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Name Pack
Epidemic Rogue
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 10 mos.)
505 SP

Character Information

Personality- Due to recent events with Kyoren and her own reactions, she has dropped the naive act of becoming a symbol or "star" of a group. Epidemic travels on with open sass and is not afraid to be mean. Though, she still carries empathy in her heart.
Height: 26 inches
Weight: 90 lbs
Length: 5.5 feet
Epidemic's strength and stamina are her best abilities. Her long journey from Colorado has left her well built. The coat Epidemic holds is best describes as the middle of fall. Her pelt consists of oranges, blacks, beiges, light grays, and whites.
Personality Inside, Epidemic seeks the pleasure and acceptance of those around her. Despite her desire to be friendly, Epidemic yearns for stability the most. Stability in her own definition, of course. Initially, Epidemic might be distant and vigilant, but wishes to gain respect from others. Overall, Epidemic's goal is to unite around others, but to be a large symbolic figure. The struggle over the desire to be one with peers and the craving to be respected has left Epidemic volatile.
Positive Traits: lighthearted, thoughtful, humorous, loyal, stubborn, extrovert
Negative Traits: sensitive, passive aggressive, insecure, self-obsessed
History Epidemic's mother, Fate, can be best described as hotheaded, aggressive, and selfish. Her father followed as his name. Adagio, meaning slow tempo, describes her father's slow, happy, and loving parenting. Thus, Fate and Adagio lead their pack; however, Fate was the absolute dictator. So when Fate was mysteriously murdered and Adagio died of old age, Epidemic was chased out by the chaos that came with the end of Fate's reign. Epidemic feels a distraught connection with her mother. She holds onto the multilayered symbol of her mother, wishing to be her one day.
Horizon History
Epidemic's Muse: Touch Up (album) by Mother Mother (specific songs are Legs Away and Verbatim)


Height Build
Average Muscular
Father Mother
Adagio Fate


Other Relationships
Kyoren- :)
Eerik- you're cool
Nomad- friendly. Don't swim in the ocean in the winter, thou???
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet