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Name Pack
Casper Silverpaw Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 4 mos.)
510 SP

Character Information

Casper is currently on PAUSE I guess. I have found no time to roleplay and will have to leave on a very extended absence. Let's just say that he wandered out of Horizon for now.
Casper Silverpaw.
Moody Aloof Dense Cold Curious Distant Ignorant
Species: Your classic Gray Wolf.
Being the runt of the litter, Casper stands around 20 inches in height. He is currently about 79 lbs. and is around 4 ft. 6 inches in length.
His coat is a silvery blue grey that is a bit darker (and somewhat blotchy) on the back, ears, and tail. He has green eyes and a bit of a snaggled tooth. His fur is thick and shiny.
Casper is a bit of a wild spirit. He prefers to be alone most of the time and can be a bit full of himself. Usually he is tense and cold around other wolves and can seem to get agitated quickly. It takes a bit of time to warm up to other wolves. However can be a jokester and a pretty good friend at times. So he's pretty much like that moody teenager.
Crap is going down in Idavoll.
As a newborn pup
Casper was the runt of a litter of three. At the time of their birth there mother was of low health, and so 2 of the three nearly lost their lives. However all three of them survived and began to grow up together.
At 7 months old
Over the years, Casper's brothers grew quickly. However, he did not. Being the runt he stayed reletivley small for his age, only growing in the slightest. It was also expected of him. As time went by it seemed as if his father looked down upon him while favoring his brother Bolt. Lightning had come from a stricter pack where the smallest of a litter were treated much lesser. His mother loved him very much, but Casper felt that she was spending more time with Ash. And so he ran away.
At 11 months old
Living alone is the toughest thing for a pup. Shortly after he had left, Casper changed his mind and wished to turn back home, but he had gotten lost. He powered through many hardships, and just barely made it past his first winter by the skin of his teeth.
At 1 year and 3 months old
By now a yearling, Casper taught himself to hunt and survive. At one point he had run into a stranger, but was quickly sent back with a gash on the shoulder.
At 1 year and 7 months
It has now been a year since Casper had left home. The time alone had hardened him into a wolf of distrust and ignorance. His wound was healed up, but not his heart. He has now embarked on a quest to find his brothers.
1 year and 9 months old
Still no luck. Arriving alone at the Cloudmirror Lake, Casper met the first wolf he didn't threaten. {Bane}, who like himself, is searching for a long lost sibling. As of now, they are on good terms. Casper will keep and eye out for the wolf's sister.
After the encounter with Bane, Casper went hunting. Shortly after he encountered {Yeske}. He is a bit on edge with her and doesn't necessarily like the female.
1 year and 11 months
In the midst of an insane blizzard, Casper encounters two mates by the names of {Kara} and {Bali}. To his surprise, they seemed to invite him into a soon to be created pack. Weather or not this rock will go through with it, will be seen soon enough.
2 years old
Now a full grown adult, Casper has filled out a little more, though his height hasn't changed much. In a state of indecision, the silver wolf encounters a similarly sized female called {Wrenegade}. The wolf somewhat helps Casper in his decision. Together they head towards the meadow. The two eded up encountering Bali and a wolf called {Bravo}, who at the end accepted them into the pack as refugees.
Look at this fabulous art by the great Hal~ I love! 2 years and 2 months
For the most part. Casper has done nothing. He just lingers around and minds his own business.


Height Build
Petite Stocky
South of Horizon
Father Mother
Lightning Silverpaw Athena Keenear



Other Relationships
MetHeard of
{Bane} - very large wolf, intimidating, but didn't try to kill Casper, so guess that's okay.
{Yeske} - A very brief encounter, she seems sketchy, would prefer not to see her again.
{Kara} - Nothing much to say. Leader, gets some respect for inviting him and such yadahyadah
{Bali} - A bit reserved, but kind nonetheless. Has adorable puppies yes
{Wrenegade} - oddly kind. Somehow was able to convince joining this pack so that's cool
{Bravo} - Seems cool. Didn't speak to him much though.
{Altair} - Very quiet and aloof. Haven't even spoken, but kind of reminds Casper of himself, which freaks him out in a way.
{Rota} - Awesomely adorable. No other description.
{Sif} - Also adorable yes
Finch, Tempest, Gale, Scott, and Runic. Will probably forget those names quickly.
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