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Name Pack
Carter Rogue
Sex Status
Female Dead
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 6 mos.)
890 SP

Character Information

Appearance: She is bland. She knows that she is bland. She doesn't care. All gray with wisps of black, Carter holds a short stature with heavy weight.

Personality: Carter doesn't use the act of self reflection. Carter does what Carter does. Specifically, Carter does not like other wolves. She finds males to be the most aggravating. She loves to hunt, be alone, and follow the schedule that she has. Her favorite pastime is fighting. Mostly because time will pass quicker than it does when she is alone. She is simple.
Basic Traits: negative, spiteful, loner, quiet, eager to fight, antisocial

History: She was born. She grew up. She left home.

"Plucked like a tighten guitar string, the vein lashed out, dribbling blood.

If only the female had reached further, the job would of been done much sooner. It had not mattered anymore.

In her daze, Carter screamed. Her eyes crossed each other, searching for a point in the rushing river that made sense. Heat rose to her cheeks. Her arms extended and grappled with a future she didn’t know that she had anymore.

Dear Carter,

She was meant to be so much more. She was meant to plunge her head in an icy river and end it before. Her life had been time consuming and useless. She had lost what was precious to her. She had created a monster in an attempt to save herself. How misunderstood. How silly, primitive, and childish. Carter could of been more.

Her vocals choked and sputtered, she whined and groaned. Carter had kept it all in this entire time, now it released. The squeaks and screams rushed from her parting maw.

What would she think if she saw herself like this?

Would she want to return to the river, coated in mud, with the great white wolf? He had spoken wisdom and she had returned spit.

If the white female and the grey male saw her now, would they hear the same screeching cry of the wolf she tore down? Carter would not acknowledge, because for once, she could not.

Good, then.

It had been for the best.

“M-mmh—mm—” Gurgled. Screamed. Sputtered and spat. To nothing, to silence.

Carter returned to where she belonged. "


Height Build
Small Stocky
North of Horizon
Father Mother
Unknown Irrelevant
Spirit Symbol