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Name Pack
Esme Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 0 mos.)
240 SP

Character Information

Art by: Rainy
Esme is a lovely specimen. Her pelt sports a mixture of tans, creams, and whites. Her underbelly and under tail is made up on light cream and white. Her upper pelt is darker cream and tans. Markings include: cream and white triangle across her upper back, darker cream triangle on and down her forehead, dark cream... triangle like markings framing and under her lagoon eyes, and darker cream outlining her ears.
(Main) Personality Traits
Caring - Proper - Insecure - Loving - Kind - Compassionate - Quiet - Intelligent - Humble - Fun-Loving


Height Build
Average Average
The Haven
Father Mother
Tomas Unknown


Hopes for.
Other Relationships

tomas - daddy. trusted, loved and hero-worshipped to no end. misses him incredibly. 
charles - older brother. also misses and mourns death.
{paige} - older sister. confides in and trusts with her life. hopes that she is not a burden to her. 
raiden - uncle, tomas’ brother. was kind. his death is unknown to her. 
{makayla} - aunt, raiden’s mate. was also kind and generous. fate unknown.
lucretia - makayla’s sister, lead healer. incredibly generous and helpful. amputated her limb and nursed her back to health. mourns death.
joshua - cousin, daniel’s older brother. pulled funny pranks and always managed to cheer her up. fate unknown.
{daniel} - cousin. kind and pleasant to talk to. lucretia’s “student”. fate unknown.
vixen - youngest cousin. kind of moody? fate unknown. 
{lestat} aderly - serious and stoic but sure knows what he’s doing. fate unknown.
{damien} aderly - lestat’s younger brother. had a huge crush on him but never really got close. fate unknown. 
{valley} aderly - youngest aderly. tomboy-ish and cool. fate unknown.

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet