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Name Pack
Damien Aderly Rogue
Gender Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 1 mos.)
410 SP

Character Information

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eastern timber wolf. 35 inches. 6.4 ft. 123 lbs.

Thickly-sculptured, broad and towering over most, Damien's exterior is difficult to miss and often labelled intimidating. Rippling muscles remain hidden beneath a thick hide of timber, browns and smoke almost all year ‘round. The most noticable element of his design is the dark cape enveloping his upper half, whereas a sharply-defined mask of the same colour embraces his facial features.

bold. analytical. insensitive. vile. distant. loyal.

Blunt and confident in his ways, Damien portrays a harsh exterior around most. While he will not attack without reason and prefers verbally bruising another when he sees fit, he is not afraid of conflict and will fight if it is an absolute necessity. Although a difficult task, it isn’t impossible to earn the brute's respect, and may eventually lead to him warming up around another if he deems them worthy. In those circumstances Damien is capable of being trusting, loyal, nurturing and protective, though he wishes to keep these traits strictly within his small inner-circle.

ripped at every edge.

A brown bundle of fur born to a starving lone female, Damien – along with his two younger siblings – graced the earth on a humid night mid-spring. Having barely enough strength within her to provide for herself, nevermind her children, their mother eventually decided to leave them behind in the safe confines of a nearby pack’s territory with the hopes that at least there they would have better chances at survival. Fortunately, the pups were immediately taken in by the group and cared for as if they were their own. Years passed and the three had no knowledge of their origins, yet that did not weigh them down. Their home was with the Hayle family.

Early autumn had barely settled in when the territory was raided by a group of rivals. Heavily outnumbered, most wolves ran, though little managed to stick together during their escape. Damien was able to find his brother, however a later conflict regarding what to do next eventually drove them apart. The male wandered into the Eastern Wasteland alone.

wolves encountered.

{Daniel} - Damien's closest friend. They parted ways due to an attack on their home before eventually entering the Valley separately. Damien is on the search for him and hopes to reunite with him someday.

{Rabbit} - Dull kid that Damien met in the Evergreen Forest on a foggy night. The encounter was useful, however, for he learned that a pack resides in the area.

{Vár} - Brought down an injured female elk with her in the Skyrise Pass. They split not long after that. He would not mind meeting her again.

{Igbo} - Short encounter in the Strongwind Range. Small, scruffy and insignificant.

{Merrit} - Brief encounter 'round the Shrouded Pines. Not long enough to form an opinion though, as she stormed off moments after his approach.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
East of the Valley.
Father Mother

Valley Aderly ♀,  Lestat Aderly ♂

N/A. | Homosexual.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet