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Eudora Rogue
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Female Healthy
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Young adult
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Character Information

Personality - Sweet, but not overly welcoming, Eudora has developed a nice balance between the traits that create her. Due to being raised by an independent and smart mother, Eudora has picked up some valuable traits. Her bright mind can easily be traced back to her mother. Eudora’s freethinking methods have also derived from spending time with her brilliant mother. As she aged, Eudora was become more cautious and sly. She understands that the world is not always good. Therefore, the girl is willing to lie her way out of a situation if need be. Though she may choose the low road, Eudora has a pretty good set moral code. This allows her to be kind and sympathetic, but without lacking a backbone. Usually, Eudora will speak her mind, which sometimes will get her into trouble. Because she realizes this, Eudora has taken up the craft of being charming. Though sometimes she isn’t great at it, Eudora still believes to have some ration of skill in the art. Like her father, this she-wolf tends to have low patience, which can form into anger. When irritated, Eudora will usually be sarcastic, rather than yell or harm another. Due to her bright mind, Eudora tends to bring up strange topics that others may not understand. These topics may include stars or clouds. Because of her will to find her father, Eudora has picked up the trait of determinism or just being flat out stubborn. This can be a good or bad thing. All in all, Eudora is willing to do most anything that doesn’t go against her moral code, to get what she wants. However, she normally is sweet and considerate of those she meets. Though she is kind, Eudora does her best not to be out smarted or manipulated, though there are times it may happen. She is determined and strong in mind… preferring to use words rather than physical strength.

Appearance: Creamy plush fur dons her fit frame. The guard hairs along his dorsal are darkest with flecks of ebony near the ivory arrowhead-shaped marking on her shoulder blades. From her face to her sternum is predominantly white fur. She inherited her father's height - a common trait of the Great Plains stock - as well as his bright yellow eyes.

History: Eudora was born to a single rogue mother, Saulė. She stayed with her up until her death with an injury caused by a hunting accident.From her, she learned of her father. She was told his name, Belarus Greybech, his physical description, and the unique scarring on his left shoulder. With no one else to turn to, she sought the only parent she had left. Regardless of whether she would find him alive or dead.


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Large Average
Great Plains
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