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Name Pack
Darienne Jäger Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 4 mos.)
1030 SP

Character Information


33 in
109 lbs
Appears more male
short fur




Born and raised in a pack of fighters and hunters, Darienne was meant to be a warrior from the start. The first born pup, the biggest pup of her litter, towering over her brothers. She was raised with a steady hand, to ensure she would grow up to be the best. Her parents sort of… spoiled her, in a sense. But not with love and cookies. Instead, with tons of attention, and training. Her three brothers became hunters, and she was the only one of the litter turning out to be an amazing warrior. She didn’t exactly like the youth she lived, but she did not hate it, either; she had been born into it, raised into it, and was used to it. She knew nothing different.
Wolves were assigned to each other for breeding purposes, though it was never a problem; some wolves became mates, other parents simply friends. And some wolves just co existed as acquaintances and raised their litter together. Sometimes, something more grew out of it, other times it didn’t. Darienne had never had a mate, nor had she been assigned to a male. During her first heat, she was told not to breed, because she was needed to fight, to defend. Only the strongest and best fighters out of the pack were given this job, and so she agreed and took it with pride. During her second heat however, she did mate, with a rogue. It was a total accident, and she had not expected it. She never even learned his name.
She started to show signs of pregnancy, and while she had not wanted to be a mother, she prepared for the worst and expected them during spring.
They never came.
When spring arrived, her body stopped showing signs, her belly deflating again. Her den had been dug for nothing. It had been a false pregnancy. It was both a relief, and something that angered her. She had prepared so much, and wasted so much time just sitting around instead of training. She went back to her job, and again she was one of the most fierce fighters, maybe even fiercer than before. She told herself she was angry because this false pregnancy had wasted her time. But maybe, secretly, she wished it would have been real, and that she would have bared pups. It was a disappointment.
She grew a little selfish, only thinking of herself, and her own well-being. No one ever really caught her eye. They either were simple hunters, or not good enough fighters in her eyes. Not until she met Ruby. At first Darienne couldn’t care less, but the girl turned out to be fierce, and have a lot of potential, even if she was so tiny compared to Darienne.
And without really wanting to admit it, or realize it, she started training the girl to fight. Ruby was good, she was great, even for her size, and Darienne took great pride in teaching her. They had a bond Darienne could easily describe as something like… a mother-daughter one. But, she didn’t know if Ruby thought the same, and they never discussed anything like it.
And then disaster struck, and packs and rogues banded against their pack. It was a massacre, a bloody mess. Darienne survived, but others had not. She searched the graveyard for bodies and survivors alike, counting them. She did not feel great sorrow seeing the death. She had killed before in her life. And yet… there was one wolf on her mind as she searched. Ruby.
The girl was neither a body among all the others, nor could Darienne even find her. Certain dead wolves smelled of her, the enemy wolves, and Darienne believed Ruby had slayed them. She found hope that the girl might be alive, and set out to find her. There was nothing else she could do, anyway. It was useless to linger here. Better set a new goal for herself than to fade and rot away. She had never been one to give up.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Solaire Sands, Nevada
Father Mother
– †
– †

Three brothers †

Sexual orientation

Homoromantic, asexual
[Gender fluid, sexuality based on sex]

If Darienne ever had kids
Other Relationships
Some unnamed male she mated with and never saw again.
{Ruby} - Her former apprentice.
{Los} - Alright guy, helped her find Ruby.
{Skyler} - A decent wolf, decent company.
{Kato} - A sad, scared boy with a scrawny appearance. Darienne needs to look after him.
{Fable} - Horribly dumb and oblivious.
{Loueska} - Tiny, scrawny bitch with a big mouth.
{Hawke} - Doesn't trust him, at all.
Visited areas
All Horizon areas
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