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Devadas Rogue
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Male Healthy
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Young adult
(3 yrs, 6 mos.)
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Character Information


Devadas is a special case, he is small in height at this point. Mainly being because he is only seven months. His paws still to big for his body, but he'll grow into them! His coat is that of a earthy color. Scattered in various browns and beige with a few black strands. His eyes however, look as though they would be a light sky blue. However, upon closer examination one would notice they were clouded over (A bit milky in appearance). He is fully blind, due to horrible genetics. And the fur upon his face is singed and the flesh is now burned from a flaming branch that struck him.

--- History----

He doesn't have a lengthy history due to his age. He was born into a loving family, and despite the fact they he can not see they accepted him none the less.
He lived a perfect, happy life. Until a natural disaster struck. The lands were dry and somehow a forest fire managed to spark up. Causing everyone to leave. He of course not seeing anything wound up lost and confused by the smoke. His mother returned to aid him, pushing him in the right direction. Just then a burning branch managed to break from its base, landing directly upon his face. The pain un bareable. His mother however couldn't get out in time as the tree fell down upon her.
He was unable to find anyone he knew, and so his travels led him here. Unsure if anyone else even made it to safety... All was lost.


Height Build
Average Thin
Northern Canada
Father Mother
Spirit Symbol Emblems
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