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Name Pack
Draven Vaès Rogue
Sex Status
Male Ill
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 7 mos.)
660 SP

Character Information

He's a god, he's a man
Draven Vaès
120lbs . 36in . 6'4ft
Current Status: Draven is a carrier of Glandular Fever.

Note*: Draven has a scar across his left temple from his arrival in the Valley.

Draven is a stark silhouette against any barren landscape. A shadow amongst the burnt pines of his home, the brute, though large, moves with acute awareness of his surroundings. His legs are narrowed though proportionate to his towering frame, his body bulky but not overly so to make him stocky - he's fluffy!

He has slender hips and broad shoulders, body coated in firm muscle across its entirety. He even on occasion sports a hooked tooth on his left lower jaw, peeping from beneath his lip due to his slight underbite.

He has harnessed the bluest of pearls and tucked them away beneath long lashes and a stoic, nonchalant gaze. He is a solid, stand alone, blot of black ink on a white canvas with the rarest of treasures.

Emotionally, this man is intuitive and is rough around the edges. He is not a loud man but rather speaks with his actions. Primal in his instincts, he isn't an eloquent charmer with a silver tongue. Nor does he pose any severe moral standing on either side of the spectrum and remains rather mutual in his beliefs. He does what he wants, when he wants, if it is required. He is not against, nor for violence and is a calculated individual.

Horizon Journal

Full Spring HY5
⊳ Washed ashore Sundown Coast, injured. Found by Eve.
⊳ Eve took Draven to Witchhazel for treatment in Wavehaven Gorge amongst the Adunati Rangers.
⊳ Draven patrolled outside of the valley to pin-point his location.

Late Spring HY5
⊳ Outside of valley.

Early Summer HY5
⊳ Returned to the valley.
⊳ Met Finni in Falter Glen. She was from the Firewing Brotherhood.
⊳ Met Kneph. Agreed to treat his mange.
⊳ Saved Nicola while looking for herbs in the Strongwind Range during a landslide.
⊳ Took Nicola to Witchhazel for treatment.
⊳ Met back up with Kneph to supply him with the herbs he needed. Agreed to travel north with.

Full Summer HY5
⊳ Visited Firefly Forest.
⊳ Draven decides to start a pack! Kneph is his first follower.
⊳ Met Wenda and Jacqueline. Jacqueline is the Queen of the Royaume Magnifique.
⊳ Met Kaya, Co-Leader of the Imperial Faction and Annie in the Emerald Labyrinth.

Late Summer HY5
⊳ Visited Evergreen Forest.
⊳ Visited White Geysers. Met Marc.
⊳ Comes across the entrance to the Everlasting Caverns and met Yuna of the Silu Tribe.
She is looking for Momo, daughter of the leader. The Everlasting Caverns were once
claimed by the Evergreen Wolves.
⊳ Visited Everlasting Caverns with Kneph to talk pack.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Burnt Pines to the north west.
Father Mother
Torren Unknown

Ask about his siblings
if you wish to adopt!

Last Updated
17:01 GMT
Voiced by: Richard Armitage
Full Spring HY5 - Present
Important Wolves to note
{Witchazel} - Healer. Doesn’t know she left the Adunati Rangers.
Coon - Like a son to Draven, he feels the need to guide him through the best paths in life. Protective of.
{Yuna} - Another healer. Coastal wolf of the Silu Tribe.
Fond of Dislikes
{Kneph} -
{Nicola}, {Eve}, {Witchhazel}, {Finni}, {Wenda}, {Marc}, {Yuna}, {Jacqueline}, {Kaya}
Spirit Symbol