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Name Pack
Cypress Gardens Evergreen Wolves II. Vigil
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 1 mos.)
6000 SP

Character Information


Average height, weight, build, nothing about him sticks out, which is nice because he doesn't especially want to draw attention most of them time. Reddish-brown with some darker/black stippling scattered in there over his back, thicker on his tail and face, he's even got red tiger's eye... well, eyes, that blend into his face. Cream-white stockings uneven his right legs. His head profile is rather distinct, though, if you're looking for a way to identify him in silhouette. Large ears, for one. For two, a slight but sharp convex angle on the line of his snout. It's hard to mistake that schnozz.


Cypress is a quite trusting fellow; he believes the best in everyone, or the best is possible in everyone, and struggles with the fact that this isn't a universal belief and that not everyone even wants to be good to everyone. It makes him a bit gullible, as well, as he almost always tells the truth without thinking about it, because why would he lie, so it doesn't occur to him to stop and consider that other wolves might be joking around with him. His faith that friends are forever has decreased as kin consistently join the caves only to disappear, abandon them, or be killed off by attacks or disease, leaving him with the first stirrings of anxiety as he fails to understand why it keeps happening.

Practical and pragmatic, he usually has no problem overriding his emotional response in favour of approaching things with his brand of rationalism, but that's not to say he has no feelings. He is profoundly extroverted and delights in making new friends, and feels deeply hurt by any kind of betrayal, but doesn't really know what to do with those emotions in his view of everyone as inherently good, and is very much of the belief that second chances are deserved. His loyalty to the Evergreen Wolves family will always come first, however. They are friends, and family, and kin, and kin take care of each other and everyone.

He has a family/pack, somewhere southeast. They told him he would be better off without them, that he was holding them back. He believed them, and left to find his own way in the world, bright-eyed and butter-pawed.

Arrived Late Spring, HY2

Significant Relationships

{Mari} is his best friend. {Rabbit} is also a very important friend and so is {Rufus}. He has many best friends and is happy that way.

Tiny is his favourite puppy. Do not tell any of the other puppies. He feels like it is wrong to have favourites. He adores her tho like fr srs she's the best.

He hopes {Rigel}, {Pipin}, {Immanuel}, and {Willa} are not unhappy being dead. He misses them, or at least misses Rigel and Manu and Willa, and has been deeply impacted by the choices made with Pipin. {Meir} has left without saying goodbye and the shock has cut him deeply.

{Whiskey} was kin and hurt other kin. Whiskey is not allowed in the forest. Never.


Too many kin are feeling pain. Too many wolves are feeling pain. He has to protect them. He does not want to fight, but his kin need help and he is able.

With another spring upon them and more litters being born, Cypress is discovering he is deeply devoted to the welfare of the puppies.


"Home" - Phillip Phillips
"Better Days" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
"Evergreen" - A Silent Film

Art Links

Cypress by Wynter
Maidpress by Hal
Squirrel! by Spry
Boop da Snoot by Jeames
Friend or Foe? by Chris
Pretty Pupper by Sienna


Height Build
Average Lean
Easterly Winds
Father Mother
Busch Gardens Ann Heuser

{Nina} ♀
Sugar ♀

Other Relationships
Known Places
Eastern Wasteland
→ Adder Creek
Verdant Hills
Evergreen Forest
→ White Geysers
→ Everlasting Caverns
Firefly Woods
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet