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Dagdur Grimsson Rogue
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Male Healthy
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(7 yrs, 5 mos.)
470 SP

Character Information


I don't believe in no devil...


Dagdur is a creature snatched straight from the depths of hell. With a pelt composed of dark charcoals, blacks, and greys, there is nothing in his appearance that would suggest a living beast. But it is his eyes that are truly those taken from a nightmare. Pale, muddy yellow with gold flecks, they are a window to Dagdur's empty soul. They hold no gleamer of light, nothing to suggest mercy, and for many, they are the last sight they'll ever see.

With this intimidating appearance, it is only befitting that his stature should strike the same fear into the souls of his brethren. Massive in both height and build, there are very few wolves who would dare upset this creature of the dead.


...'Cause I done raised this hell...

+ Calm | Resourceful | Independent | Observant | Protective | Purposeful | Cunning
- Cruel | Envious | Sadistic | Dominant | Lustful | Merciless | Deceitful | Cowardly

Dagdur is a creature of the dead without conscience or soul. Willing to do anything to gain power, the male is overly ambitious and merciless. In his prime he was known to tear families apart and destroy entire empires with nothing but his wits and resourceful nature. Dagdur cares not for his victims as long as their downfall brings him his own desires, considering them mere tools at his disposal. But despite these somewhat 'bold' traits, the brute is at heart, a coward. He prefers to put others in danger before he himself steps into harms way.

Apart from these, the hulking male can at times be protective of those he does favor. Unwilling to let them come to harm, Dagdur can go as far to keep them within his sight at all times. He's lost far too much to consider anything less. This protective trait leads us flawless to his more purposeful tendencies. Everything he does is done for specific reason, even if that reason isn't always the most logical desire. Dagdur is a cunning creature in this respect, if not an impulsive one.

The Past

...I've been the last one standing...

Trigger Warning: Mentions of Rape and other Violence

No one truly knows where Dagdur hails from. Some say he’s the ghost of Arkhein’s founder come back to finish his enemies. Others say he’s the devil himself crawling from the fiery depths of hell with fury burning in his veins.

Regardless of whether or not these stories are true, they do have one thing right: Dagdur is nightmarish monster. A murderer without conscience, the beast had been known to fell entire kingdoms and rip children from their mothers.Over the years, there has been one story told as truth and is widely accepted as the beasts deadly tale.

The story goes like this:

Given the nickname ‘King of the Dead’ when he was only a year old, Dagdur had always been destined for power. His parents, rulers of Arkhein, were weak leaders without any true desire to make their tribe formidable as it had once been. It was nothing short of disgusting for the young male. Surrounding tribes saw them as an easy kill, a herd of mindless animals to be exterminated.

This wouldn’t stand with the ambitious young wolf. Upon reaching the age of two years, began gathering his supporters - other vicious wolves unhappy with the currant leadership. Within months, the small legion of warriors was ready to make their grab for power. Led by the King of the Dead, the uprising swept through the Arkhein tribe like a plague, murdering Dagdur’s parents and three of his younger siblings. The two he left alive became nothing short of prisoners amid their own people, rarely let out of sight of their new king.

As time went on, Arkhein learned to fear and respect their formidable ruler. In his third year of life, Dagdur sired his first two litters with equally unwilling partners. But neither of them effected him the same way she would. A fair lady of the frozen fjords, Dagdur was nothing short of ecstatic when Tessa was promised to him in exchange for unified tribes.

But when the messenger from Sjóvatn failed to show up, Dagdur lost whatever small amount of tolerance he held for the neighboring tribe. In the dead of night, the King of the Dead would truly earn the nickname. He himself led the charge against the tribe he believed to have wronged him, slaughtering entire families and leaving them to rot in his wake.

Only once Dagdur was sure the tribe had been obliterated did he recall his warriors. But in the process of murdering an entire pack, the King lost something of his own. His one and only son was killed in the terrible fray leaving him without an heir. This would prove to be the devil’s own downfall. Dagdur attempted to mate once more with his former lover only to be met with the fury of her brother.

The battle that followed was a terrible one, something that Dagdur still carries scars from. His own half-sister’s mate joined the fight along with a few others wronged by their king. A true coward, Dagdur fled his empire, leaving his remaining bloodline to be obliterated by the traitors and his nephew to claim the throne.

Furious but unwilling to return without some insurance, Dagdur wandered the land alone for two long years without purpose. In his wake, stories sprung up about the devil and the bloodied bodies he left behind. It wasn’t until whispers of a Sjóvatn warrior reached his ears did Dagdur begin to scheme his glorified return to Arkhein.

Astred would take the place of her sister and produce his heirs. The devil wouldn’t rest until he’d captured the warrior and returned her to Arkhein.

The King of the Dead and the Lady of the Slain would rule hell side by side.

Horizon History

...When all the giants fell...

- Dagður entered the Horizon Valley on the tail ends of autumn from the north. Upon arriving in the Starlight Peaks, he was greeted {Kaya}. A tense conversation ensued, leading to some thinly veiled insults and threats on both ends before the pair eventually split.

- After this unsuccessful meeting, Dagður ventured farther south to the Rolling Prairies. Here he stumbles across the wandering mute {Ancell}. The unlikely pair converse for a while before Dagður decides he can't let the smaller male leave, least he spread the news of Dagður's arrival in the valley.

- With Ancell now in tow, Dagður remains in the prairie for a few more days. While out wandering the terrain on one such days, the male runs into {Talia} who is out hunting for her brother. The two spend some time talking and Dagður learns that she is in need of protection, at least in his opinion. The male offers to be that protection for Talia and her brother in exchange for something only she can give him.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
- -
Full Siblings

Svala Grisdotter ♀ ✝
Salka Grimsdotter ♀ ✝
Idunn Grimsdotter ♀ ✝
Einar Grimsson ♂ ✝
Arnór Grimsson

Half Siblings

Asdis Grimsdotter

-Helena"There is only one I seek."
"They used to be many, now they are none."
Other Relationships
Pétur Geirson "The nephew who dared to take my throne. Watch your step, you'll be the first to go when I return."
n/a {Kaya} - "You're a fool, dear. I hope never to see you alive again."
{Ancell} - "My mute little captive... Watch your step."

Knowledge Of
Hit List
{Damien} - "She's mine."
Visited Areas
• Starlight Peaks HY4, Late Autumn • Rolling Prairies HY4, Early Winter
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