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Name Pack
Epidemic Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 2 mos.)
1110 SP

Character Information



Standing at an average height, Epidemic's more unique qualities are her coat and weight. Thoroughly thick, she has strong legs and a rounded robust chest with large thighs. A lot of weight comes from her long journey from the Midwest, though with her time in Horizon, she has slowly lost her muscular edge.

On the top, Epidemic has sprinkled layers of colors ranging from reds to browns to tinted oranges and tans. On her belly, it is completely white. The white stretches from her stomach to the inside of her leg and backside of her ankles. Her face follows the same pattern. Red stretches from her forehead, under her eyes and onto her maw, while white takes over the underside.

Her eyes are amber and tend to reveal her emotions immediately.


lighthearted. thoughtful. humorous.loyal.stubborn.extrovert

sensitive. passive aggressive. insecure. self-obsessed.

Inside, Epidemic seeks the pleasure and acceptance of those around her. Despite her desire to be friendly, Epidemic yearns for stability the most. Stability in her own definition, of course. Initially, Epidemic might be distant and vigilant (depending on how you approach her), but wishes to gain respect from others. Overall, Epidemic's goal is to unite around others, but to be a large symbolic figure. The struggle over the desire to be one with peers and the craving to be respected has left Epidemic volatile.

Due to recent events with Kyoren and her own reactions, she has dropped the naive act of becoming a symbol or "star" of a group. Epidemic travels on with open sass and is not afraid to be mean. Though, she still carries empathy in her heart.

Since meeting Icarus, who she feels is nice to her, she believes she is on the right path; yet, her past actions haunt her.

Her confidence is renewed! Epidemic is feeling like a boss ass bitch. She will not be easy to topple, but if you test her, you may get the same reaction

Since the formation of Icarus' pack, Epidemic has found new meaning in her life. What she does from now on will be seen in a lens in /how/ it will benefit her standing within the pack, or the pack overall. She is driven to make the best of this new project.



Epidemic's past is rooted with her idolization of her mother, Fate. In reality, her mother was aggressive, hotheaded, and selfish, but it did not stop Epidemic from seeing the life that came with her mother's action. She had a pack, close friends, a great community, and a family. It wasn't until Fate was murdered after her father, Adagio's death, that Epidemic was chased out by the same chaos that her mother ran. Her father taught her the art of being patient, loving, and a kind leader, but Epidemic has always admired her mother.


Entering Horizon, Epidemic is stable. She had not yet confronted her tangled view of the world, and whether or not she will continue down the same path as her mother; however, she comes across {Kyoren}, a disrespect sexist man. Angered by {Kyoren}, Epidemic begins to spiral and question herself. Following further, she does meet nice wolves, {Eerik} and then {Nomad}, but they cannot give her the satisfaction that she wants and feels she deserves. On the beach, Epidemic picks up {Kyoren}'s scent again. Believing that she is doing the right thing, she ruins {Kyoren}'s and {Babette}'s normal conversation. Epidemic fights with {Kyoren} for a bit before holding him hostage by his maw where she makes him say her name and that nobody will ever love him. She begins her power trip. Additionally, she interrupts another conversation between {Vegas} and {Tiberius} where during such event she feels the need to control {Tiberius} like {Kyoren}. The scene ends with nothing happening. Later, Epidemic stumbles upon the Silu Tribe, but is too guilty, confused and insecure to consider joining with the crowd that surrounds her. Wandering in regret, she comes across a man named {Adrian}. In an attempt to put the past behind her, she tries to make a friend of him, even following him north despite his protests. In the end, she is left by {Adrian}. Feeling hurt and betrayed by someone she thought would be her friend, Epidemic attacks {Jonsi} for having the same arrogant attitude.

Feeling spite for the world and not understanding why bad things happen to her, Epidemic travels across a muddy meadow, where she then meets {Icarus}. His willing attitude to please her lightens her spirit and makes her feel worth something. {Icarus} tells her about a gathering of her and her friends and she is willing to come and join this strange gaggle of folks. On her way there, Epidemic comes across a yearling named {Kronos}. Kronos and Epidemic have some playful fun, they even hunt together. Epidemic is finally feeling like she knows what she is doing. Going to {Icarus}, she meets one of his friends {Ross}. On the other hand, her relationship continues to flourish with {Kronos}. As relationships continue to flourish in the Emerald Labyrinth, Epidemic grows closer and closer to {Kronos}, learning new things about him everyday. {Ross}, however, has become a challenge to her that she had repeatedly attempted to tackle.


{Kyoren}: One of the first wolves that she met once entering Horizon, Epidemic is severely impacted by her encounter with him. His arrogance and lack of consideration for her hits Epidemic right in the root of her insecurity. Kyoren represents what Epidemic tries to conquer within herself. If she can control those who ignore and devalue her, Epidemic won't have to deal with her own personal issues.

{Tiberius}: While she never had the chance to meet Tiberius two times, like Kyoren, she still felt the same type of arrogance and disregard for her. What Epidemic had to say was ignored, and eventually she was walked away from.

{Adrian}: Adrian is a sore point for Epidemic. While dealing with her guilt about how she handled Kyoren, Adrian presented himself as a new start-- where Epidemic could reclaim herself. Instead, Adrian has his own problems. Epidemic ends up following him all the way up north, hoping that he would show her the attachment that comes with respect. Just because he was nice to her doesn't mean that he respects her. Adrian left Epidemic with a "good luck".

{Icarus}: Dealing with the trauma of Adrian leaving her and then her own fight with Jonsi (unknown), Icarus showed Epidemic a good time and didn't judge her for her sometimes silly behavior. Icarus represents a turning point to Epidemic. Was she ever to find someone nice and kind in Horizon? Yes. She did. Regardless of Icarus' leadership skills, Epidemic has a strong loyalty to him.

{Kronos}: Kronos is the opposite in Epidemic-- but not really. Kronos is quite and stern to Epidemic, but doesn't judge her for her quirky and outspoken flaws. Epidemic loves Kronos, because he shows her that she can have a normal life one day even if she is herself


Kero Kero Bonito - Sick Beat

Mother Mother - Legs Away

Mother Mother - Verbatim


Height Build
Average Muscular
Father Mother
Adagio Fate
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet