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Name Pack
Dyani Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 5 mos.)
660 SP

Character Information

xNeutral goodDeeYAH-nee
Now that she's been seperated from both her brothers, Dyani hopes to find them in the Valley, or at least find something to fill the void. She's looking for company, and wolves she can find a family in.
Coat Colour:Greys and brownsEye Colour:Apple green
x.x ft. // xx lbs. // xx ins.

Ayani is a gentle, soft-looking girl. She's slender, with long legs and a long muzzle resting on a face full of features that may have been considered sharp if not for soft fur blunting them. Shapely and graceful, her frame is outfitted in tones of gray and brown, with a black saddle marking across her back and a dark tail tipped with white. A creamy, off-white colour also covers her legs and belly.

Round, gentle eyes twinkle a dark apple green colour. Dyani's ears are a bit smaller than average, helping her overal puppish appearance even out and look older. Her fur is thick, soft and warm, not good at keeping water out but perfect for the cold. Overall, she's a pretty average wolf, attractive in a soft sort of way.










The second litter of her father and the first of her mother, Dyani was born in a close-knit, familial pack in the remote northeastern forests named Roger's Pass, in the spring, along with two other brothers. Her mother, Seneca, was young, only in her third year of life- her father was an older male by the name of Wakadin. Already he had fathered another litter before them, and their older half-brother, a black wolf by the name of Machk, was the pack's second in command at their father's side.

Their father was a harsh, cold man, distant from his children a lot of the time, but their siblings found comfort in their warm and loving mother. It seemed that no matter how many rough words and icy looks Wakadin had to give, Seneca could give them back affection tenfold, gathering them close to her and covering them with gentle licks and nuzzles. Despite their father's stance and mother's soft personality, the three were well taken care of and guided by their parents. In Dyani's eyes, their treatment was equal, like all siblings' should be- but really, Dyani was her father's favourite, and although he tried to keep it on the down low his treatment of her was often better than that her brothers received. She and Wakadin were close, and despite all his flaws, Dyani loved him dearly. Often, father and daughter would go on hour-long walks, having talks under the stars until daylight broke.

The first crack in Dyani's world came when they were nine months old, and Taho decided to leave the pack. Dyani was left shaken; there were no things more important to her than her family, and to suddenly lose one of her brothers hurt her at her core. For night she stayed awake, worrying over Taho, wishing for his return, but could do nothing except respect his desires. Taho wanted to make a life of his own.

And so, her and Ayani grew, and grew, and grew, and reached three years. It was then that their mother got sick. It was the second crack in her world, Seneca's sickness, and no matter what they all did they could not make it better. She perished, and with her perished any sense of love and homeliness Dyani had found in the pack. One by one, Dyani's family was coming apart. With Seneca's passing, the pack didn't seem like a warm and welcoming place any more. And much to her dismay, it didn't seem like that only to her. Dyani found solace in Ayani, and Ayani in her, and the two siblings soon decided to set off on their own. She loved her pack with her all, and leaving her father and brother alone tore at her soul. Still, she knew she couldn't leave Ayani on his own. And so the two left, off to find their brother Taho in the valley.


>Dyani has the habit of taking on a motherly role in her relationships, even with older wolves.


Height Build
Average Average
Roger's pass
Father Mother
Wakadin Seneca (✝)

Machk (♂) - Alive - Older brother

{Ayani} (♂) - Alive - Littermate

{Taho} (♂) - Alive - Littermate

Kanati (♀) - Alive - Younger sister

Maybe one day!
Other Relationships
{Keld} - Pending

{Tehanu} - Pending


{Yuna} - She met Yuna on the coast, and she gave Dyani directions to the Rangers. They have met only once, but Dyani really liked her, and hopes to meet her again.

{Argonaut}- Charming man, almost watched the sunset together. Something bad happened to him. Dyani feels strangely protective of him, and wants to make sure he's okay.


{Adrian} - Saw him only once while she was looking for Ayani.

{Uthyr} - Was with Ayani. No opinion.

{Belarus} - Argonaut's brother. Called Argonaut a bastard, Dyani wasn't very fond of that. Something bad happened to him too.

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