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Name Pack
Esperanza Akecheta Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 8 mos.)
40 SP

Character Information

Looks: Esperanza is an ebony wolf that resembles that colors of the night sky; only no white comes across her form as she is the color of a starless night. Her eyes seem like emeralds that had gotten stuck in her eye sockets, seeing that the color fits her well. Personality: Esperanza is a kind and caring wolf that would one day probably be a good pack leader. Her father and mother were alphas, and she had inherited their kindness and sincerity and willing to do anything to save their pack mates even die if necessary. Even though she is a loner now, she loves to hunt and cares about everyone she meets, including enemies. She would even kill food and give it to someone who is more emaciated than she.


Height Build
Large Stocky
Father Mother
Asaro (deceased) Alara (Missing)

Kari (S, missing), Allen (B, deceased)

Spirit Symbol