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Name Pack
Damien Aderly Soulfire Covenant IV. Stalker
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 1 mos.)
2720 SP

Character Information

Appearance | REFERENCE

Blessed with the build of his sire, Damien stands at around thirty-five inches and possesses a rather thick, if not stocky stature. Both genetics and mountainous upbringing aided him in molding such an appearance, however while gifted with strength and endurance, he lacks in speed and agility. Desaturated timber and burnt umbers cloak his frame, forming a coat able to stay dense all year 'round. Perhaps most noticable about him are his markings; a dark cape stretches across his spine all the way from his face to the tip of his tail. Cheetah-like streaks of the same shade adorn the signature alabaster Aderly marks beneath his eyes, forming a striking contrast to his dark pelt and jade optics.


A creature comprised primarily of disinterest and cynicism. Part of his bitterness stems from the fact that he is an orphan, which was only magnified after the Haven's downfall. There is a caring and nurturing side to the brute, however those traits are reserved mostly for the wolves within his small inner circle. Slow-burning fuse, explosive when it burns down.

As a true neutral alignment, Damien has no preference between law or chaotic whims and simply does what he believes is right. He behaves in a mostly decent manner to those that he considers friends and allies, but will act equally maliciously against those who have gained his resentment. For the rest, he doesn't care.


Middle child born to {Marceline} and Samson† alongside older brother {Lestat} and younger sister {Valley}. Due to several issues preceding the birth and the risk of starvation following, his mother left the litter with a nearby pack called The Haven. There, the orphans were raised by a female named Willow.

When Damien was around three years old, The Haven was raided by a violent nomadic pack. Most wolves either died fighting or fled. Damien was determined to defend those left behind, however Lestat managed to drag him away from danger. This led to a later conflict between the siblings that resulted in their paths splitting. All of his following experiences may be read about in his thread summaries.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
East of Horizon
Father Mother

{Lestat}, {Valley}

Other Relationships
Before entering Horizon
Late Summer, HY3 — Late Spring, HY4
Late Spring, HY4 — Present
Human Playby & voice claim

Voiced by Tom Ellis
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet