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Name Pack
Damien Aderly Soulfire Covenant IV. Stalker
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 9 mos.)
1690 SP

Character Information

Damien AderlyDAI-mee-uhn AE-der-lee
STATSEastern Timber Wolf35 In123 lbs


Blessed with the build of his sire, Damien stands at around thirty-five inches and possesses a rather thick, if not stocky appearance. Both genetics and mountainous upbringing aided him in molding such an appearance, however while gifted with strength and endurance, he lacks in speed and agility. Desaturated timber and burnt umbers cloak his frame, forming a coat able to stay dense all year 'round. Perhaps most noticable about him are his markings; a dark cape stretches across his spine all the way from his face to the tip of his tail. Cheetah-like streaks of the same shade adorn the signature alabaster Aderly marks around his eyes, forming a striking contrast to his dark pelt and jade optics.


>True Neutral ISTJ-A Choleric"Grump" — {Daniel}

  • As true neutral, he does what seems to be a good idea with no true preference over law or personal code.
  • Usually indifferent to most unless there is something for him to gain.
  • His protectiveness may at times shift into possessiveness and jealousy.
  • While it is rather difficult to gain his trust and enter his close-knit inner circle, once warmed up to, Damien is incredibly loyal and will spill blood for those he values if it is necessary.
  • Possesses a short temper. Especially after waking up.
  • Despite his generally cold nature, Damien is capable of being nurturing, gentle and patient if need to be.
Needs :: controlWants :: His wayDo :: be straightforwardDon't :: disturb his sleep
Forte :: experienced hunterStrength :: decisivenessWeakness :: jealousyDownfall :: quick to anger

A brown bundle of fur born to a starving lone female, Damien – along with his two siblings – graced the earth on a humid night mid-spring. Having barely enough strength within her to provide for herself, nevermind her children, their mother eventually decided to leave them behind in the safe confines of a nearby pack’s territory with the hopes that there, the chances of them surviving would rise. Fortunately, the three babies were quickly taken in by the pack known simply as 'The Haven'. They were raised well and in comfort, polished for their future ranks.

While {Lestat} settled for becoming a warrior and {Valley} eventually dropped her original choice in the hopes of becoming an entertainer instead, Damien opted for the title of a hunter. The chase and killing quickly became a part of his daily life and not long after gaining the official status at around two years of age, he was able to train younger pack members in the same position he had been in a mere year back.

In the span of a few months, Aderly was able to aid many in their learning, although two of his younger companions stood out. {Paige} and {Esme} were their names —younger cousins of his best friend, {Daniel}. Despite his even then brittle temper, the three were able to grow rather close.

Early autumn had barely settled in when the territory was raided by a group of rivals. Heavily outnumbered, most wolves ran and little managed to stick together during their escape. At first, Damien attempted to fight off the attackers alongside The Haven's warriors, yet their strength was crumbling rapidly and eventually drove him out of the territory. Lestat managed to remain at his side, however when the adrenaline died down, the younger of the two suggested the least they could do was return and search for surviors. Lestat, deeming the decision too dangerous, refused. It was enough to throw Damien off the track of rational thought. In his mind, Lestat was a coward, especially for a warrior. The scuffle was enough to drive them apart.

Although Damien never truthfully ended up returning to The Haven's territory, he didn't search for Lestat, either. Travelling west eventually brought him into the Valley in complete solitary. His best hope was searching for Daniel, who he briefly saw flee in the same direction. From that point on, Damien's experiences can be read about in his thread summaries.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother

{Valley}♀,  {Lestat}♂


Other Relationships
Before entering Horizon
Late Summer, HY3 — Late Spring, HY4
Late Spring, HY4 — Present
{Daniel} — Packmate, Best friend

Would kill and die for him despite things recently looking rather bleak between them.

{Valley} — Sister
A lovable pain in the arse. Hopes that she got out of The Haven unharmed.

{Astred} — Packmate, interest?
Doesn't know what he's feeling. What are you doing to me?

{Esme} — Old friend
Missing a leg. Played with her when she was younger. Misses.

{Komet} — Former love interest
Regrets parting with him. Forgive me.

{Paige} — Old friend
Esme's sister. Sweet girl. Misses.

{Relic} — Leader, Acquaintance
Friendly. Hopes to know him better as time passes.

{Var} —Packmate, Friend?
Good hunter. Attractive.

{Anna} — Packmate, child
One of Stephan's children. Curious.

{Benvolio} — Stranger
Not much help.

{Claes} — Packmate, child
Anna's brother and Stephan's kid.

{Freyar} — Stranger
Disturbed his sleep. Hardly remembers.

{Igbo} — Stranger
Small and scrawny. Doesn't remember.

{Kumar} — Packmate, Acquaintance
Jealous of. Didn't deserve the way Damien treated him. Hopes to befriend again.

{Lux} — Stranger
Agreed to keep an eye out for Daniel.

{Merrit} — Stranger
Rat. Hardly remembers.

{Pace} — Stranger
Leader of the Silu Tribe. Laid-back and friendly.

{Rabbit} — Stranger
Dumb name for a dumb kid.

{Saskia} — Stranger
Member of the Adunati Rangers. Agreed to keep an eye out for Daniel.

{Sienna} — Packmate, Stranger
Looks like Daniel. Was not Daniel.

{Stephan} — Packmate, acquaintance

{Lestat} — Brother
Pretentious coward.
Human Playby & voice claim

Voiced by Tom Ellis
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet