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Cygnus Altair Firewing Brotherhood IV. Brother
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Female Dead
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(1 yrs, 7 mos.)
280 SP

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HOW? : On April 1st (ironic, huh?), 2018, Cygnus consumed by accident Common Solomon's Seal, and in her frantic struggle to get help tripped and smashed her temple against a sharp rock. She died instantly. APPEARANCE : Cygnus has long snout that match her ears. Her black fur coming out in puffs at the sides of her cheeks. The most memorable thing about her being her bright green eyes. Her fur is a mix of black and different shades of grey. Cygnus’ fur is thick due to growing up further up North than most, being a British Colombian wolf and all. She comes up at 24 in. in height, and 5 ft. in length. Thanks to her eating habits improving, she’s now 40 kg. She'll stay this weight for the rest of her life if she continues to be healthy. BIOGRAPHY : She'd rather not talk about it. What happened outside of Horizon, stays outside of Horizon. PERSONALITY : Cygnus used to be a curious, outgoing and funny pup. As the time passed though, she began to adopt a more independent type of personality. She was still a curious wolf, but wasn’t as open about it as before. She became more aware of her surroundings as well as more cautious. She shows respect to everyone and speaks with just as much respect and maturity. She now chooses to stay quiet and listen to others. Her pup-like personality does come out from time to time, but it will only be shown to the people she trusts. Having to hunt on her own has helped her develop her planning and has caused her to develop a more strategically based mindset. She has begun hating what she cannot control as it makes her uneasy. She's been learning how to be social with others. Its seems she's improving, even if the thought of messing up and being abandonned haunts her. Recently, she's found a passion she didn't know she had, learning and improving becoming her main intentions. She's become more protective over her pack. The yearling still needs time to get used to interacting with other wolves without being too quiet or formal HEALTH (Physical) : Physically, she's reached a healthy weight, with some scratches here and there from running through branches. She’s still pretty lean, but had managed to eat enough throughout the winter to achieve an average build. Currently, her weight has been improved greatly. Finally being an average weight for a wolf her size. Her featured have also improved. Her already slender snout losing all puppy fat it once had, while her eyes kept their bright emerald green colour. She's slowly gaining a more ladylike figure, slim muscle helping her obtain the look of a strong female. Past injuries - None at the moment. Current injuries - Missing a tooth and a chunk of gum next to the right incisor on her lower jaw. HEALTH (Mental) : She isn’t completely crazy or anything. She’s just...cautious. Everyone has their fears, hers are just slightly more heightened. Cygnus might have some trust issues and has an irrational fear of losing control and being abandoned, but it’s nothing she can’t handle. She’s a pretty smart wolf, a mature one at that. Just make sure not to expect her to open up easily, since she’s pretty much forgotten how by this point. Her recent outburst of passion has slowly been bringing out a side of her she didn't know about. This had aided her mental health greatly. The urge to protect Nat and the pack has become greater. With Marzena gone, that protective nature has increased greatly, especially for Nat and anyone close to her. BELIEFS : She doesn’t have a religion per-say. But her parents did teach her a moral code to follow. It has five rules that they used to call 'The Altair Code of Honour’. She used to giggle at how silly it sounded at the time. It’s not that silly now. She strives to always respect this code. There are five rules she needs to follow. 1. Do not kill another wolf. No matter how bad they are, we have no say on whether they should live or die. 2. Respect everyone. Young, old, weak, they all deserve respect We don’t know what they’ve been through. 3. Be kind. Always be the better wolf. Never get down to their level. 4. Stay together. Never abandon anyone. Leaving them behind is the worst thing you could ever do. 5. Be patient. Let nature take its course and be ready to wait. Not everyone is as willing to share. Cygnus also added rules of her own. 6. Show mercy. Everyone has the right to be shown mercy. It’s their choice if they take it or not. 7. Keep your word. Sometimes, your word is all a wolf can trust, it's something sacred that shouldn't be taken lightly. Your word is a bond kept together by trust. Every wolf has a right to trust. Do NOT deprive anyone of this right. WOLVES SHE CARES ABOUT : {Natasha} - My teacher. My friend. My saviour. I won't allow anyone to hurt you. You've already been through enough. (Mine) {Marzena} (R.I.P.) - You were an amazing leader. You let me be a part of your pack. I am forever greateful for that. Thus, I will look after Nat, Stark, and Clint for you. (Nat's mother) {Stark} - I want to protect you, not just as a pack member, but as a friend. I just don't know how to be your friend. (Nat's brother) {Clint} - You're Nat's brother, and while I don't know you too well, I'm still going to protect you. {Yakov} (R.I.P) - You were patient with me and tought me how to fight. You were a great packmate {Eyja} - If you need anything, don't be afraid to ask. {Finni} - Adorable, shy, and grumpy. I hope your shoulder is feeling better. {Xanthos} - I saw you bite her. My only question is why? I want to help you, but I'm not sure how. {Nemesis} - I've only seen you once, but I would love to get to know you more. {Nanna} - You're always excited and Iove it! I want to get to know you. {Effie} - I don't know you well, but if you're helping Nat and the pack, I'll be forever greatful. {Lura} - I'm sorry about what happened to Jeremy. We welcome you to the pack with open arms. WOLVES SHE COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT : {Elliot} - I don't know your reasons. I don't know your story. I don't want to know. You're a dangerous and sick wolf. I just want you gone and away from my home. {Holly} - Attack anyone from my pack again, and I will not hesitate to tear an eye out. WOLVES SHE'S HEARD OF : {Theodore} - I don't know where you are, or what you're doing, but please be safe. You might've left the pack, but they still care about you. Don't make them go through any more pain, please. {Emmalynn} - Please be safe. {Elliot} {Holy} WOLVES SHE FEARS : None HUMAN PLAY-BY-PLAY : Human Version : Cartoon Version : - Credits : I would like to thank Jill for the amazing artwork for Cy's profile pictures!


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Average Lean
Near the Canadian border.
Father Mother
Draconis Altair (MIA, pressumed dead) Aeris Altair (Deceased)

Luscious Altair (Stillborn ~ Unknown)

She would much rather work on herself at the moment.
She's too young and innocent T^T
Other Relationships
(Only those she has fogotten or is in the process of forgetting will show up here) {Oberon} - Your memory is fading. Your voice is all I remember now {Esmeralda} - You took me under your wing for a bit. Where are you now?
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