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Name Pack
Crixus Blanc Imperial Faction I. Gladius
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 4 mos.)
1090 SP

Character Information


Very large and muscularly built, Crixus is primarily white with a few darker guard hairs on his back. His eyes are a handsome grey heavily outlined in black. He thinks he's perfect.


Crixus uses his charm to get what he wants, his manipulative behavior spurred by his ambition. He is not reckless, and prefers to think things through. He tends to take things too seriously (though has a sarcastic sense of humor), has a bit of a superiority complex, and is overly proud of the purity of his lineage. Raised in a very family-oriented way and prone to doting upon those he loves, he is nonetheless extremely selfish and puts himself above others.
So anyway here's Bachelor Number One!


Firm believers of the importance of bloodlines, the Blanc family claims to be descendants of the first wolf, Lupus. Historically, the family—formally with the surname, Lupus—slaughtered any wolf they believed to be impure: those with deformities, abnormal markings and eyes, lack of intelligence. An uprising killed most of the family.
The survivors adopted the alias, "Blanc" and became much more private about their beliefs and lived in nomadic familial packs. However, the number of believers continued to grow beyond the original Blancs as their children made their own families with other wolves (there a few cases of inbreeding within the Blancs). Written by Sam- read more on the Lupus Wiki!

Crixus is a more stringent believer in purity than some, and is under the impression that the only truly pure wolves must be of pairings with Blanc on both sides. He may or may not make this clear to others, as he believes himself a gift and thinks that any offspring with Blanc blood is, at least, an improvement on more basic stock.

Fun Facts

Crixus suffers from frequent, severe headaches. He doesn't talk about it to anyone as he sees it as a weakness he is unwilling to share, but it isn't out of the ordinary to see him squint when one comes on.


Born into the Blanc family with his brother, {Abaddon}, he lived with little contact from other wolves outside of his family group for the majority of his life. At the reunion of their extended family, he and Abaddon were separated from the others when lightening caused a forest fire and decimated their ancestral home. He traveled with his brother to the valley (Full Summer HY4) in hopes of finding the others, but they've had no luck so far.

HY4 - Full Summer
→ Arrived in the valley through the Eastern Wasteland and hurried on to Verdant Hills
→ Met {Kaya} by the river and agreed to travel with her for a while
→ Meets {Tesla}, who is a bounty-hunter type.
→ {Larisa} reunites with Crixus and Abaddon
HY4 - Late Summer
→ Larisa finds Pearl Isle, which Crixus quickly lays claim to for his future pack, and he and Larisa make their relationship official.
→ Kaya agrees to join Crixus's pack as his second/advisor.
HY4 - Early Autumn
→ Much of the Autumn is spent in largely failed recruitment attempts.
→ Agrees on an alliance with Tesla
→ Meets {Felicity} and {Samaya}
HY4 - Full Autumn
→ Kaya encounters Larisa's sister, {Narcisa}, and a fight ensues
→ Kaya returns with news of Narcisa, which Larisa doesn't take well. She leaves to search for her wounded sister.
→ Dragomir reunites with the family and quickly joins the island pack
To be continued


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Kosmas Huldah

{Abaddon}  †

{Greyson} & {Arcadia}

With Larisa ({Valaeria}): {Gaius}, {Livia}, {Vita} †
(has not met)

He has several adult offspring he doesn't expressly claim as his own, and/or hasn't met. If you want to play one send me a PM!
Other Relationships
{Kaya} - {Tesla} - {Dragomir}
{Wakely} - {Ross} - {Haddon} - {Felicity} - {Pepper}
{Milo} - {Narcisa} - {Samaya} - {Valaeria} (Larisa)
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