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Name Pack
Eyja Firewing Brotherhood I. Leader
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 4 mos.)
5995 SP

Character Information


21 in
50 lbs


trust issues


Eyja was born in a litter of three, as the youngest one, and the runt. She had two older brothers {Gunnar} and {Keld}. Immediately, she was the smallest of all, and no one knew why that was the case.
When she was around three weeks old, she ventured out of the den for the first time, and got lost. Careless parents, maybe. Or perhaps she had caught them by surprise since she was not the first of the pups to stand, but she had walked away, and her parents never saw her again. She was assumed dead, but that was not the case.
Eyja had been found by a monk pack and taken in. She was to be raised among their ranks, as Priestess, and didn’t remember her original family. She grew up without love, and without support, abused and shoved around, and she was too timid to do anything.

At the age of one she became the monk pack's Priestess, religion hammered into her, manners beaten into her. At the age of two the monk pack was raided and most of the monks were killed. Eyja was taken away by a male called Ragnar, who had raided the pack with his army. He made Eyja his slave, and only called her Priestess because it had been her title. Eyja went by Priestess, after that day. And Eyja was long forgotten.
She and Ragnar came to Horizon when she was 3 years and 2 months old, after Ragnar had left his home for a ‘’greater purpose’’. Not long after, Ragnar disappeared, and Priestess was thrown into the world, only to be reborn as the wolf she was once supposed to be. Eyja. It was a long and slow road, but eventually she met a wolf who would turn her around, {Korsteel}. Eyja did not like him at first, she did not trust him. But he was kind, and persistent in a good way. They traveled to the mountains together. A rather strange friendship turned into something more, as they mated that winter during Eyja’s heat. She turned out to be pregnant, and together with Korsteel, {Kyoshi} and {Nelli}, she established the Sacred Guard, a pack made by wolves come together thanks to religion, and their higher being they called the Only One. Religion came back in her life, and Eyja wore the title of Priestess again, a council rank. She gave birth to three puppies, {Castor}, {Asha} and {Bree}.

But after a while, the Sacred Guard fell. Kyoshi was killed, and the pack fell apart. Nelli left, and eventually it was just Eyja and her family in the mountains. They spoke of traveling down and joining another pack, the Brotherhood. Korsteel had met their leader, {Valentina}, and saw it as their best option, as winter turned out to be harsh on them.
Korsteel and Asha disappeared, and Castor, Eyja and Bree found themselves at the Brotherhood, where they found out Valentina had just passed away. Eyja helped them bury their leader, and soon enough the pack’s second, {Marzena}, became the new leader. Eyja and Marzena grew a mother-daughter bond in a way, and Eyja felt safe there. Korsteel returned, and joined the pack, as well.
Trigger warning: rape.
Things went good for the Brotherhood until Eyja’s long lost brother Gunnar appeared. He had been told all his life Eyja had been dead, but he had seen her with the monk pack, and assumed it was her, and fantasized over the idea of it being her. It had grown into an obsession, a sick kind of love. And, while Eyja and him were alone and catching up, Gunnar took the chance to take her away from the borders, lying about her brother Keld being with him. It turned out to be false, and Eyja was raped by her own brother.
Gunnar was killed for his deeds by Marzena, her daughter {Natasha}, and Castor. Eyja ran away from home, terrified, and found out along the way that she was pregnant. She met Laura (who later joined as a Brother), who helped her search for Asha, since Eyja now more than ever wanted her missing daughter home. But they never found the girl, ans Castor brought them back home. Bree had vanished, but came back later.
That spring Eyja gave birth to two healthy puppies, {Finni} and {Nanna}. Eyja wanted to care for them, and did not want to think of them as Gunnar’s but rather as Korsteel’s daughters. However, Korsteel vanished after he had seen the kids, and Eyja believed he had left because he could not accept reality. Not long after, Bree disappeared, seemingly having left. Ad then… Castor left, as well.
It only went downhill from there on out. A lot of deaths happened at the Brotherhood. Marzena died, and Natasha assigned Eyja as the new leader, while Natasha herself became the Second. After that one of their Brothers {Yakov} died, and after that another younger brother called {Cygnus}. Now, Eyja is struggling to keep together her new family, afraid the same thing will happen to the Brotherhood as happened to the Sacred Guard.


Height Build
Petite Lean
Coast near Odinn's Cove
Father Mother
Runa †
Niala (stepmother)

{Malkeen} (half brother, unknown)
*Alva (half sister, unknown)
*Iona (half sister, unknown)
*Halvar (half brother, unknown)

* Message me if you want to adopt them


Ex: {Korsteel}
With {Korsteel} --
{Castor} (left), {Asha} (missing), {Bree} (left)
With {Gunnar} --
{Finni}, {Nanna} (missing)
Other Relationships
{Marzena} † – Mother figure and role model, misses her.
{Korsteel} – Left her, misses him, also detests him.
{Asha} – Missing, long gone. Assumed dead.
{Bree} – Left, misses.
{Castor} – Left, misses.
{Laura} – Like a daughter to her.
{Gunnar} † – Hates him, broke her.
{Keld} – A brother she’s unsure about.
{Natasha} – Good wolf, sometimes a bit too fierce, trusted.
{Nanna} – Her brave little warrior.
{Finni} – Her sweet little bug.
Visited areas
All Horizon areas
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