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Name Pack
Charcoal Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 0 mos.)
2320 SP

Character Information

Child of the Highlands - Adrian von Ziegler
Voiced by Name
Wormwood Grove

With: {Brynn}
''Free Spirits''
Charcoal Flame

✯ Basics ✯

  • Char, Coco (by mother)
  • Timber wolf
  • 22 in
  • 76 lbs

    ✯ Personality ✯

    • Charcoal is your typical mama's boy, withdrawn and quiet, letting his mother and/or sister talk for him. He usually won't speak, even when spoken to, and dislikes being put on the spot. Whenever around new wolves, or his father, he has a tendency to hide behind his sister or mother, clinging to their side and growing too nervous or shy to say much of anything.
      Even as a small pup he would retreat to his safe zone, pushing his way out of a stranger's line of sight. After getting to know the wolf he still might act this way, much like he does with his father. See Charcoal doesn't like violence or screaming and pulls away when he feels scared or uncomfortable. To him, if another wolf raises their voice too high, he will assume they are upset, especially when talking to him, and will try to flee if there is no one to hide behind. This in turn makes him quite needy and clingy, a bit annoying as well to some. Even though he is a bit skittish and shy Charcoal does have an innocent outlook on life and a playful nature, feeling he should never have to grow up.
      He has a habit of play fighting others, usually his sister, at a moment's notice. This results in him growing bored or tired and randomly tackling others, sending him and rolling across the ground. When play fighting isn't an option he chases items, leaves or anything blowing across the ground, rushing after it happily and following it wherever it goes. Finally he will occasionally chase his tail, though he doesn't do this very often.
      Charcoal has a very loving side to him, this is due to his innocent nature. He is almost always forgiving, figuring it's better and easier to forgive and forget. There are rare cases when he will carry something with him, remembering always what a wolf did to him, but usually this isn't the case. For instance, even though his father left him and his family he will tell any wolf that asks that he loves his father. When he sees another crying or upset he will instantly be by their side, even if he doesn't know them, and try his very best to help them feel better. Always, he starts crying along with them, as if he can feel their sorrow and hurt, and thus making him a very emotional yearling. Even though he is male. This has been known to get him into trouble though, thinking no one will ever harm him and as a result simply padding up to them, stranger or not.
      The last piece that fills in the puzzle known as Charcoal, would be his open mind and ability to pick up things fast. He sees the world as a place to explore, a place of wonder and full of fun, and will be open to anything another tells him, believing anything is possible with enough heart and determination. Because of this he is able to pick skills easily, such as new hunting techniques or stalking prey to name a few.

      After the fight with Alun...
      Charcoal is more quiet and less playful. He doesn't seem able anymore to show emotions, and barely cries even though he might feel extremely sad. And he often has trouble forming full sentences, having a second break between almost every word before continuing. He's less trusting, and scared of older males. It takes a while for him to get used to having a certain male wolf around him.
      His sister Ebony died, and he misses her dearly. Now and then he still talks to her. He had finally realized she's dead, but Charcoal has a hard time accepting that. as if he still believes she's alive, somewhere...


    • Charcoal is has always been good at hiding and keeping silent, sometimes not even making noise as he walks. This is usually due to the fact that he walks slowly, padding along and taking in all the sights around him. Because of this his mother often said he would excel at tracking when he got older, though the yearling always answers with "But I don't like hurting others..."
    • Charcoal, even at an early age, was never really made to fight others or hunt prey very well. He has been out hunting, though always grew bored and started playing around, chasing the prey rather than trying to catch it. His size does not help him when running away or when he is forced into a fight. All in all, unless he has managed to hide or his sister is around, he will be in trouble.
    • Charcoal has a fear of being left alone and/or behind. He has never been away from his mother until now and never been away from his sister since their birth. Because of this he is always trailing along behind his sister, regardless of what she is doing. If he was ever to stray away from her, or she was forced away from him, the poor thing would probably go into a blind panic. Though this has never happen, thus never been proven, it is highly likely what will happen.
    • Charcoal has a habit of playing or running around, still a pup in his mind. Randomly, even if he is supposed to be hunting, tracking, etc, he will chase leaves or other items blowing across the ground. Besides chasing items he has been known to chase another's tail, resulting in a play fight every time. Lastly, when nothing else is available he will chase his own tail.
    Other family
    {Calamity D'Augusta} – adoptive mother
    {Brynn Awbrey} – adoptive father

    Starfall Cadre
    {Calamity}, {Pierre}, {Brynn}, {Della}, {Zak}, {Lulla}, {Junior}, {Faithful}, {Albus}, {Courage}


    Height Build
    Petite Thin
    Father Mother
    Crimson Flame Rachel

    Older hals siblings (heard of)

    Litter mates
    {Ebony} (Deceased)

    Younger half siblings
    {Silver-Belle} (Deceased)

    Youngest step siblings

    Other Relationships
    {Calamity} (Adoptive mother)
    Spirit Symbol Emblems
    None yet