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Name Pack
Dhracia Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 4 mos.)
1060 SP

Character Information

Dhracia doesn't look particularly outstanding. She is of average size and build, and sports a coat of mostly browns with accents of white, black, and tan. Her notable markings are a dash of white on her chest. Various scars weave through her coat, most of them small and unnoticable, though she does have a thick, gnarled scar above her left eye that is quite visible. Her eyes are a smooth, molten silver that tend to look dull, but can quickly come to life. There is an apathetic kind of beauty about her; brooding, dark, but above all else careless.

She has lived long as a rogue, and it shows. Her body is thinner than it could be, most of her fat deposits burned away over long periods without food.

True Neutral. Cold, self destructive when angry, manipulative, cynical, obsessive.

Dhracia is, for the most part, stoic and uninterested in the affairs of others. She doesn't like to get herself involved in anything that doesn't affect her - whether its helping another seek lost kin or coming to someone's aid in a fight, Dhracia would rather sit back and observe. Conniving and calculating, she will weigh the outcomes of all of her options before pursuing them, and will often pick the one that benefits her the most. She is, for now, entirely self-involved and has little concern for the wellbeing of others. Something about friendships has turned her bitter. Though presenting as aloof, Dhracia has a temper that swiftly flares up and pushes her to lash out when angered. Dhracia has always practiced self-preservation, but over time the weight of all she has endured has begun to make her careless, and she is starting to become incredibly self-destructive.

A manipulator by nature, Dhracia hasn't been able to let go of a past that placed her in full control, and stealthily attempts to persuade others for a variety of reasons. To gain an advantage, or simply for fun, Dhracia likes to see her suggestions play out. Sometimes they're harmless. Other times... well, Dhracia has developed a bit of a cruel streak over the course of her life.

Dhracia is prone to great jealousy when she sees happiness in others. She doesn't expect kindness from others, and when she receives it, she doubts it, and often discards it as a result of her cynicism. But there is a softness inside her still, one that permits a genuine kind of love purely out of desperate yearning. She is highly loyal to those that prove they truly care about her, exchanging apathy for the desire to spoil and lavish those she holds close. She becomes possessive, bordering on obsessive, and will go to great lengths to maintain these relationships. But, lacking any humility, most of these attempts are founded in manipulation.

While her goals are fairly hazy for now - she has lost sight of what she truly wants - she hungers for the life she was robbed of. In the back of her mind is a name she is certain she will one day carve out for herself. Lord Dhracia.
After Entering Horizon
Early Spring, HY4
Pre-Horizon History
At birth, she was a Princess. Her parents ruled a pack of about twenty and held the haughty titles of King Rahimon and Queen Jiora of the Hoheliel lineage. She had one sibling, a brother named Drahe, and both were raised to rule - but ultimately, Drahe's weak and shy personality compared to Dhracia's cold, reserved judgments placed Dhracia in the role of heir. Early on in her life, she learned who deserved her attention and who didn't - and Drahe didn't.

In childhood, she was taught skills in both diplomacy and combat, during which Dhracia formed friendships with two other females born that spring - a large brute of a girl named Lagora, and a waif named Armonia. The three of them were nearly inseparable for their first year as they trained together, but by the time they were yearlings, a power struggle had become clearly defined: Dhracia was logically the leader among them with her cunning and control, but Lagora was a bully - big, stiff, and mean, with an ego that made it difficult for her to accept Dhracia's commands. Armonia was often caught between them, soothing both parties whenever there was a squabble.

Up until the autumn of her second year, Dhracia was on top of the world (with exception to Lagora's defiance, but Dhracia still loved her friend and they often worked it out.) She was preparing to take on a more active role as leader alongside her parents, when one night disaster struck.

She was woken in her den by Lagora and Armonia. They told her that an attack was underway, and promised to keep her safe. Dhracia, however, was desperate to know what was happening, and managed to push through her friends' defenses in time to meet a band of rebels face to face, led by the pack's Chief Guard, Begon, and her whimpering brother. Begon and his followers, a third of the pack, had come to disdain the Hoheliel family's rule, and with Drahe's help, rose up and laid waste to Rahimon and Jiora. Begon, so obsessed with dominating the Hoheliel family and the pack, gave her the option to either die or become his Queen. Unwilling to die, Dhracia, broken, agreed to be his. It was then that Begon revealed the final step of his plan. He turned to Drahe at his side and tore out his throat, ensuring the Hoheliel Prince wouldn't seek to reclaim his title.

With the kingdom under new rule, Dhracia withered. Her friends were allowed to survive as long as they pledged loyalty to Begon - they pretended to. Dhracia's cool personality had fractured as she faced the loss of her parents and the memory of her brother's murder - something that fills her with guilt as she wonders if she could have prevented everything that happened by loving him more. Her willpower and autonomy faded away as she was forced to operate under Begon's commands. When winter came, he descended on her with the intention to build his lineage.

Dhracia didn't know what to expect. When it was over, she felt hollow, like she wasn't herself anymore. And it only got worse from there. As winter went on, there were no signs of pregnancy, which prompted Begon to continue. When still there was no sign of pregnancy at the end of the season, Begon became angry, accusing her of doing something to prevent it. As the mothers in the pack delivered their children, Begon rained fury on his barren mate and beat her, leaving behind the scar above her eye. Dhracia came to realize, horrifically, that she was infertile. Deemed useless by Begon, he commanded her to be disposed of, but Dhracia's friends had other plans. They fought, and managed to rescue Dhracia, the three of them fleeing from the only home they'd ever known. Dhracia dropped the Hoheliel surname, knowing she could never expand it or restore it to the greatness it once was.

They traveled for weeks, but neither of them knew how to survive without the support of a pack. Dhracia's mood fluxed as she battled with guilt, self-loathing, and sorrow, though Lagora and Armonia were always quick to support her. Unfortunately, Dhracia was also temperamental, and found herself more annoyed with Lagora while developing a dependence on Armonia's soft kindness. What she didn't realize was that after all this time, Lagora was deeply in love with Armonia, and Dhracia had been so self involved she didn't know that Armonia felt the same. Dhracia was in love with Armonia as well, and wanted nothing but her companion's comforting embrace.

In the late summer, the three attempted to hunt an elk. The hunt went awry when the elk struck Armonia in the head; concerned with their friend, they let the elk flee, only for Armonia to quickly die from the bleeding in her brain. Dhracia and Lagora blamed each other for messing up their roles in the hunt and had one last argument, one that surmounted in a fight. Lagora easily defeated Dhracia, but in an act of mercy let her live. The two parted ways on bitter terms.

On the advent of her third birthday, Dhracia arrived in Horizon Valley, unsure of what she's doing or what she wants.


Height Build
Average Lean
Rosehill Meadow [Hoheliel Kingdom]
Father Mother
Rahimon Hoheliel † Jiora Hoheliel †

Drahe Hoheliel ♂ †

{Briar} ♀ BONE
Cottonball. You belong to me.
Other Relationships
{Rabanastre} ♂
White Poisoner. You showed me an inkling of kindness, but my cowardice drove me away from your pack. Also, fuck you.
Past Relationships
{Lagora} ♀ BONE
After everything you did for me, I still hated you. You were right all along. I took you both for granted and now she's dead, and it was my fault. You made me realize that no matter how many terrible things happen to me, I'm still a piece of shit. But somehow... I'd still give anything to have you back.
Armonia ♀ † BLOOD
I loved you. I wish I had a chance to tell you. But even if I did, I know I never would have deserved you.
{Begon} ♂ SHIT
You did this. You turned me into a monster. But you taught me how to liberate myself. All it takes is for someone to give up on me. Take away every reason not to destroy myself, and I will.
Rootless Tree - Damien Rice
Interview At The Ruins - Circle Takes The Square
Slaves - Crywolf
Worst In Me - Unlike Pluto
Treasure Box
Briar & Dhracia:

"Dhracia Really Far Away" - from Rainy <3


Profile artwork of Dhracia and Briar by me! :D
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