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Name Pack
Chai Rogue IV. Friend
Sex Status
Female Dead
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 2 mos.)
2820 SP

Character Information

W O L V E S   M E T
A R E A S    V I S I T E D
P U P S   B I R T H E D


Since the death of Aleron and disappearance of her mate, Dante, and remaining children, Chai has sunken into the depths of depression, something she's struggled with on an inherent level since a pup. She doesn't know who she is anymore or where she belongs, and her health is suffering for it. Stay posted.
In her childhood, Chai was naive and bubbly and all things sunshine. There is still some sense of these things in her now, as she longs for connection and friendship over all, but they have been jaded some by the destruction of her home in Taiyae. Where she was quick to trust before, she now pauses more in the face of strangers, though most would still refer to her as too naive in trusting. She looks for the best in wolves and often persists until it is found, and that very well may be her downfall, though it has yet to prove as much. While she strives for warmth and openness, a part of it is her own protection, hiding less desirable emotions behind a mask of cheer. Above all, she doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone. She simply strives to help. On the other side of things, she is rather unsure of herself and carries a lot of self-doubt and worthlessness. Most of this is harbored internally, though it slips out around those she’s closer to.


Chai is a rather small wolf, petite in frame and size, though her outgoing personality more than makes up for it. She is colored in cream from head to toe, some parts blending more into light browns and grays, others in white. Her tail is dipped in darker browns, similar to the color of her eyes. There is an old self-inflicted scar curved around her left eye to her brow that blends in mostly with the mask of lighter creams on her face, but it is still noticeable. Aside from it, she is mostly unmarked, though there is a small patch where the fur hasn’t quite grown in the same from a bullet that grazed her right shoulder there.


I N   J U L Y

In Horizon

Y E A R   2 ◀

With the reality of starting a family with Dante settling in, and news of other pack members beginning similar journeys, Chai finds herself more content than she's been in ages. It'll be a long year ahead of them, but she's ready to face whatever life throws their way—together.
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Y E A R   1 ◀

It's Chai first new year in Horizon, and it has started off far beyond what she could have imagined of a future even just months back. With the Firewing Brotherhood formed and sorting out a future with Dante, there are undoubted struggles ahead, but she's facing them far more fearlessly than she has faced difficulties in the past. Things start off rocky for the pair, but with the decision to start a family and Dante's induction as Lead Warrior, they might just be looking up for the new year.
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Y E A R   0 ◀

Having fled Taiyae with a bullet graze to her shoulder, Chai makes her way into Horizon in the full autumn, barely willing to keep on until she finds Dante struggling through the wastelands. Wolves from Taiyae and not Taiyae begin pouring into the valley, and with time, her shoulder heals with no complications. The year was a year of grounding, reestablishing what had been so destroyed with her former home, and starting something new when feelings are revealed between her and Dante.
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In Taiyae

Y E A R   8 ◀

As her time within Taiyae wears on, Chai begins to struggle with detachment issues, as she realizes wolves aren't sticking around the Valley like she expected they would. She wanders around for a while, meeting a few wolves here and there, and declares friendship with Dante, in light of her aforementioned worries. This also leads her to joining the Auraetus Guard in May, in the hopes that it will bring some grounding to her life. However, in the midst of the summer, humans attack the Vale, driving all out of the lands. Chai gets shot in the shoulder and flees, eventually making her way to a new Horizon.


Location: Leagues Lake
In the heat of the summer month, Chai decides on spending a few days at the Lake for a change of pace, and with the hopes of running across some friendly faces. After a few days, she finds Vivera while on a morning stroll, just before another wolf, Herod, soon shows up as well. (18)


Location: Majesty Falls
Chai finds herself worrying about many of her life problems while deep in thought at the Falls one night, when {Verin} shows up, much to her pleasure, and introduces himself. He goes over a bit of the pack's history, its members, and hierarchy, giving her a better idea of what pack life is all about; thereby, directly answering some of her silent troubles before his arrival. She listens intently through all of it, leaving with some words of incentive: bettering her worth as a member, meeting Myatuk, Eben, and Roman, and making Guard lands feel like home. (16)
Location: Hot Springs
Still ecstatic from her new friendship with Dante, Chai ventures down the runoff of Majesty Falls and discovers Nebula at the Hot Springs, where the two quickly learn who the other is. At first nervous, Chai discovers that Nebula isn't all that bad, and actually cares about her friendship with Dante, so with all her heart attempts to cheer the wolf up a bit with encouraging words. The two part on good terms. (14)


Location: Old Eden
Having brewed on his words for a few months, Chai sets out to find {Dante}, and remembering a former conversation about him living in Old Eden she heads there. Determined, she brings up their night in Kasanei, the two eventually hash out their differences, and Dante reluctantly, but sincerely, agrees to attempt at becoming friends. He teaches her about the uses of lavender and the two depart on good terms. (13)
Location: Moonlight Rise
Spreading her horizons from the Guard, Chai heads out, running across Bryn on a daily excursion. (15)
Location: Majesty Falls
Hanging around Guard territory since her acceptance, she finds herself at Majesty Falls, where she stumbles across Tria. Upset about Tria's attitude towards the Guard and future visits down, Chai eventually convinces the wolf, and they agree to meet at a later date for a hunt. (12)


Location: Northern Shore
Deciding she wants to go looking for her friend, Octane, Chai sets out along the lake towards its Northern Shore. Thoughts stirred by Dante months earlier are soon brought to mind, and Chai breaks down, only to happened upon by {Lucian}. She immediately cheers upon his arrival and they start talking, discovering that he's met her father. Conversation continues and shifts to the concept of joining a pack, resulting in Chai's almost immediate acceptance in the Guard. Happier than ever and with new brothers (Lucian, Verin, and Roman are who she knows of) she bounces off to the Falls. (10)


No encounters.
This was a month of reflection for Chai, and a turning point in her outlook. She spent much of it deep in thought and to herself.


Location: Rare Avis Prairie
Having just successfully caught and eaten a rabbit, Chai runs into Kendall in a fairly undiscovered prairie. They're soon joined by Taiga, who seems to have a liking for Chai and the two vow to be friends. Kendall proposes the place be named, and to the excitement of Chai, decides on the name Rara Avis Prairie. She then asks the two young wolves if they've ever caught a deer, and if they'd like to give it a go. They trio manages to take down a doe and a fawn, with minor injuries ensuing, before their feast begins. (17)


Location: Crimson River
Following alongside {Dante}, Chai travels into Kasanei territory in search of danger and adventure. Her friend painted the place out to be owned by quite a dangerous pack, so when at first it doesn't prove to be anything out of the ordinary, she bores quickly. An unfortunate stumble lands the girl a mouthful of snow and shrooms and unknowingly, she swallows, soon becoming disoriented by the world around her. In cue with her "trip" Anthrax makes an appearance, who luckily realizes almost immediately what has happened. Dante leads her away in the end, and they fall asleep just outside of the borders of Kasanei. Chai wakes up to find him gone and wanders off in a small bit of depression of having been left again by someone she longs to be friends with. (11)
Location: River Gabrielle
Growing hungry in the winter months, Chai finds herself in trouble, mistakenly leaping onto a thin layer of ice covering River Gabrielle. {Dante} comes along and helps pull her ashore before she's sucked into the icy depths. They converse briefly, stirring up worry over past and future friendships in Chai's mind, but conversation is soon averted to danger (AKA adventure) and Dante proposes they travel to Kasanei territory. (9)
Location: Bigroot Grove
Having lost touch with Octane, Chai decides to find a new sidekick to defeat the demon and runs across Valentine, who is less than willing to help out, but kindly obliges. The adventure is halted though, as Lux enters the scene, distracting Chai as she reveals she'd recently run across her father. (8)


No encounters.
Taking the advice of Lust, she holes up in Vacanse territory for the month, barely getting by.

Y E A R   7 ◀

The year in Taiyae consists mostly of Chai wandering around in search of adventure, meeting wolves, and attempting at making new friends. No notable events take place, aside from her arrival into the Vale.


No encounters.
It's a hard month and Chai spends most of it focusing on keeping herself fed and warm. She's still very much focused on the demon though, and puts a great deal of effort forward to find it or Octane.


Location: Horizon Mountain
On their travels up Horizon Mountain, they run across Tria, who disguises her voice as the demon, hidden amongst the cliffs herself, and easily fooling the imaginative Chai and Octane. Another wolf, Redemption, soon enters the scene, causing the duo to question his legitimacy. Could he be a minion of the demon? (7)
Location: Northern Shore
Chai finds herself back at Leagues Lake, only the Northern part this time, trying to catch fish at its shore where she runs into Octane. He tries to catapult her into the water from her perch, a log, but it backfires and they both end up drenched. He immediately catches her attention, speaking her exact language with words of adventure, and the two hit it off as friends. They decide to become heroes and find/destroy a demon that Octane claims lives on Horizon Mountain, so the two set off immediately. (6)
Location: Old Eden
Enticed by the idea of discovering more magic and ghosts in Old Eden, Chai returns, finding herself playing with a frog. Low and behold, Skunk finds her there, and the two talk and make up for the differences at the Outs. They share stories about their scars - Chai lies to make hers sound better - and Skunk promises to go on an adventure with her the next day. She falls asleep and he departs. (5)
Location: Leagues Lake
Wandered to Leagues Lake where she runs across a wolf named Ryuja. Wanting to play, she tries to get him to join her in the water, and the story of Grasher the water wolf comes up. (4)
Location: Old Eden
Stumbling off from Luka, Chai finds herself in Old Eden for the first time, and after getting sufficiently lost runs into a wolf claiming to be a witch doctor, named Waganga. Chai tries to convince the wolf to show her his magic, but he claims the dark forest has taken it from him and promises to teach her when she gets older. Another wolf appears on cue, named Raqi, who Waganga claims must be a ghost, which doesn't frighten Chai in the least. Given the time, Waganga brings the meeting to a close and leads the youngster out of Eden. (3)
Location: Stygian Gully
With Luka, traveled into Vacanse territory, running across Lust, who gave the two hungry pups a rabbit she'd freshly caught. The three talked for a bit, and Lust offered the two youngsters shelter in reference to the oncoming, harsh winter months. (2)
Location: The Outs
Met her very first friend in Taiyae, Luka, at the Outs, and traveled with her for a while before tumbling, literally, into another puppy named Skunk. Shortly thereafter two other puppies appeared on the scene named Cynrik and {Dante}. The four ganged up on Skunk verbally, provoking him to attempt an attack at Luka, but the duo quickly knocked him to his senses and he left. Dante and Cynrik began chatting and Chai and Luka headed off into Taiyae together. (1)

E A R L Y   M O N T H S

Chai stayed with her mother long enough to be able to survive off of milk, at which point she took off with Dad, leaving her mom and brother behind. Shoki left her one day at the edge of the Outs, telling her to wait there for him while he ventured in to scope things out a bit. Misunderstanding, she soon wandered into the lands, separating from her father to start an adventure similar to all those he'd told her about from his past there. A few days after his departure, she carved a crescent shaped wound under her left eye to mirror that of her much revered father's.


Height Build
Petite Thin

Outskirts of Taiyae

Father Mother
Shoki Name Unknown
Lucian, {Vesper}, {Verin}, {Nyla}, {Valentina}, {Pace}
Cynrik, Skunk, Luka, Octane, Lust, Waganga, Raqi, Ryuja, Tria, Redemption, Valentine, Lux, {Anthrax}, Bryn, Nebula, Kendall, Taiga, Vivera, Herod, Malek, Avalon, {Pip}, Venus, Okamari, {Rune}, {Gerrik}, Kallik,  {Hija}, Sitka, {Cinquain}, Teva, {Roman}, {Josalyn}, {Zehnai}, Iseult, {Poet}, {Leonardo}, {Mortimer}, {Karevik}, {Vandal}, {Myatuk}, {Dakota}, {Antwan}
Knowledge Of
Aevyn, Lex, Crash, {Absinthe}, Darcia, {Lysander}, {Lyra}, {Atlas}, Hayley, Calen, Tairon, Leuin, {Azazel}, Brazen, {Iscariot}
Visited Territories

Eastern Wasteland x3
Verdant Hills x7
Skyrise Lake x2
Shadowed Dell x4
Sundown Coast x2
Falter Glen x25
Guarded Falls x2
Falcon Rise
Evergreen Forest x2
Fossil Butte

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