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Name Pack
Claes Soulfire Covenant IV. Stalker
Sex Status
Male Injured
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 3 mos.)
3100 SP

Character Information

Tall, dark, and handsome.



Claes takes after his mother with her black fur and yellow eyes. After reaching adulthood, his fur will start to turn silver and brown in some places, becoming pretty grey and reddish-brown by the time he reaches old age. He stands at average height, just a few inches taller than his sister and stocky in build.


Claes is first and foremost a mama’s boy. His temper can be short and can get bored rather easily and doesn’t like feeling like his time has been wasted. He can be so bold that he can appear rather haughty sometimes. Claes is protective of his family and his sister and is very loyal to those who earn it. Like his father, he can be charming, flirty, and suave. He is extroverted and isn’t afraid to voice his thoughts or feelings and doesn’t really care how others think of him.

As of 12/10/17, Quinn became the roleplayer for Claes. All posts prior were not written by Quinn.


Height Build
Average Stocky
Father Mother
{Stephan} {Bea} ✝


{Adrienne}. {Juli}

Other Relationships
as a people
Spirit Symbol
None yet