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Name Pack
Daniel Hayle Rogue
Gender Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 3 mos.)
500 SP

Character Information

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personality & appearance
kind | sensitive | generous | accepting | anxious | dependent
A nice and gentle soul, Daniel strives to be on good terms with everyone he meets. He wishes to aid wolves in need to the best of his ability and will go to great lengths to please those around him. Violence is a subject he is strongly opposed to unless lives are in danger, though even minor fights and arguments tend to have a rather large impact on him, especially when between himself and a loved one. Unlike many, he is more than okay with sitting on the sidelines rather than being in the centre of attention and prefers to follow rather than lead. He will usually happily obey rules whenever they are splayed out before him. Unfortunately, due to several major and minor events throughout his life, Hayle has grown to worry a lot. He is aware of this and knows his concern is often out of place, albiet it is not something he is able to get rid of. The boy's build is rather small, lean and somewhat feminine. A silky, plush coat covers the entirety of his body, light chocolate tones being most prominent, interrupted by a much darker mask, lower limbs, cape and the underside of his tail. A small patch of beige resides atop of his chest and directly beneath his withers. Orbs of gold peer from behind his lashes; a trait identical to that of his mother. various levels of schizophrenia are present throughout his bloodline and may affect him at a later age, especially after possible traumatic events.

Compared to many, Daniel had a very pleasant childhood alongside his two siblings and many cousins. The entirety of his natal pack took part in bringing up young--and quite a large pack, at that-- therefore not a moment passed that the pups were exposed to any sort of outside danger. They lived in comfort, as did any other member, gradually making their way towards their desired ranks with great hopes and expectations held for the future.

Not a soul expected it when a rival group raided their land. Wovles fled in all directions. The most unfortunate were killed by the enemy upon impact, however that did not stop pack warriors and hunters from attempting to give mothers, children and siblings more time to escape by sacrificing themselves.

Despite the commotion, one thing was certain. Lives had been lost. Daniel tried everything he could possibly do to navigate his missing family members once he was sure he ran far enough, though it was too late. They had split for good.

Upon entering the Valley, Daniel stumbled into {Napoleon} and {Kumar} in the Wastelands. He also shared a slightly uncomfortable encounter with {Eden} nearby the creek, who to entertain herself, told him that the valley was brimming with chaos. The boy believed her fake rumors regarding two packs at war which later resulted in his cautious, almost paranoid behaviour when exploring new places due to his past experiences. Meanwhile, a friendship between himself and {Kumar} quickly blossomed, and the two decided to venture further into the unknown lands together. The boy eventually told his new friend that he was searching for {Damien}, a close individual from his natal pack. Surprisingly, the blond wolf agreed to aid Daniel in his search on their way west.

Daniel and Damien reunited in early winter of HY3 in the Shrouded Pines.

After their paths crossed, the three decided to venture further as a small group and explore the coast. Many questions still hang unanswered however, and not one of them knows what will come next.

herbal knowledge
  • Yarrow - Stops bleeding, improves circulation. May cause miscarriages or allegric reactions.
  • Sundew - Relieves coughing and sneezing. May cause stomach aches.
  • Satyr's beard - Speeds up wound healing and reduces scarring.
  • Klamath weed - Reduces pain, reduces anxiety/depression, speeds up healing. Several side effects including skin allergies, fatigue and disorientation.
  • Lavender - Reduces anxiety and inflammations.
  • Peppermint - Relieves digestive problems and sore muscles.
  • Bergamot - Treats minor wounds and bee stings.
  • Rosemary - Reduces anxiety. May cause seizures when used in large amounts.
  • Dandelion - Detoxifies body.
  • Nettle - Good source of minerals.
  • Mullein - Relieves coughs.
  • Mayweed - Reduces gastrointestinal issues. May cause allergic reactions.
  • Daffodil - Causes abdominal pain, vomitting and/or nausea.
  • Deadly zigadine - Causes death.
  • Reed canary grass - Causes brain damage.
  • Subbs - Causes hallucinations and vomiting.


Height Build
Small Lean
East of the Valley
Father Mother
Raiden Hayle Makayla Hayle

Vixen Hayle, Joshua Hayle

Other Relationships
* = strong like/dislike for a certain individual.
Good terms
{Damien}**, {Kumar}**, {Adonai}, {Sienna}, {Geir}
{Eden}, {Komet}
Bad terms
Heard of
Silu Tribe
Personality type
Height Comparison
Human FC | Troye S.
Areas visited
Eastern Wasteland, Adder Creek, Verdant Hills, Evergreen Forest, Shrouded Pines.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet