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Name Pack
Deirdre Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 11 mos.)
145 SP

Character Information

Appearance: A dark wolf, though not entirely black, Deirdre is peppered with ashy hairs and earthy brown accents that give her an ultimately shadowy appearance. However she has eyes that pale in comparison, blue like a young sky and just as energetic. She has an air of playfulness about her, an innocence or perhaps naivety.

Personality: Deirdre is very attached to the idea of siblings, of sisterhood and brotherhood. She is very quick to bond with others and has an overall love for the pack—something that is a loose term in Deirdre's mind.

She is social and charismatic, and very much a peace keeper. Deirdre is a wolf of kinship and communication. However, this is not to be mistaken for a lack of fire; she very much possesses a deep and powerful well of anger within, one not easily tapped, but at her disposal nonetheless.

History: Deirdre's story is a fortunate one. She hails from a fruitful land some place far away, a sheltered piece of paradise that saw her raised fairly and never going without. She was welcomed to a meal whenever her belly cried, the comfort of family when the storms rumbled loud overhead, fun in a sunny meadow with her brothers and sisters... Deirdre has been luckier than most.

It was not from exile or despair that she left, but instead a calling that all wolves feel drumming in their blood, the call of change. An adventure was afoot, and Deirdre wasn't sure where it would take her, but she knew it was time. Perhaps she will return one day, or perhaps she won't. But when grass turned to rock and rock scattered into sand before her feet, the same sun tickling her nose now blistering it some how, change had certainly been heard. But for better or worse?


Height Build
Average Lean
Beyond Horizon
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