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Name Pack
Eyja Firewing Brotherhood IV. Brother
Gender Status
Female Pregnant
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 0 mos.)
3645 SP

Character Information

Wide Awake - Katy Perry

Art by Kori <3

Voiced by Angelina Jolie
- Eyja / Priestess
- Great Plains wolf
- Born Mid Spring
- 21 in, 55 lbs
- Straight
Eyja has changed quite a lot over time. She used to be shy, and timid, and barely speak. She used to feel scared and unsafe, she used to be very submissive to her ''savior'' and master, Ragnar. But he disappeared, and for a long time Eyja felt alone, scared and abandoned. She felt depressed, did not know what to do. She became less timid, and more selfish over time. Eventually she cared a little bit for strangers, but her blunt words did not always help her relationships with others. She was risky at times, maybe because she literally had a death wish. And now?
Now she has found a mate, and learned to love. She still is not very open, but she's no longer afraid to talk to strangers. She will show little emotion, but deep down she will care. Maybe not a great deal, but slowly and surely she's caring more. Eyja cannot live without her family, she's afraid she will fall back in depression and despair if she loses every one of her family. She clings to them, and clings to hope. She has found a new religion, the religion of the Only One, but ever since she left the mountains and joined the Brotherhood her religion has been fading. Her family is more important to her right now than religion.
She no longer addresses herself as a Priestess. She's now just a Brother like any of the other Brotherhood wolves. She worries over her family, and wants them all to be together.
After being raped by her own brother, Gunnar, Eyja had developed a fear of males. She only trusts Korsteel, but even her trust for him has been shattered, in a way. She's a lot more fearful and easily freezes up now, as well as panics when males are nearby or in her presence.
Born to two parents, and having two littermates, both males. Eyja lost her family when she was only three weeks old. She wandered off too far, and was taken by a monk pack. She was raised there, and never saw her family again. She doesn't remember their faces, nor their names. But they remember her name.
At the age of one she became the monk pack's priestess, religion hammered into her, manners beaten into her. At the age of two the monk pack was raided and most of the monks were killed. Eyja was taken away by a male called Ragnar, who had raided the pack with his army. He made Eyja his slave, and only called her Priestess because it had been her title. Eyja went by Priestess, ever since.
They came to Horizon when she was 3,2 years old. Then Ragnar disappeared soon after and Priestess was thrown into the world, only to be reborn as the wolf she was once supposed to be. Eyja.
She found out her brother Gunnar was in the valley, after she recognized him during their first meeting since years. But he lured her into a trap, and he lied to her. And he hurt her. And now she's carrying his pups... Pups she doesn't want. But does she have a choice...?


Height Build
Petite Lean
Coast near Odinn's Cove
Father Mother
Fidrick Runa
Niala (stepmother)


{Malkeen} (half brother, unknown)

Other Relationships
{Gunnar} - Brother, but hurt her in the worst way possible. Sick in the head.
Eyja art

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet