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Name Pack
Eyja Firewing Brotherhood IV. Brother
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 8 mos.)
3075 SP

Character Information

Wide Awake - Katy Perry

Art by Kori <3
Voiced by Angelina Jolie
HY2, Early Summer
– 3,2 years old

– HY2, Early Summer
HY2, Early Summer
– Rogue
(3,2 years old)
HY2, Early Autumn
– 3,5 years old

– HY3, Mid Winter
HY3, Late Winter
– Sacred Guard
(3,10 years old)
HY2, Mid Autumn
– 3,6 years old

– HY3, Early Winter
HY3, Late Autumn
– Rogue
(4,7 years old)
HY3, Early Winter
– Firewing Brotherhood
(4,8 years old)


  • Priestess
  • Great Plains wolf
  • 53 cm (21 in)
  • 27 kg (60 lbs)


    • Kind || calm || loyal to friends and family
    • Moody at times || big mouth || stubborn || indifferent || quiet || crude
      Doesn't know how to say ''I love you''. Cannot deal with the emotions ''pain'' and ''fear'' and thus can grow angry over nothing... or a lot.


    • 0-3 weeks old ||| Born in a small pack in a litter of three; two brothers. Their mother and father cared dearly for them.

      3 weeks – 1 year ||| Not long after she was taken in by a monk pack and raised there, because they thought she had potential and was smart. And at the age of one year old she earned the title 'priestess'.

      1 year ||| The abuse started. She was treated like shit by her pack because they used her as their escape goat and punching back whenever they were angry, because rape was considered a sin by the pack, but apparently abuse wasn't. Priestess at this point in her life prayed to Odinn and her other gods to be saved.

      2 years ||| Her pack was raided by another pack and she was found and taken in by their leader; Ragnar. She praised the gods and promised she would owe Ragnar for saving her. And so she became his slave and he her master, and she owed her life to him.

      3 years, 3 months ||| She entered Horizon not long ago, but at this point was abandoned by Ragnar. She just lost him, and she ended up alone without a purpose in life. Until she met {Korsteel} a few months later...
    • Close relationships
    {Korsteel}: I know I don't say it enough, but I love you. and I cannot live without you. why have you left me?
    {Castor}: You are my only son and I'm proud of you. I love you.
    {Asha}: You are my daughter and I love you. I'm glad you're okay.
    {Bree}: You are my daughter and I love you. I miss you, and wonder where you are. Are you okay? Is your father okay? Are you dead...? I hope not.

    • Acquaintances
    {Ryd}: We did not speak much.
    {Malakai}: You were nice and trying to be helpful. I appreciate it.
    {Sugar}: We did not speak much. You didn't seem okay... Hope you're doing better now.
    {Ambrosia}: We did not speak much, but you were kind of blunt and clearly agitated. But I would have been, too, in the same company you were in.
    {Chekov}: We did not speak much, but you sure were a loud and bouncy guy, and weird.
    {Nephilim}: We did not speak much, but you were foulmouthed and an asshole. You cursed a lot, and I hope you will never meet my pups.
    {Vincent}: We did not speak much.
    {Maldwyn}: You were an okay guy. Very quiet, but okay.
    {Libby}: Back then, I was confused and lost, and I did not like you. Maybe you were nice, though. Maybe. Maybe we will meet again, maybe not. I don't really care.
    {Rufus}: You were nice, thank you for hunting with me. I would like to meet you again.
    {Wren}: We did not speak much.
    {Elania}: Snappy little girl, but okay. I guess I was being kind of a bitch to you back then. I'm sorry.
    {Reich}: Weird wolf. Very weird. Flirty and just plain weird.
    {Henry}: You attacked them, I don't know who you are but I'm pretty sure I don't like you.
    {Immanuel}: You were a sweet boy, thank you for trying to understand me.
    {Morgana}: You were weird, and a bit sneaky. I have my eyes on you.
    {Kyoshi}: You offered me a home, you cared for us. I'm sad you died. Rest in peace.
    {Xochitl}: Quiet, but wise.
    {Nelli}: Wise, and like a role model to me. I was upset when you left the mountains. But I guess a Vessel is supposed to roam.
    {Kefka}: You seemed like a nice guy.
    {Nunzju}: You seemed like an okay, but you left soon after. I never saw you again.
    {Della}: You're a snappy wolf, I don't really know what your problem is. Guess you're memory is not that good. You did not even remember me. And for your information, I raise my kids well and they love me. Go mind your own business.
    {Morwen}: Weird wolf. You were scared easily? If you don't want to die then why hang over the edge of a cliff?
    {Kiara}: You were nice, we had a little talk.
    {Alessandro}: I never meant to try and eat you. I was pregnant and hungry and you were an easy meal. The Only One blessed you, saved your life. You should be grateful for that.
    {Bane}: Thank you for the food cache you gave us, it's much appreciated.
    {Aderyn}: You were nice, but you disappeared. Where did you go? You realized you weren't worthy, or something?
    {Sparrow}: I'm not sure if you're the wolf I met. I heard stories about you. Bad stories, I heard you killed Kyoshi. Are you the small wolf I met in the mountains? Or are you not?
    {Ink}: You seemed okay but... I did not really feel comfortable around you. I don't know why.
    {Jakarta}: I'm not sure if you were mute or not willing to speak, but you made for some interesting company as I tried to figure you out.
    {Ayaka}: You became our pack's healer, then you vanished again. I don't really trust you. You're not loyal.
    {Jay}: You did not believe, but that's okay. I and the Only One blessed you, anyway. Make sure to stay out of trouble.
    {Ashe}: You were screaming in the mountains and beaten up by a squirrel. A little bit pathetic, no?
    {Toskana}: I don't really know what you are like, we did not talk much. You were awfully quiet.
    {Ross}: You did not believe, but that's okay. I and the Only One blessed you, anyway. Make sure to stay out of trouble.
    {Jaya}: Coward #1, but nice enough to apologize to my son for making him faint, I guess.
    {Fallei}: Coward #2, but at least you apologized and offered to teach us about herbs. Castor would love that.
    {Maeve}: You are quiet, and speak nothing like a pup. Either you were raised with a massive vocabulary or you have shitty parents who don't care about you? You seem able to hold your own, though. You will make it in this world.
    {Abrielle}: Bit of a proud individual?
    {Titania}: TBA

    • Bad relationships
    {Brendan}: You're an asshole, a little shit. Harassing me like that. I hope I will never see you again. I hope you ran face first into a tree or something.

    • It's complicated...
    {Ragnar-Inactive}: You saved my life from that monk pack, yet you made me my slave. My life with you wasn't any better than it had been with them, yet you made me believe you were my hero. I'm scared of you, yet I seemed to love you. I don't know what to anymore.


    Height Build
    Petite Lean
    Coast near Odinn's Cove
    Father Mother
    Fidrick (unknown) Runa (unknown)
    Niala (stepmother)

    *Gunnar (unknown)
    Keld (unknown)

    {Malkeen} (half brother, unknown)

    * Up for adoption! Check out the adoptables page!

    Other Relationships
    Eyja art

    Spirit Symbol Emblems
    None yet