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Name Pack
Elliot Daniels The Kingdom I. King
Sex Status
Male Dead
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 4 mos.)
6090 SP

Character Information

Prideful, Dominant, Determined


Elliot, although seemingly large, has a rather light build. Long legs carry a thin body, but with all of the traveling and hunting he's been doing lately, he has successfully been able to tone his muscles. Though not bulky at all, it's the strongest he'll ever get.

His unattractive body build is made up for by the combination of colors making up his coat. The majority of his pelt is a mesh of different shades of grey and brown. His belly, for example, is a light cream, while his back is a dark grey. Brown eyes blend in with the brown fur around them before merging down into the roof of his snout. Peanut-colored ears stand out against the almost black fur around them.

As for scars, it's hard to determine yet if any of his current injuries will become visible scars. His fights with Eden and Nima left him with no permanent scars. However, he has very visible injuries because of Whiskey's attacks. His left cheek has a gash from when Whiskey ripped into it. Similarly, his snout is littered with cuts, scrapes, and gashes for the same reason. The roof of his mouth has puncture wounds, but this injury isn't exactly visible unless he yawns.


Above all, Elliot is prideful. Having grown up as a prince under his mother's rule, Daniels learned that anything he ever wanted was his as long as he asked for it. Growing up in such an atmosphere made him believe that he was prime material and superior to all other wolves—save his mother.

Because he has been coddled and pampered since infancy, he doesn't take well to being rejected. He will do almost anything to get what he wants, be it through throwing a tantrum, fighting, lying, and/or manipulating. His ego prevents him from accepting defeat, so he will continue to push for what he wants until he gets it.

Elliot has a distorted sense of "right" and "wrong." What others normally deem acceptable is shunned by Elliot. What others frown upon is what Elliot's values revolve around. Take, for example, his need to rid the world of the unworthy. Wolves who are weak, unloyal, or rude are meant to be murdered.

Elliot has a thing for anything mysterious. It's why he likes unique names, dark wolves, and the night. It also happens to be the reason for his obsession with Eden. The gang he came from didn't have any black wolves, so when he came to the valley and stumbled upon the first black wolf, he fell instantly "in love" with her beauty. His obsessive attitude prevents him from letting go of the female that hates him so.


Good Terms

{Aethon} - Only survivor of the Misaki litter. Knows he's a perseverer.
{Akira} - Thought she was shit when he first saw her. She is not a turd. Seems to be a bit of an adventurer.
{Althea} - Born out in the open, but she's a survivor.
{Antonia} - Interesting personality. Engaged in a threesome. Wants to learn more about her.
{Cerys} - A smol bean at the moment. Will be a strong, fierce girl some day.
{Eden} - Obsessively in love with this one, I tell you.
{Kato} - Second live child. He'll be a great warrior some day.
{Kyra} - Small and hungry at the moment, but her personality will shine brightly some day.
{Manson} - They understand each other. He considers her to be his best friend, but it sounds like her feelings for him are a little stronger than just "friends."
{Misaki} - Loyal and understanding. She helped him out in a life or death situation, and is deserving of praise.
{Nero} - Currently a furry jellybean, but he'll make a great soldier one day. May or may not have a speech impediment??
{Nima} - Respected mother. Loves and misses her.
{Saelys} - A little gumball right now who isn't very good at floating. Also needs to learn how to not be rude!?!?1!?!? D:
{Sikozu} - Follower since the very beginning. To his surprise, she's more skilled than he originally thought. She also, however, kept him from his children during birth.
{Zelda} - Stayed with him even after the conversation he had with his mother. Loyal and a fabulous spy.

Bad Terms

{Adonai} - A fossil. Should be put out of his misery.
{Albus} - Weakling.
{Caspian} - Ruined his chances at killing Albus.
{Catrine} - She didn't agree with him and has no pity for him. Even after being flat out rude, she hinted at wanting to join the kingdom. Suspicious.
{Fray} - Violence-craving freak.
{Idemoni} † - Will bear him children. Her scent disappeared from the butte at the same time that Igbo's did. Leaving with his child is not good.
{Igbo} - His scent faded from the territory at the same time that Idemoni's did. Some suspicious activity detected.
{Kamaal} - Useless, rude female.
{Marigold} - Likes Skuld and is old.
{Nanook} - An obstacle in Elliot's way.
{Pierce} - Breaks deals.
{Pip} - She goes around spreading rumors about wolves. Also has no respect for borders, finds pleasure in lying, and is a cyclops.
{Safira} - Imposter. Eden-wannabe.
{Sam} - Stupid.
{Scotch} - Attacked Misaki and sided with Wayfarer. Whiskey's brother. Both of them are asshats.
{Skuld} - Ran away and believes in dumb star crap. APPARENTLY ISN'T EDEN.
{Tyra} - Didn't bring him food.
{Kiel} (Wayfarer) - Heart stealer.
{Whiskey} - Randomly sided with Wayfarer and attacked Elliot. Whiskey also somehow trusts rumors. An overall ass.


{Athena} - Mate worthy
{Beauregard} - Respectful, but doesn't want to join The Kingdom.
{Belarus} (Harrow) - Seems like average dude.
{Brendan} - Source of amusement, good distraction for Ko
{Bryn} - Useless
{Django} - Messenger boy
{Epona} - Has similar accent.
{Freyr} - Knows Skuld... doesn't know if that's good or bad yet.
{Geir} - Sad and ignorant. Might be of use, but where has he been lately?
{Helios} - Asshat, but has potential. Possible future servant.
{Jay} - Has potential
{Leas} - He doesn't know enough about her to judge her. Seems normal.
{Maia} (Lin) - Doesn't know enough about her to judge her. Also seems normal.
{Marchioness} - Egotistical princess
{Pawnee} - Self-absorbed pawn
{Rorret} - Claims to want to clear up Elliot's name, but Elliot isn't sure if he just wants to spread more rumors or what.
{Scabbia} - Friend of Beauregard's. Small.
{Senna} - She left him after he explained his situation with his mother. Not loyal.
{Sienna} - Knows Wayfarer. Not good, but not sure.
{Sonya} - She knows how to hunt, but doesn't seem to know her place. Also has no respect for pack boundaries.
{Thrush} - Has been helping pregnant females, but also said Elliot was a danger to his families. He doesn't appreciate that in the slightest.
{Tiberius} - Valley's most wanted. Interesting character. Possible future recruit?
{Toshi} - Aqua-Eyes
{Whisper} - Snowflake


Voice Actor:
Josh Holloway (Sawyer)

Dan Stevens - Evermore
Gavin DeGraw - I Don't Want To Be


By Aeon
By Altias
By Bonyo
By Creux
By fen
By Kori
By Madeline
By Sierra


Height Build
Very Large Thin
Father Mother

Darius Daniels †
Ex step-dad: Kiel Lascrofe

Nima Daniels

3 deceased


  {Kopec}       {Naga}        {Tychus}



{Idemoni} †
{Misaki} †


{Eden} and {Nima}


Last update on January 8th, 2017

Born: September 29th, 2017
Age: 3 months, 2 weeks, 3 days
Mother: Sikozu Nesryn
{Akira}                      {Kato}
Born: October 1st, 2017
Age: 3 months, 1 week, 5 days
Mother: Manson
{Saelys}       {Nero}       {Cerys}
Born: October 8th, 2017
Age: 3 months, 5 days
Mother: Idemoni Shaka
Born: October 29th, 2017
Age: 2 months, 2 weeks, 1 day
Mother: Misaki
Born: October 30th, 2017
Age: 2 months, 2 weeks
Mother: Antonia

{Althea}                     {Kyra}
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