guarded and tired, especially with strangers.
Lazy | Thoughtful | Abandonment Issues | Quiet | Jealous | Resentful |
Carrick has always needed his family around him. He's always been a little more of a quieter, clingier kid. He never seemed to feel the need to push himself further, strive for the top of the class. He didn't like talking to strangers. He didn't like his family being away from him for too long. He could have been construed as the slower sibling. That wasn't true. Carrick's very smart, and a quick learner.
But he gets easily lost in his head. He's a bit of a dreamy kid, and often seems to act like the clouds his coat resembles, bumbling through life quietly. He has a lot of thoughts, and loves to learn new things. He'd make an excellent herbalist with his sharp memory and sharp thinking, along with the boy's deeply compassionate nature. He cares very deeply for others.
This isn't a good thing for Carrick, unfortunately. He's deeply attached to his family, and it feels to the boy like no matter what he does that family he so desperately wants to stay together keeps on further splitting apart. He hates his father, and siphons all of his anger and negativity to place onto the male who left him early in his life. He's hurt by his brother running off to Bor, not really sure how to function without a brother by his side, and now his older adoptive brother has died. Abandonment issues? You betcha. He tries not to get attached to wolves, but his big heart tends to make him form attachments pretty quickly once he opens up to that. Which means that when he's inevitably left behind again he's hurt again and again.
He's an angry kid, but too soft and sweet to be excessively angry at those he feels don't truly deserve it. He wants to be loved, and can't not extend that love he wants to those he thinks need it. The kid's got one of the biggest hearts out there, but is more than a little jaded and generally expects wolves to 'leave him'. Meaning when they come back he's going to be pretty surprised. He's quiet and gentle, and can be a little sassy when he decides to open up, but is usually just earnest, if a little awkward. He tries so hard, which makes it sting all the more when he believes he's failed.
He is tired of being left alone.

-Voice: Quieter voiced than Cade. Mildly petulant sounding, typical youthful dreamy-out-of-it voice, but doesn't speak slowly.
-Likes birds and clouds, anything sky-related.
-Carrick LIKES food, but sometimes forgets to eat, getting distracted by a bird or watching fish or something like that.
Well, he was born.
At this point in his life, not much has happened that is super significant. The biggest event in his life at this point would be his father leaving, and the threads that that spanned across. In addition, he has already gotten a little attached to Ace Adrian, his 'brother', and his leaving is mildly concerning for Carrick. He doesn't really have a lot of friends, mostly because he's so attached to Cade, tends to zone out or sleep the day away, and is bad at socializing unless his crutch or Mother is with him.
He's recently made two major relationships-Finn, who he sees as a rival for Cade's attention and whose presence has actually spurred Carrick into pushing himself slightly; and Isidore, an abandoned girl a few months older than him he found and brought to the Sanctuary.
More recently, he discovered Finn chose to stay with the Sanctuary after his family left. This earned a large amount of respect from Carrick, and he views Finn more as an ally now, though he is still unsure of the other wolf's motives or feelings toward him. His brother, Cade, also recently left the valley to visit Bor, and Carrick was not informed until he'd already discovered his brother's absence on his own. While he is trying to respect his brother's need to explore, he is hurt by being left behind and is angry with his sibling. Shortly after his blood brother left the Sanctuary, his adoptive brother Ace died of starvation. He buried the body with Nanook, a wolf Carrick is growing to regard with strong respect.

Credit to Wynter!
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Height Build
Average Average
Late Spring, HY4
Riverside Hollow; Horizon Valley
Father Mother
{Caspian}- Left him. {Catrine}- His Mama. The last of his family.

{Cade}- Asshole. I still love you, though.

Other Relationships
{Albus}- Brother. Dead.
{Finn}- Maybe you're less of an enemy than assumed.
{Isidore}-Bestest of friends. Lost her family. His first bff other than Cade.
{Nanook}-Kind, but honest. Gentle, but mature. Respected.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet None yet