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Name Pack
Elliot Daniels The Kingdom I. King
Gender Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 10 mos.)
2235 SP

Character Information


Elliot, although seemingly large, has a rather light build. Long legs carry a thin body, but with all of the traveling and hunting he's been doing lately, he has successfully been able to tone his muscles. Though not bulky at all, it's the strongest he'll ever get.

His unattractive body build is made up for by the combination of colors that make up his coat. The majority of his pelt is a mesh of different shades of grey. His belly, for example, is a greyish cream, while his back is a dark grey. Brown eyes blend in with the brown fur around them before merging down into the roof of his snout. Peanut-colored ears stand out against the grey fur around them.

As for scars, Elliot has none, yet. He did, however, get into two fights recently, so he has several gashes along his neck as well as around the eyes and snout. The image to the right is a reference. None of his muscles are torn and his bones are not broken. The most severe visible wound is the large gash on his neck. From his fight with Nima, Elliot has a sprained knee. Note that the maroon colored injuries are caused by Eden and the pink ones are Nima's blows. The blue represents the sprained knee. Unfortunately, I couldn't mark his inner thigh, but know that Nima left a wound there as well.


I was debating whether or not to keep a personality section on Elliot's profile, but have ultimately decided to have it in here. Before reading his personality, please keep in mind that mindreading is against the rules. Please don't make your character assume things about other characters based on what you, as a player, know about them. Thank you!

Above all, Elliot is prideful. Having grown up as a prince under his mother's rule, Daniels learned that anything he ever wanted was his as long as he asked for it. Growing up in such an atmosphere made him believe that he was prime material and superior to all other wolves—save his mother.

Because he had been coddled and pampered since infancy, he doesn't take well to being rejected. He will do almost anything to get what he wants, be it through throwing a tantrum, fighting, lying, and/or manipulating. His ego prevents him from accepting defeat and so he will continue to push for what he wants until he gets it.


Height Build
Very Large Thin
Father Mother
Darius Daniels † {Nima} Daniels


{Eden} - Whether she likes it or not.
{Nima} - Look, fam, don't judge.
Other Relationships
Good Terms
{Eden} - His black pearl, dark gem, Black Beauty, Emerald Eyes, detached shadow, night's star, black dove, darkened angel, etc., etc.
{Sikozu} - His winter treat.
{Nima} - Respected mother.
Bad Terms
{Fray} - Violence-craving freak.
{Kamaal} - Useless, rude female.
{Albus} - Weakling.
{Caspian} - Ruined his chances at killing Albus.
{Pierce} - Breaks deals.
{Skuld} - Ran away and believes in dumb star crap. APPARENTLY ISN'T EDEN.
{Safira} - Imposter. Eden-wannabe.
{Tyra} - Didn't bring him food.
{Marigold} - Likes Skuld and is old.
{Sam} - Stupid.
{Wayfarer} - Heart stealer.
{Helios} - Asshat, but has potential. Possible future servant.
{Django} - Messenger boy
{Pawnee} - Self-absorbed pawn
{Bryn} - Useless
{Athena} - Mate worthy
{Brendan} - Source of amusement, good distraction for Ko
{Whisper} - Snowflake
{Jay} - Has potential
{Marchioness} - Egotistical princess
{Toshi} - Aqua-Eyes
{Epona} - Has similar accent.
{Tiberius} - Valley's most wanted
{Beauregard} - Respectful, but doesn't want to join The Kingdom.
{Scabbia} - Friend of Beauregard's. Small.
{Idemoni} - Will bear him children.
{Igbo} - Intelligent and respectful. Can kill with herbs, makes up for his size.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet