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Name Pack
Dante Silu Tribe II. Grizzly
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 5 mos.)
3565 SP

Character Information

Art by Jade!

Art by Iri!

Dante is a large wolf, standing thirty-five inches at the shoulder and weighing a sturdy one hundred and twenty five pounds; though heavy and somewhat bulky, he is in no way cumbersome, and carries himself with a proud, unusually light-footed gait. He grew up in a dark, tangled forest, where he quickly learned to be stealthy and fleet of foot. His features are sharp and angular, and there is nothing soft about him. His coat is coarse to the touch, rather close-lying over his body, except around his throat, which sports somewhat longer fur.

He is dark, nearly black, though there is a noticeably darker ridge of unruly black fur that grows atop his head and down his nape. The fur is long, coarse and stiff, and sticks up wildly. The fur along his dorsal side also fades to pitch black, running in a thick stripe down his spine, and covering his tail in its entirety. The thick tufts of fur on his cheeks, ears, and chest also fade to this inky black color, as well as the tip of his muzzle, with a scruffy little growth of bristly fur under his chin. Around his eyes are black, exaggerated 'wing' patterns, a trait gained from his mother's side of the family. They reach out to the sides of his face and then taper down toward the corners of his muzzle, nearly meeting under his jaw. His eyes contrast heavily with his dark coat, being a bright shade of green.

Dante has a few scars, most notably the two parallel slashes running across his left cheek that he received in a spar when he was younger. They have grown more prominent, seeming to stretch and grow with the skin, forming a permanent grayish scar. There are also flecks of white around his left eye, which appear to have been from toothmarks.

Irritable, brusque, and brooding. Mostly he just wants to be left alone.

Came to Horizon after leaving Taiyae. Reunited with the love of his life, settled down to do the happy family thing. Then his son died in a hunting accident, his mate and daughter disappeared, and his life fell apart.

He's still not okay.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Old Eden, Taiyae
Father Mother
Crash Aevyn

Maestro, Tomahawk, {Pace}, {Iscariot}

{Aleron}, {Eden}, {Valerian}
Spirit Symbol