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Ezekiel Zachariah Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 11 mos.)
280 SP

Character Information

n/a David Tennant as Kilgrave from Jessica Jones

Ezekiel — ih-zee-kee-uh l

Zachariah — zak-uh-rahy-uh

“the way eze's thinking, judging and assertiveness goes in an almost straight line is my kink” — bird.
“he'll drain the life out of the basin
he'll touch the water n the fish will float” — bird.
“fucking waves?? going bck and forth and back again?? MAKE UP UR FUCKING MIND GOD. why am i the only intellectual here ffs” — bird.
Dallas: I think zeke's been a little crabby since his boyfriend Crusty the Crustacean left him :c
Ezekiel hopes to learn more of the valley's layout and those that live within it before making any decisions, but his ultimate goal is to continue the Zachariah family line.
Species: Eastern Timber Wolf Eye colour: Green
6.1 ft. // 107 lbs. // 33 ins.

He is quite a large wolf in stature, but while he’s not the stockiest or most muscular of wolves, his fur thickens greatly during the winter, providing a thick layer of protection for the cooler months that is appropriate for a mountain wolf. His eyes are green, which is inherited from his father, a trait he is extremely prideful of.

Ezekiel carries himself proudly and has a generally cool, neutral demeanour.

Currently, his winter’s coat has been shed and Ezekiel’s thinner coat has come through. He still does not look “thin” (he is averagely built), but he does not look as stockily build as he does when he has his winter’s coat.



Ezekiel is prone to displaying very little interest in situations, often with a cold or blank expression. He talks little and believes many long, wordy explanations to simply be false. In short, words are lies, while the truth is short and to the point. When it comes to needing to help someone, he is generally relatively adverse to it. He helps himself and his loved ones, finding little other reason to get involved with situations, and is normally otherwise disinterested.


Ezekiel is not an easy cookie to crack, nor will he be whimsical and bend to the will of the season, et cetera. He does not act without reason, but this and his other traits — his apathetic take on things, for example — make him seem cold. And, for the most part, he is. He constantly distances himself from others, finding peace in solitude and that it is, in ways, easier. He is not easily pleased by anyone.


If one can get past Ezekiel’s cold, uncaring behaviour (and bother to get to know him), then they may discover his more loyal, dependable self. Should he trust someone as though they were family (e.g., a close friend), he will protect them dearly. His family are the one thing that matters to him, as well as the Zachariah line, which he hopes to pass on as the eldest son. If he has his eyes set on something, it is very difficult to change his mind. However, Ezekiel is still not “kind.” He remains as cold and distant to his friends as others, but the uncaring nature is simply what changes.


Ezekiel is an extremely proud man, just like his father. He believes in the importance of both himself and the Zachariah line, but while he is prideful, he is not arrogant. In fact, he despises arrogance, like he despised the arrogance of his uncle, who blamed his son’s death on his mate. However, he is prone to dry humour should he ever say something humorous, and his pride is extremely difficult to break or take away. He has very little fears, except not making his father proud, but he is otherwise a cold, quiet man.


Ezekiel’s family lived in the Rocky Mountains. There, Timaes’ and Sigrún’s family lived together rather peacefully, along with other families, such as the Hepzibah family, or, in the past, the Delailiah family and Jochebed family, most of whom, by Ezekiel’s time, were deceased.

Achaicus Zachariah mated with Ephrath Delailah, who had a litter of five: Timaes, Achim, Mahlah, Diklah, and Rebeka Zachariah. In the same year, Guðrún and Sigurðr mated for the second time, this time successful, although they had one stillborn, a son, Loki, and a daughter, Sigrún. Before Timaes and Sigrún became mates, Timaes, without very much thought, ended up mating with Eve Hepzibah at a young age. There were feelings there, but they were young lovers that had, more by accident than by meaning to, conceived. They only had one daughter, but Eve died in childbirth. To honour her, Timaes named the girl “Hephzibah,” after her mother’s family name.

Over that year, both families suffered tragedies. For the Zachariah family, Tamar died, and for Sigrún’s family, Freyja and her mother, Guðrún, also died.

Timaes and Sigrún grew closer as the female helped Timaes raise his daughter. Once she was eleven months old, the pair made their mateship official and mated. They conceived and, when the time came, gave birth to three living children: Ezekiel Zachariah, Alphaeus Zachariah, and Keziah Zachariah, all of whom named by their father.

That same year, Loki and Marzanna had mated, but a few months before Timaes and Sigrún. Thus, their children were two months older when they were born. They had four, three of whom survived: Sindri, Živa, and Volos.

Ezekiel grew up raised to be the “oldest child,” despite Hephzibah being more than a year older than them. They were all raised with Zachariah values being taught to them from a young age, as well as learning the ability to defend themselves, hunt, and do the basic things needed to survive, including alone. Over the year, Ezekiel began to thrive, becoming independent and adopting many of his father’s tendencies, as well as his mother’s. He was also distant, though, which worried his mother somewhat, but she gradually learnt that it was normal behaviour.

A year after Ezekiel was born, Sigrún gave birth again. This time, she had three stillborns. When the pair thought all was over, a pup was born. They named him Völundr, and he was a child they were proud of. Ezekiel was present for the birth against his parents’ wishes and he shared their sorrows, but he did not fail to help raise his younger brother. They grew close and Ezekiel taught him what he knew.

After roughly a year, one of Loki and Marzanna’s children, Volos, died in a hunting accident. It was his own mistake, but Loki blamed Marzanna for it, blaming her “bad genes” for his death. Marzanna was unwilling to back down, and the two fought. Ezekiel caught some of their verbal scrap, but he left as it got more heated. It resulted in the pair fighting physically, and they eventually tumbled down the mountain together, where they both died as a result of their injuries.

Over time, the values of the Zachariah family, which now included Sigrún’s family, evolved, some of which because of Ezekiel. He was proud of what he’d done, but he eventually knew that he had to leave, much to the dismay of Völundr, to find a mate and continue their family lineage. He travelled for months, but soon enough, he entered Horizon Valley.

If you would like to adopt one of Ezekiel’s (living) family members, then please feel free to PM me or talk to me on Discord (on OOC information) to get more information!

in horizon history

Ezekiel entered Horizon valley in Late Spring of HY4 through Lake Melody. He then travelled through the pass by the southern edge, but had to round a pack’s territory. He later entered that territory by the north to visit its water source, which he was escorted to by {Daniel}. {Stephan} was there, but they never spoke. He heard of {Relic}, the pack’s “leader,” but never met him. He then decided to spend one more night in the mountains, but got stuck in a cave when a volcano exploded south of the valley and he took shelter there, alongside {Tunglid}, {Daesamar}, {Morwen}, and {Lorenzo}.

As summer began to grace the land, he travelled towards the beach. As he napped there, Ezekiel was attacked by a crab.


Ezekiel’s family is made up of two prideful families, primarily. The Zachariah family and one that has no last name, but they both have very specific and similar traditions to one another.

As the two families have been joined together through Sigrún and Timaes, their values both evolve together and they come together to be known collectively as the “Zachariah family,” not just Timaes’ side of the family. Over time, they hope to continue this tradition, although Loki’s children have no requirement to take up the Zachariah name, and nor do Sigrún’s family, despite there being discussion between them as to whether they should.

mother's siblingsparentsfather's siblings

Loki ♂ † — Marzanna ♀ †


Sindri ♂

Živa ♀

Volos ♂ †

Sigrún Zachariah ♀ — Timaes Zachariah ♂


Alphaeus Zachariah ♂

Keziah Zachariah ♀

Völundr Zachariah ♂

Achim Zachariah ♂

Mahlah Zachariah ♂

Diklah Zachariah ♀ †

Rebeka Zachariah ♀ †

mother's parentsstepfamilyfather's parents
Guðrún ♀ † — Sigurðr ♂

Eve Hepzibah (stepmother) ♀ † —//— Timaes Zachariah ♂


Hephzibah Zachariah ♀ — half-sister

Eprath Zachariah ♀ — Achaicus Zachariah ♂
first generation


Grandmother's Parents: Freyja ♀ † — Njáll ♂

Grandfather's Parents: Eir ♀ — Viðarr ♂


Grandmother's Parents: Jael Nebo Jochebed ♀ — Caleb Aaron Delailah ♂ †

Grandfather's Parents: Tamar Ami Zachariah ♀ † — Nathanael Reuel Zachariah ♂

family traditions and values

The Zachariah family believes in expanding their lineage, but they disapprove of whimsically doing so. They also disapprove of both one-night-stands and inbreeding, as well as any sort of rape. Breeding should be between two loving parents that have gained a bond together, by the Zachariah family standards.

The Zachariah family does not simply value mating, however. They believe that their family members ought to serve no one but the ones important to them, as their survival is important to both themselves and the family. This sentiment grew stronger after many losses befell them — namely Caleb’s and two of Timaes’ sisters.

They also value togetherness — between mates, friends, and family — and that loyalty should be upheld with honour. They often watch the stars together at night as a “bonding exercise,” and thus many Zachariah family members are fond of, or have fond memories of, the stars.

The most important thing, however, is to respect one’s elders. The older a wolf, the wiser they are believed to be, thus they should be regarded with the utmost respect and honour. Their words should be taken for the truth and they should be listened to by younger wolves. Each wolf should also pass on tradition and values to the next generation without fail.

family tree
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Height Build
Large Average
Father Mother

Would have to be with the right woman.
None yet, but the Zachariah lineage must be continued.
Other Relationships

Völundr Zachariah ♂
The younger brother I raised. I regret leaving you, but I have never stopped loving you. I hope you come and find me.
Fractured Relationships
Loki ♂ †
You blamed your son's death on your mate in your arrogance, and I cannot forgive you for that.
Marzanna ♀ †
I let you die because I did not care enough for you to risk myself. I apologise for making orphans of your children, Marzanna, but I hope you died peacefully.
None, probably not many.
Doesn't Care
{Igbo} ♂, {Daniel} ♂, {Stephan} ♂, {Daesamar} ♂, {Tunglid} ♂, {Lorenzo} ♂, {Morwen} ♀, {Nayomi} ♀
None, unlikely to happen.
Stone, Late Spring HY4.
Personality Type
Visited Areas
  • Lake Melody
  • Starshatter Basin
  • Skyrise Pass
  • Shimmering Shoal
  • Sundown Coast
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet