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Cleo Divinity Rogue
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Female Healthy
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(5 yrs, 1 mos.)
240 SP
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Character Information

ginger/copper tones (majority) silver/whites (minority) - buxom figure - green eyes

the woman has an image to maintain both inside and out. ginger and copper tones thread throughout the large portion of her well manicured coat. a natural redhead. her form is best for the one gift she's been particularly avoiding: bearing children. while adept in at least providing enough sustenance to scrap by, she's at most a gatherer with deficits in hunting or fighting. as such, she is free from most scars or imperfections, her plush coat thick and soft.

olive eyes are rimmed by the few silver hairs found on her body. they are expressive, one of the few weakness' to her collected image.

early summer, year 4 - cleo got into a fight with a gopher hole and lost, sprained her right front paw

full summer, year 4 - cleo very slowly travels across the hills to eventually get to firefly woods, she is losing weight due to her injury and frankly her lack of ability when hunting. she is meticulous to keep up her hygiene but is noticeably having a hard time.

late summer, year 4 - cleo's situation has turned around as she had the good fortune to run into twilight vanguard chief icarus dusk. with a little natural charm and a whole lotta luck she is accepted into the family as their resident diplomat. with more confidence she is starting to recover both physically and mentally from her season as a rogue.

extroverted - emotional - diplomatic - organized - secretive

Cleo (formally Cleopatra) is an enigma in the fact that she presents herself as an open book when she is anything but. Conversation flows easily and most usually comes with some form of purpose for her. While entirely organized and self-sufficient it is not to say that the woman is selfish. Most certainly the opposite, the poised lady is selfless, just not in such a way that would come back to haunt herself.

Currently the dame's depression is sneaking up on her as she has lost her purpose. Beta/Advisor to a pack struck by mutiny, she now wanders in search of someone else in power to assist, to fill her own void.


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Large Stocky
south of horizon
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