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Name Pack
Dust Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(7 yrs, 1 mos.)
1655 SP

Character Information

sweet. stubborn. earnest. helpful.
merciful. hopeful. resilient. daring.
soft. kind. adventurous. loyal.

5.8 feet. 30 inches. 90 pounds

Though built in size like his father, on the large end of average, in recent years has earned the slightness and thin-legged look of his mother. There is an angular look to the cheeks of his face, where his pastel sea green eyes peer out with kindness in them. His coat is agouti in pattern, pale with light grey and earthy tans and cream and white underneath.

Voice Acted by Thomas Lasky from Halo 4/5

"It broke my heart to leave my father behind. To leave Pariah behind... I think about them every day. My greatest regret is never finding any of them."

A child of an unlikely union, Dust grew up privileged enough as the son of the Themba of Pariah Pack. That did not stop him from journeying much when he was younger alongside his brother, which gave him the know-how he needed in order to survive when Taiyae was destroyed and he fled to Horizon. He tried to find members of his old pack, only to fail, and ultimately he found himself among other Taiyae refugees in the Firewing Brotherhood.

He grew close to a number of members in the Brotherhood, only to ultimately feel let down when Verin went away and Valentina took over. When Verin came back for him, he willingly left the pack to help look for Myatuk, only to ultimately leave the valley in this endeavor. He returns now after nearly two years, alone and looking to restart.



Height Build
Average Thin

Horizon Mountain, Taiyae
Father Mother
Faolan [d] Bolero [d]


Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet