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Name Pack
Daithi Nightshade Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 2 mos.)
100 SP

Character Information

She'll make you curse, but she a blessing...
Daithi 'Di-ath-ee' Nightshade
107lbs . 33in . 5'10ft

Art by Dylan!

Eyes touched by bicolour, a set of yellow and cyan, Daithi holds a striking resemblance to her mother in that of her striking eyes and shadowed silhouette of a pelt. Her father did leave her with something however, her muscular physique and a singular white right hind foot. Her frame is towering but not overly masculine in that it holds the curves of a well rounded, noble woman, but refrains from the lean moulding. She stands with pride and moves with grace. Daithi is marked by a scar upon her chest, just above her heart, in the shape of an x. It isn't large but it is blatantly visible. Her voice, though not high pitch, is alluringly portrayed.

Daithi is more of a listener, confident in herself and her ability to keep tranquility in those who need aid. Her actions are of course bold, but her kind eye and fair personality allow her to remain open minded around individuals, to hear them out and act as fairly to other parties/themselves if required. Adventurous as she is, Daithi often finds herself stumbling through new terrain but will always return back to those she holds close (if those are not accessible, she finds haven in a preferred location). Her loyalty is one of the strongest values to her, but with her habit to act as boldly as she does, can lead to negativity when put into a tense situation and cause her to contradict her fairness and trade it in with a bitchy attitude.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Nightshade Grotto
Father Mother
Acesis {Piper}

First Litter

Koa♀, Tanwyn♂


Second Litter

Saskya♀, Sorral♀, Kodiak♂, Viggo♂


Third Litter

{Valerie} ♀, {Soliel} ♂, {Nemean} ♂,


Extended Family
Milo, Fibiana, {Vepkhi}, Zulo, {Sonia}
Full Summer HY5 - Present
Important Relations
{Piper} - Her mother. Alta. Trusted to an extent, doesn’t entirely forgive for leaving.
{Piper}, {Valerie}, {Soliel}, {Nemean}
{Shasta}, {Nannuk}
{Meir}, {Freyar}
Spirit Symbol