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Name Pack
Esme Hayle Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 2 mos.)
240 SP

Character Information

Due to a hunting accident, Esme is missing her right hind leg from the hock down, a condition that makes her slightly clumsy, unable to sprint fully, and occasionally unable to keep pace with others. She functions normally in every other respect.
Late Spring HY5: Cloudmirror Lake — Healthy, uninjured. Returned to the valley from the east. Traveling to the Emerald Labyrinth.
A wolf of average weight and stature. Her fur is thick and somewhat short, usually soft to the touch. Gingers and light browns paint her face, neck, back and tail while her underbelly, mouth, and paws fade into a much lighter, pale cream. Her face is round with small, soft ears, her muzzle short and gentle, her eyes water blue. Due to a childhood accident, she is missing her right hind leg.

— Quiet. Shy. Speaks softly and infrequently.
— Kind. Cordial, benevolent, always warm. The epitome of good nature.
— Submissive. Naturally docile. More inclined to follow than lead. Avoids conflict.
— Indecisive. Struggles to make decisions and to settle disputes.
— Insecure. Worries that she burdens others.
— Anxious. Gripped by constant worry. Fears what others may think of her.
Esme was born with a brother and sister to a loving father and a woman she doesn't remember. After the children had been weaned, their mother left, though with the help of caretakers and packmates, Esme's father managed to raise she and her siblings on his own. He was extremely affectionate toward his pups and they received no shortage of attention and love from him.

When she was around one year old and training to become a huntress for her pack, Esme's leg was trampled by elk and subsequently amputated. Despite making a full recovery, this event caused her to become much more quiet, reserved, submissive, and insecure. From then on, Esme was confined to smaller, less physical tasks within the pack's territory, and she became proficient with herbs.

When their pack lands were raided, her father, brother, and many other close relations were slain. Esme and her sister managed to escape, fleeing together until they reached Horizon.


Height Build
Average Average
Glacé Mountains
North of Horizon
Father Mother
Deceased Unknown
Deceased , Paige
Extended Family
{Damien}, {Daniel}, Joshua, {Lestat}, Lucretia, {Makayla}, Raiden, {Valley}, Vixen
Icarus Dusk
Early Winter HY4 — Full Winter HY4
{Frick} None yet
AcquaintancesWary Of
{Ross} Tomas
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet