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Name Pack
Clint Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 1 mos.)
965 SP

Character Information

^ colored by fenshae
Clint/Natasha/Stark Puptatoes by Jade
Christmas Clint by Loveboxer

Original description: Average in size, Clint will resemble his mother more when he grows up. One of his most interesting features is his eyes. The left eye is blue, and his right eye is grey.
Clint is stubborn, excitable, and a bit of a coward. He can back away from dangerous situations easily, often seeking comfort in those around him to help him through those challenging situations. Even so, Clint will not admit that he needs help, nor will he back down. He is determined to get things done, even if it’s only to prove a point. If someone was to bring up his cowardly antics, he would deny it all. His most striking personality trait is his excitable nature. He is very active and can easily be excited by anything. Adventure is not something he enjoys a lot of, but with some assistance and comfort, he will pull through, mostly due to the stubborn nature of him.

Clint's stubbornness and excitability can still be seen sometimes, but they faded away somewhat due to a series of bad and confusing events in his childhood that caused him to become quite a worrier (with a fear of abandonment in particular) and more quiet and thoughtful than before. He can be very sensitive, and in stressful situations he tends to end up either staying silent or trying to escape. The good side of this is that he is sensitive to others' feelings as well, and tries to be there for anyone who needs him. Family is very important to him, and he tries to follow rules and stay loyal to his pack, and wishes everyone else would do the same. He rarely gets angry at anyone though. He is trying to get better at reassuring himself and staying positive about things.

- Clint was born, in the Firewing Brotherhood, with his sister {Natasha} and brother {Stark}. {Marzena} was their caring mother, but their father, {America}, was not around very much. Clint soon got two more siblings, {Emmalynn} and {Theodore}, adopted by Marzena after their birth mother {Carrot} disappeared. He was still so young that he didn't remember a time when they weren't there. Everything was happy and innocent for a while.
- After a long absence, America returned. Clint didn't remember him by now either, and was rather confused to hear that he had a father, but he assumed this Dad guy would be sticking around. Spoiler: he didn't. Before Clint could even actually see him, America left again, apparently for good, after arguing with Marzena and biting her. This was the beginning of Clint's concerns over how someone could just leave their family, as he worried that others might leave too.
- Not long after that, Marzena told all the pups about Emma and Theo being adopted. There was more confusion and worry about how this might change things, and again, why their birth parents had apparently left and abandoned them. Clint's adopted siblings seemed to become more distant after that, especially Emma who disappeared and hid from the pack for a long time.
- Despite this, there were some happy distractions for a while, such as the three original siblings spending time together and learning to swim, Clint growing closer to Natasha who might be his favorite sibling (don't tell the others) and planning to go on adventures someday, and the pups all getting mentors, with Clint's being {Cricket} who was kind and understanding.
- Aaand then things got unpleasant again. Tensions grew between the pups, and then there was a disastrous pack meeting in which {Hunter}, who had seemed like a nice guy and was Stark's mentor, turned out to have betrayed the Brotherhood, and ended up taking his own life, giving the pups their first experience with a wolf dying. Thus adding "what if everyone dies" to the long list of Clint's worries. His family seemed to be drifting apart even more after that, with Nat and Stark getting brattier, and Emma and Theo simply not being there.
- Over half a year old by now, Clint is trying not to be a scared little kid anymore, but you know, sometimes he can't help it. But with some guidance from the adults of the pack, he became more determined to look for the good in things, and hopes that better times are ahead. Because really, what else can go wrong?
(Last updated in the middle of autumn)


Height Build
Average Stocky
Guarded Falls
Father Mother
{America} {Marzena}

{Stark} & {Natasha} (biological siblings)
& {Emmalynn} & {Theodore} (adopted siblings)

Other Relationships
{Tytus} (uncle)
Wolves Met/Known
{Marzena} - Mom. She cares, and is always there.
{America} - Father. Bad guy who bit Mom and abandoned us.
{Natasha} - Favorite sister, but can be troublesome lately.
{Stark} - Brother, good guy but can be too grumpy lately.
{Emmalynn} - Sister, where did you go? Barely know you anymore, sadly.
{Theodore} - Brother that is most like me, but not around much either.
{Valentina} - Miss Val, Aunt Val, Leader. She's okay, nice to talk to sometimes.
{Hunter} - Confusing... Seemed nice at first and then... why? RIP.
{Bucky} - Pretty cool guy who taught us to swim.
{Seeker} - Also confusing. Tells cool stories, but can be unpredictable.
{Cricket} - Mentor. Friend. Very nice, easy to talk to, teaches stuff.
{Jeremy} - Grumpy, but maybe not too bad?
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet