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Name Pack
Comet Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 8 mos.)
2040 SP

Character Information

Comet exited Horizon Valley in Late Summer of Year 4, at the age of 4 years, 7 months, along with his mate {Ororo}, in pursuit of answers to her mysterious and seemingly-prophetic dreams. He may return in the future.

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Height: 27 inches
Weight: 94 pounds
Length: 5.6 feet
Average in both height and weight, Comet is nothing special. He is somewhat on the slender side, possessing little power but considerable speed and stamina. Despite these features, he has a thick, northern coat, which does a fine job of disguising his otherwise compact build.

Comet is mostly dark gray, though his fur tends toward black at the points (face, ears, legs, and tail). His muzzle is silver, and hairs of the same color adorn his throat, underbelly, and toes. The most striking aspect of his pelt is his back, which is adorned with silver, star-like flecks in stark contrast to the black cape-like marking along his shoulders and spine. His eyes are a clear grey-blue.
MBTI: ENFP — The Campaigner
Alignment: Chaotic Good
A wanderer at heart, Comet lives for the thrill of adventure. He’s carefree, optimistic, and laid-back to a fault. Politics and pack relations aren’t really on his radar. Instead, his goals are to meet others, explore, and hopefully find himself in the process.

He was somewhat spoiled and sheltered in his natal pack, and for this reason, he is still, in some ways, considerably naive. Quick to trust and quick to befriend, Comet makes for pleasant company, but these very characteristics also make him gullible and easy to manipulate.

Being as relaxed as he is, Comet can be a bit lazy at times, and even reluctant to hunt for himself. This leaves him inclined to mooch off others' kills or scavenge if given the chance. He’s also exceptionally non-confrontational, and if a situation turns violent, he will flee. While some would label him as noncommittal, simple-minded, and immature, he can be surprisingly insightful, and is more than willing to give his loyalty to those he believes deserve it.
Note — Since joining the Stormborn Alliance, Comet is slowly outgrowing some of his childish tendencies. He's learning the importance of loyalty and dedication.
The Lightning Strike — Snow Patrol
Stellar — Incubus
Dreaming — Smallpools
Lionhearted — Porter Robinson
Warning — Incubus
Saturn — Sleeping At Last
American Money — BØRNS
Call Me — Shinedown
Tonight, Tonight — Smashing Pumpkins
Just My Type — Saints Motel
The Nights — Avicii
Feel It Still — Portugal. The Man
I'm Gonna Be — The Proclaimers
Positive Terms
{Ororo} — beloved mateMy past, present, and future. My everything.
{Atlas} — leader, friendA good guy, through and through.
{Bucky} — brother-in-law, allyI'm lucky to call you family! You've got my respect.
{Nomad} — brother-in-law, allyA super dude. Thanks for keeping Ororo safe.
{Arrow} — friend, packmateExtraordinarily helpful. You've made my life better.
{Casscade} — sister-in-law, allyFunny and cool! We should hang out more.
{Benjamin} — brother-in-law, allySeems like a genuinely sweet fellow.
{Poet} — friend, packmateBro! Bro? Broooooo.
{Maia} — sisterMiss ya, Sis! Hope you're doing well.
It's Complicated
{Zaan} † — acquaintanceI'm sorry you were killed. It haunts me.
{Carter} — acquaintanceYou're mean and intimidating, but you saved Ororo.
{Pierce} — sister-in-law, allyWe're supposed to be family. Why don't you like me?
Neutral Terms
{Josalyn} — packmatePoet's lady friend. Seems really nice!
{Jote} — acquaintanceHope you're staying out of trouble, wherever ya are.
{Torin} — acquaintanceA bro, for sure. Maybe we'll see each other again.
{Willa} † — acquaintanceThanks for making me feel welcome in the valley.
{Kaete} — acquaintanceYou helped Ororo, too, and I'm grateful.
{Argus} — acquaintanceI hope you find happiness.
Negative Terms
{Randy} — wary ofKnows as Spike. Wholly untrustworthy.
Knowledge Of
Stormborn AlliancepackMy home. I'll glady defend it with my life.
Adunati RangerspackBucky's pack, by the sea. Allies of the Alliance!
Firewing BrotherhoodpackSeemed a little strict, but ultimately helpful.
Hillside SanctuarypackWhere Argus lived. Nice, peaceful.
Starfall CadrepackBy a lake up north. Led by a yearling?
Skyrise EmpirepackSupposedly lives in the southern mountains.
Northern OrderpackLives up in the forest on the north side of the valley.
Some of my characters may use offensive language, behave overtly sexually, and/or incite violence. Please keep in mind that their actions are not indicative of the author’s personal choices or morals. Thank you! — Jill


Height Build
Average Average
Snowcrest Mountain, northeast of Horizon
Father Mother
Storm Celeste
{Maia} — sister, littermate
{Ororo} — His love, his silver star.
Other Relationships
{Bucky} — brother-in-law
{Pierce} — sister-in-law
{Casscade} — sister-in-law
{Benjamin} — brother-in-law
{Nomad} — brother-in-law
Comet’s old pack, the Polaris Creed, followed a religion based on the stars. Since meeting {Ororo}, he has begun to remember bits and pieces about it.
Has adopted a nocturnal lifestyle since finding his mate. Enjoys stargazing.
His voice actor is Jake Gyllenhaal.
I created Comet when I was ten years old. While he’s undergone a name change (from Orion) and several revisions to become who he is now, he is still by far one of my oldest wolf characters.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet