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Name Pack
Daniel Hayle Soulfire Covenant IV. Cleric
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 0 mos.)
1645 SP

Character Information

daniel is light and foxy in appearance. for the most part, he comes off as rather feminine as he lacks the boxy build that most would perceive as typically masculine. like the rest of the hayle bloodline, his build is less suited for battle and instead sculpted for running and agility, which he excels at. his brown coat is smooth in appearance and soft to the touch.

growing up sheltered and coddled with support, over the course of his life, daniel has developed into a wolf similar in personality to a fine china doll: sensitive and subtle. he is kind, polite, passionate about medicine and all around helping others, often to the point where his own well-being is threatened and looks at life through a strictly pacifistic lens. when faced with challenges, he struggles to overcome them alone. he is also rarely ever able to thrive in new environments unless accompanied by somebody—or something—familiar. In general, daniel is extremely submissive, not at all interested in leading, and will always prefer to stick to the shadows. Some value his endless obedience, others label him as a coward; bending over backwards until his spine cracks.

compared to many, daniel and his two siblings had a very lucky upbringing. they were born into a large, peaceful pack that referred to themselves as 'the haven' to {makayla} and raiden hayle, and were wrapped in love and protection from their very first moments of their life. upon reaching one year of age, the youngest litters of the haven were faced with the decision to decide their future ranks. despite the hayle bloodline's reputation for skilled hunters, daniel decided to follow in his aunt lucretia's pawsteps and became a healer. his family supported his decision like always.

things changed one day. while he was outside of the territory collecting herbs for the pack's cache, the haven was raided by a group much stronger than their own. unable to fight, most wolves were either killed trying to defend their loved ones or fled. upon entering the territory hours after the event, daniel discovered what had happened. his father, brother and dearest lucretia lay dead. when it hit him that he could not save them no matter how hard he tried, the boy ran and never looked back. that was the day daniel learned that healers were simply wolves, not miracle workers.

loves the scent and effects of lavender, will collect it and always keep it around ✧ smells of herbs, especially said lavender ✧ afraid of thunderstorms ✧ chooses not to hunt when its possible and apologizes to prey ✧ likes swimming ✧ adores stories ✧ dislikes colder seasons

"dark shapes come to me at night. monstrous forms. when i wake, they skulk in the shadows, shapeless, but no sooner am i asleep than they creep forward again."
—lagertha, vikings


Height Build
Average Lean
Father Mother

joshua, vixen

Other Relationships
{damien} — childhood best friend. things changed after the haven's fall, but their bond remains.

{kumar} — best friend, love interest, mate (?) disappeared the morning after confessing his feelings.
due to past trauma, daniel suffers from mild paranoid schizophrenia. though episodes happen sporadically, the most common delusional belief he harbours is that those who attacked his natal pack are hunting him down. since he does not know of their names, he simply refers to the pack as 'they/them.' aside from paranoia, he experiences auditory hallucinations. fortunately, these voices are much more rare than everything else he experiences. he is not currently aware of what this disorder is called .
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet