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Name Pack
Catrine Hillside Sanctuary II. Sage
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 6 mos.)
4900 SP

Character Information


Healthy and uninjured


Catrine is white. Certainly a cleaner white than her brother, and with a nice light grey stripe down her back. She has sharp orange eyes and usually a welcoming expression on her face.


Gluttonous - Catrine has a weakness for food. She becomes increasingly grumpy the longer its been since her last meal but a nice hearty meal can solve almost any problem she's ever encountered. Having a bad day? Eat until she feels better. Having a good day? Enjoy a good meal for a happy day. Sad? Lost? Threatened? Shy? Nothing a filling meal can't fix.

Level-headed - Her training as a warrior steadied her nerves considerably, and she is often able to rely on her thorough training to see her through a fight. While capable, Catrine would almost always prefer not to fight. She sees no reason to stir up trouble if it's not necessary and will try to exhaust all of her other options before she attacks someone. This means that she sometimes waits until the last moment to truly step in front of an intruder, but she thinks its a better strategy than biting first and asking questions later.

Loyal - When Catrine dedicates herself to a pack or individual it takes a big change for her loyalties to waver. She will defend what she has said she will defend, and hates to go back on her word.

Motherly - During and after her pregnancy Catrine found she developed very caring and motherly feelings for the younger wolves around her. She often finds herself trying to feed and groom other pups and yearlings. Caspian't adoption of Albus has spurred her own thoughts of trying to 'adopt' lone young wolves that she finds.


Catrine was born in the Kingdom of Bor, far to the north, alongside her brother {Rabanastre}. While not a particularly tall or large wolf, Catrine was always a plump, but powerful wolf. In Bor she trained all through her adolescence and young adulthood to become a strong knight for the Kingdom. She patrolled the borders, hunted prey, challenged and defeated any who might wish her family and pack harm.

She served as a knight for many years very happily. She enjoyed the many perks of her position - lots of food (resulting in her plump profile), and comfortable beds for all the naps she might take when not required for pack duties. She had a comfortable life, and if that meant she occasionally worked hard to defend that life, she was more than pleased. She liked the structure, and sense of duty and honor her pack and position afforded her.

It was only a shift in power in the pack that resulted in her leaving. Their new king proved himself not to be as honorable nor as trustworthy as their previous leader had been, and Catrine could not abide by a leader who she did not feel had earned or deserved her respect. She left her birth pack and set her sights south.

Full Winter -
Late Winter -
Early Spring -
Full Spring -
Late Spring -
Early Summer - in progress...


Height: 24 in

Weight: 89 lb

Length: 5.3 ft

Promises Catrine has made

None that are still applicable anymore


Height Build
Average Stocky
Kingdom of Bor
Father Mother
Vandrad Marthe

{Rabanastre}, Ire, {Eadwin}

One adoptable siblings, PM if interested

{Carrick}, {Cade}
Late Spring, HY4
{Cassinia}, {Calocedrus}
Full Spring, HY5
Other Relationships
{Nanook} - leader, respected
{Albus} - motherly feelings towards
{Senna} - wants to train to hunt and fight
{Cassian} - friendly
{Makki} - nice, friendly
{Saski} - rude, probably not worth trying to be friends
{Sunfall} - aggressive, questionable
{Neomiizana} - weird, but she's been behaving herself
{Natasha} - young, stupid, rude, dangerous
{Caspian} - "puppy-daddy", unreasonable, left
{Elliot} - dead
Theme Song
Glorious - Macklemore
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet