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Cassian Hillside Sanctuary VI. Healer
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 8 mos.)
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Character Information


Taller than his siblings, and his sister, Cas has inherited his mother's lean lankiness. He's a long legged, lean, scruffy looking fellow with a slim build and soft, short pelt. His coat is an arguably handsome, arguably drab mixture of soft browns, greys, blacks and creams. His physical talents lie similar to his mute sister: speed and stamina. He's an experienced fighter and hunter. Cassian has no notable markings. However, his bright green eyes and soft smile (which he wears more often than not) make him plenty noticeable. Average tail, slightly big ears, a few scars scattered under that thin coat. He's a cutie.


| Honest | Compassionate | Friendly | Selfless | Patient |

He is closest to his mute sister out of all his siblings, both before and after her fall into mutism. He understands her the best, obviously, and is a pretty patient male due to his sister's disability. He picks up VERY well on body language, to the point of being called a mind reader before. He's incredibly sweet but also intensely honest. He has similar moral and mommy issues (not as bad as Tahti, he was NOT witness to Bliksem's death and the truth never came out) to his mute sister, but is also pretty chill like her. Prefers herbs to hunting, but was not allowed to let that flourish back home. He, too, is polite and enjoys making others smile. Cas is bright and cheerful most of the time, but really dislikes conflict and tends to internally freak out rather than smooth the situation over like his sister. Likes cuddles, his siblings, everyone being happy, fall, deer/caribou, making friends, telling and being told the truth, etc.
Dislikes being threatened, or someone weak being threatened, hates summer, being lied to, killing, fighting, being alone.


Height Build
Large Thin
Upper Canada. (Above Horizon, below Alaska.)
Father Mother


{Cade} (Adoptive) {Carrick} (Adoptive)
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet