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Name Pack
Eve Adunati Rangers III. Ranger
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 5 mos.)
4985 SP

Character Information

Named for Auntie F11

Child voice: Liesel Matthews as Sarah Crewe from A Little Princess
Adult voice: Jewel Staite as Kaylee from Firefly

"Stories have no end. Stories go on."

Theme song - It's Time, Imagine Dragons

Appearance 23 inches, 83 pounds

Eve doesn't really stand out from the crowd, and that's how she likes it. She's a standard timber colour, a mingling of creams and browns and greys. Her most distinctive feature are her two small white 'eyebrow' dots above her eyes, which coupled with her slightly short muzzle and fluffy ears give her face a certain unique look. Shorter than many, she has an average build. Eve is usually well presented and groomed. Despite spending lots of time on the beach or in the water she takes care of her coat and it shows a healthy sheen in the light. She'd be shocked if anybody called her pretty to her face - considering Fox's beautiful red coat or Doe's elegance the pretty members of her family.


Eve is a bit of a natural sweetheart, devoted to her family and friends with everything in her.
Being very non-confrontational, anytime a situation gets tense she looks to somebody in charge to take over. Eve is more than a little afraid of change, but can cope as long as she has a solid support system. Overly sensitive, she hates being made fun of or being put under pressure, and will cry easily, but is also quick to forgive. This makes Eve rather easy to take advantage of though, for those so-inclined.
A bit of a girly-girl, Eve doesn't like rolling around in the sand getting dirty, preferring to sit back and referee when her more boisterous sisters playfight. This habit has persisted into her teenage years and though she is friendly with many wolves she prefers conversation, swimming or fishing as a passtime and never wrestles. She loves pretty things and has an appreciation of beauty that extends past her own kind to nature as well. Her interests, however, can very easily edge into territory other wolves might call 'obsessions'.
She's a quick learner, but she's also hard on herself when she fails. Intelligent with a keen memory, she is nevertheless often somewhat simple, or perhaps more open, in her speech and mannerisms. She loves to listen and learn if she's A) not feeling shy and/or B) not currently lost in a daydream. But once Eve's trust is gained her chatterbox side comes out. Her favourite thing is telling stories, and her vivid imagination rarely lets her down... unless, of course, in lieu of a captive audience Eve has drifted off into dreamland, zoning out to the world while working out the details of her next story.


Born at Shimmering Shoal, thirdborn of four to Fawn and Efeon.

Eve lived a quiet life in the shoal with her family and frequent visits from packmates. She grew especially close to Percy, an adventurous puppy her age who became her best friend. When her parents decided to leave the valley Eve was scared and heartbroken to say goodbye to her packmates, but she knew she couldn't let her parents go anywhere without her.

At the age of seven months she returned to the valley and tentatively hopes to reconnect with the wolves she loves in Horizon.
She embarked on a mission with her best friend Percy and her new Ranger hero Braith, looking for Percy's lost brother Bayley in the mountains. This patrol was successful and the group returned home, renewing Eve's desire to become a great Ranger. In her heart the girl holds out some hope that it will make her parents proud of her, maybe enough that her family will move back to the Adunati Rangers so she can have all the wolves she loves in the same place.

Did You Know?

Excellent eyesight, keen hearing, moderate sense of smell. Mildly obsessive with light and the sun and loves waking up in time for sunrise and watching it set in the evening. Equally fascinated by otters. Frequently gets hiccups. Favourite food is rabbit. Her favourtie colour is orange, the colour of her sister Fox and their father's ears. Stutters when she's upset and especially when she's crying. Doesn't like rain and gets depressed by long bouts of bad weather. Prone to hero-worship.


Height Build
Small Average
Shimmering Shoal, Horizon Valley
HY4 Nov 10th
Father Mother
{Efeon} {Fawn}

{Fox}, {Doe}, {Speck}

Other Relationships
{Percival} is her best friend!
{Bayley} is her packmate friend! {Arashi} and {Mahalo} are her beach friends!
{Rowan} is her other friend! {Anna} is her mountain friend! {Braith} is a packmate she admires greatly and wants to be more like! {Applebutter} is lots of fun! {Paloma} is really smart and good for advice. {Benjamin} is nice, intriguing, and special! {Draven} Is a wolf she worries about and misses.
{Swifty} is somebody she trusts a lot and is very grateful to.
{Tamaska} used to be a friend and confuses Eve now.
{Hyperion} {Catrine} {Selra}
Eve lifestyle choices

Weird World
Dream Catch Me
Spirit Symbol
None yet