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Name Pack
Cassia Hillside Sanctuary VII. Aspirant
Sex Status
Female Dead
Age Skill Points
(7 yrs, 10 mos.)
1260 SP

Character Information

Cassia passed peacefully in her sleep at 7 years, 6 months

xTrue NeutralCahs-sia
Cassia has no goals and no drive. She hopes to perhaps find some quiet pack to settle down in and live out the rest of her years quietly and peacefully.
Coat Colour:Cream and dull brownEye Colour:Caramel, with blue flecks
x.x ft. // xx lbs. // xx ins.

Cassia has tipped the scale well into middle age, and it shows in the way her pelt has begun to grey and dull. She was so much more vibrant when she was younger. Cassia sports a cream coat with white unders, a colour that really doesn't fit with the rest of her appearance. A dark, dull brown cape covers her back, tail, top of head and shoulders, coming to form a collar-like v-marking around her neck, with salt-and-pepper specks decorating it- but her ears are deep orange colour, and it also appears on her muzzle, over her nose. The fall colours of her pelt are only broken by a white ridge just bellow her shoulders, and a white mask around each eye.

Her eyes themselves are small, tilting down and tired-looking, caramel in colour, with a few stray blue specks here and there. Cassia's eyes are the most attractive thing about her, a make-up for her general mangled appearance. She's very thin, almost emaciated-looking, with a limp pelt that looks unkept no matter how much she grooms it. Scars and signs of age scatter around her pelt, making her look older than she actually is.

She has a small, pink crescent-like marking on her nose, next to her nostril.



Cassia is old, but not as old as she feels. She's nearing seven, but acts like nine, sleeping a lot, preferring to stay in one place rather than walk around and lay in the sun. She doesn't feel there's anything on the earth for her; she doesn't know why she's here, or what she's meant to do. She's content with simply watching, simply being, without much reason or goals.


She doesn't talk much, and when she does, her voice is soft and hesitant. She's more of a watcher than a speaker- she doesn't insert herself into conversations often, and doesn't address unless she has to, or feels particularly lonely. And she does get lonely a lot. Cassia is a social wolf, at heart, seeking the company of others and even needing it in order to function. She has the tendency to cling to other wolves, sometimes overly so.


Cassia lives to take care of others. She's a sweet thing, with a love for younger wolves and adoration for puppies. She never quite got over not being able to have her own puppies, so she tends to drown herself into nurturing packmates and even sometimes lifeless things, like flowers or rocks. She's, in fact, often found sleeping with an object, holding it to her in a cuddle. Despite her old age she still holds hope that, maybe, one day she'll have her own family.


Cassia's self esteem is nonexistent, and she never quite learned to interact with wolves not related to her. She stutters, avoids eye contact, fidgets- takes forever to form coherent sentences. She tries, though. Cassia thinks herself to look very unattractive, her personality to be very bland- she doesn't think highly of herself, and doesn't think others do, either. She's made her peace with it, though.

Cassia was the sole survivor in a litter of three pups, born smack between two stillborns. In a pack made from the ground on inbreeding, miscarriages and infant mortality rate was high, and she was one of the few live puppies around; as a result, she was often spoiled, her every want met. She was close with the few other puppies in the pack, all her cousins and aunts and uncles, one of which one day she would be mated to to continue the line.

And they had no problems. Despite the many health issues in the pack, they were close knit, hunting together and sleeping together and sharing stories, happy moments and sad moments. And when problems arose, they solved them together, like families do.

When she was of age, Cassia was paired with one of her cousins, a pretty male named Jord, and she loved him. He was charming, sweet, humorous- he made her feel like she was flying. When winter came along, the two coupled, and eagerly awaited the arrival of their pups. But no pups came. A month in, Cassia went through a miscarriage, losing her litter. And the next year. And the next. There wasn't a single pregnancy Cassia managed to carry to term, and Jord became angry, distant, snappish. Her family had moved on, having their own pups. And Cassia was alone.

It was a fire that caused it, her leaving. Their territory was destroyed, and they lost many- the survivors parted ways, for better lands, and Jord did not stay with her. Heartbroken and tired, Cassia dragged her feet wherever they would take her, and arrived in Horizon in late spring.


>Cassia is prone to excessively licking her lips and nose when stressed, nervous or anxious. She also chews on her paws! Not very healthy, Cassia.

>Cassia adores pups, but she gets very uncomfortable around them, because she doesn't know how to handle them.

>She's a very bad hunter, and oftentimes goes hungry. She has learned to survive on little food.

>Cassia is deathly terrified of water, and doesn't know how to swim!

>Due to inbreeding, Cassia has... quite a few issues. She has weak eyesight, and can't see long distances. Her immune system is much weaker than the average wolf, and she's prone to illness and disease that sometimes take weeks to pass. To top it all off, Cassia has mild Haemophilia A, but does not manifest many symptoms aside from very easy bruising, headaches and the occasional excessive bleeding once she gets injured.


Height Build
Average Thin
Father Mother
Other Relationships
{Nevaeh}- Didn't want to try.

{Bucky}- Helped her get to the Sanctuary and caught her a grouse to eat. A good man. She hopes to see him again.

{Dawnfrost}- An adorable little critter.

{Cassian}- Helpful nice. Appears easygoing enough to make her feel calm.

{Sienna}- pending

{Catrine}- Opinion shaken after she agreed to kill Nevaeh. Not sure what to think of her now

{Nanook}- Sanctuary leader. Tried to save the dying wolf.



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