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Name Pack
Evelyn Evenfall Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 6 mos.)
320 SP

Character Information

Evelyn Evenfall
Eve, Freak, Princess Freak, Weirdo, bowl (ooc only)
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Shoulder height
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Her slight frame is covered in tawny coloured pelt, the top of it being a grey that masks her face, down her back and down her tail. She has two unusual, identical dark markings her her eyes. She has the potential to be a very pretty wolf, however her left eye ends up making her appear - in most wolves' eyes - ugly. Instead of being a lovely teal blue-green like her right, her left eye is grey, discoloured and permanently facing sideways.
Evelyn is quite the oddball, making random comments and observations, thinking random thoughts, and doing random things. She tries to think about her actions before she performs them, however she isn't always successful in this. While she can come across as blunt, she can actually be quite sweet and rather thoughtful. Unfortunately, Evelyn wasn't raised in the best of environments, which has resulted in her having a twisted, darker side, which means she conflicts with herself on a daily basis. This makes life quite overbearing for her, so she'll lie frequently in order to make herself feel better. She also forgets things kinda easily.
Raised in a cannibalistic pack, Evelyn was treated roughly, being bullied and beaten almost constantly. It was her mother and the eldest child Talio who did everything in their power to keep her safe, and Evelyn loved them dearly because of it. But as hard as they tried the taunts continued, morphing the girl's once innocent heart into one of hatred and darkness.
Evelyn's packs held a lot of rituals and traditions, and one of these was to make a litter of pups fight each other to the death once they reached the age of 2.6 years - The Sibling Slaughter, they called it. The pack believed this was the way to weed out weakness and keep their population in control. The only rule was that no one could run from it: guards were stationed at every boundary of the territory and were ordered to kill any 'cowards' that tried to escape. The winner of the 'sport' was rewarded with their life and given however long it took for their wounds to heal off from pack duties.
Most were surprised to find that Evelyn was quick to murder Osprey after she watched him kill her sisters, cheering him on all the while. To the dismay of Talio and to the delight of the crowd, she feasted on Osprey after tearing out his throat. Refusing to take part in such a barbaric game, Talio tussled with Evelyn until they fell down the steep slopes of a ravine, knocking the girl unconscious. When she awoke, she could see her brother mouthing something to her before turning and running away, leaving her to fade back into the black once again. She was found by her pack a few minutes later, and congratulated her for supposedly 'winning'. Evelyn told her mother what happened, and they both discovered that the guards had seen no one trying to flee, yet there was no sign of Talio in the forest. A month later, Evelyn set out to find him, determined to bring him home and to temporarily leave the pack wars behind.
Character Trivia
✦ She is currently unaware her brother is alive, well and in Horizon.
✦ Currently has no voice actress.
✦Hears voices in her head.
✦Bites herself to taste wolf blood.
Current Ambitions
✦ To make new friends.
✦ To find her brother.


Height Build
Average Lean
The Soulless Forest
Father Mother
Soarn Scarlett

Lisia - f, deceased, murdered.
Osprey - m, deceased, murdered.
Bloonia - f, deceased, murdered.

Yeah, right!
Haha no
Other Relationships
{Mac} None
{Fern}, {Jote}, {Radar}, {Moon}, {Cypress} (name unknown), {Karevik} (name unknown)
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