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Name Pack
Effie Firewing Brotherhood III. Lead Healer
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(7 yrs, 2 mos.)
1475 SP

Character Information

Voiced by: Susan Sullivan as Martha Rogers.

A P P E A R A N C E -

96 lbs, 29 in

Effie was quite the sight, once upon a time. Her face, once unmarred, is angular and feminine - decorated in grey, russet, and cream. Scars litter the area around her eyes and muzzle, and though unsightly, they demonstrate her resilience. With one cloudy eye, Effie's one good eye remains a stormy blue-grey. Tall and lean, Effie carries herself with confidence and poise. Her legs are long and agile, and even in her older age, she retains a fair amount of muscle under the thick coat that drapes her body.

P E R S O N A L I T Y -

First and foremost, Effie is a kind and gentle creature. Dedicating herself to the art of healing softened her exceptionally over the years. But even so, she is no push over. Underneath all that gentle kindness is a proud, regal woman who knows just how to shut down any unfavorable behavior. She has no time for discourteous creatures and won't tolerate anything less than the respect she gives others(who deserve it, of course.)

Sweet as she may be, Effie has little qualms speaking her mind, if the situation calls for it. She can be quite opinionated, given the right topic. Her mind may not always be kind, and she is not in the habit of sugarcoating - sweetening the sour never helps anyone, in her experience.

Effie is a very devoted creature and those who put effort into building a relationship with her will find themselves with a very dear friend. Effie has a tendency to dote on those she cares for, sometimes to the point of smothering - ever the motherly creature. Tragedies do little to bring up walls around Effie. The loss of her dear sister taught her that, if anything, those you love are the most important in times of great tragedy.

Effie is mostly a serious lady, she spends very little time(if any) on jokes and games. While she may have been interested in these sorts of things in the past - that part of her flickered out with the life of her dear sister. Effie is not cold, per say, she just finds it hard to put aside her work and romp like a pup might. She's very oblivious to subtle humor - anything not blatantly a joke will fly right over the lady's ears.

H I S T O R Y-

Born to one of the largest packs in the area, Effie's childhood was easy, as far as childhoods go. With two siblings and countless other youngsters in the pack, there was never a dull moment for Effie. Effie's mother and father doted on the children. They made sure, as the pups aged, they were taught the appropriate skills for surviving - both in and out of pack life.

Not much happened between her birth and the one event that would shape Effie to be who she was today. Her brother struck out on his own near his year mark, as was customary in her pack, and didn't return until he was well into his second year. Effie, by then, had lost the one person closet to her.

At 1 1/2 years of age, Effie's sister Isra fell ill with a vicious sickness. The packs healers had tried to bring her through it, but whatever had taken hold of Effie's sister was violent. It was little more than a month before her precious life was snuffed out and Effie's changed for the worst. There's nothing worse than watching helplessly as a being you care for fades - maybe knowing that there's nothing you can do and they won't come back from whatever has hold of them. It makes you angry - violent. Makes you wanna tear the world apart just to keep them safe. Effie was insignificant in the face of her sisters demise. The world would offer no pity, no matter how much she might rage and scream and beg.

When her sister's light finally flickered out, Effie crumbled. She became despondent, she stopped interacting, she stopped playing, she stopped eating. She stopped caring. Everything stopped, except it didn't. The world moved on without Isra. Without Effie. For a while, it made her volatile. Just the notion that the world could go on so normally without the most important person existing anymore seemed so unfair. So. Fucking. Unfair. And Effie was angry. All the time.

It was a visit from one of the packs healers that sparked light back into Effie. It was a slow process, but it began with that one visit. For her sister, Effie decided to live. Effie went back to the world. She began studying alongside the healers - learning everything they could teach her about herbs and other healing agents. She vowed no other wolf would flicker out like her sister had. Idly sitting by was doing nothing but destroying Effie the way the sickness had destroyed her dear sister.

By the time she was two, she was well versed in a number of herbs and their properties. It was on a gathering trip around this time that she'd lost her eye.

She'd been distracted, drastically, by the herb she was out looking for. When she'd found it, the scent of it had clogged her nose so thoroughly that she'd barely smelled the badger tucked away in a hole in the ground right under the bush she'd needed to approach. It'd only come to her attention that the badger was there when the spitfire creature had come barreling at her face. And by then it was too late. Teeth set themselves in her face, and claws tore at her, but she fought back. Fought for her life - because she wasn't dying with a giant weasel attached to her face. She'd managed, eventually, to gain the upper hand, but not before the creature tore her face to pieces, a canine piercing her eyelid in the scuffle. She'd lost an eye, but the badger lost it's life, and Effie lived another day.

It was in the winter nearing her third year that she'd finally take a male. With no romantic attachments in the pack, Effie picked an unattached male she'd been familiar with. She'd wanted children for a little while, but with all the studying she'd been doing, there was little time to form appropriate bonds for a partnership. So she did what she thought she should - and her choice male had no problem with that. It was only her parents who seemed to have issue with Effie's actions. They'd told Effie she needed to remain with the male, to raise the pups together, but Effie saw no reason for them to become partners. The pups would have both parents, and Effie would remain unattached.

The differing views of her and her parents caused tension - eventually total estrangement. In the end, this would lead Effie to leave.

Her pups - a precious girl and two lovely boys - were all born alive and healthy, and with Effie there to guide and watch over them, they all grew into strapping young wolves.

The year between their birth and the day her boys would set out was uneventful. Effie learned, Effie studied, Effie spent time with her kids. But the rest of the pack(aside from those she healed) were barely on her mind. The constant arguments with her parents drove her further and further from everyone. It was when her boys left the pack to set out on their journey that she decided that was it. It was time to leave.

She'd told her boys her plans, in case they returned to the pack like her brother before them. Her daughter? She left with Effie, and together they traveled. Effie took up traveling wherever she could, stopping in the odd pack lands to lend her skills, if they might be needed. For a while, Ivira stayed with her.

In the end, it was a boy who captivated her little girl and took her from Effie. It was a routine stop in pack lands where a handsome young man caught Ivria's eye, her attention, her heart. In the end, Effie would move on without her. Leaving Ivria behind was hard for Effie, but her daughter'd been happy with the boy - the pack. Effie wouldn't take that from her baby. She could only hope that her Ivria stayed happy - that the boy and the pack was enough for her.

After she parted ways with Ivria, Effie tried to keep on the same way she had with her daughter beside her. She tried to pretend she wasn't lonely, longing for companionship. She'd missed her kids, her pack, and yeah, even her parents. But she was so far from home that turning back was barely an option. So she kept on. And the closer she (unknowingly) got to the valley, the more settled in her decision she became. Eventually, she would find a new pack. One where she could create a new kind of family.


Height Build
Large Lean
East of Horizon
Father Mother
Argus Faye

Teilo♂, Isra♀


{Ozias}♂, {Cian}♂, Ivria♀
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