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Name Pack
Faolan Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 7 mos.)
1035 SP

Character Information

adventurous. loyal. judgemental. eager.
bold. inquisitive. entitled. reserved.
thoughtful. smart. isolated. blunt.

5 ft. 22 inches. 55 lbs.

The runt of his litter, Faolan was petite and thin from the very beginning. With a dark coat more like his father, he has his mother’s golden eyes and a hint of her coloring. His coat is dark but is washed in certain places with white and silver hues.

When he is finished growing his weight will be ~72lbs

"We were born for this, right?"

Born the child of exiles, he knew an easier life than they did. As a part of the Sanctuary, he was protected from the life his parents had fled. Unaware of the extent of the horrors inflicted both by and on his parents, he has not suffered for their sins. When he was several months old they moved north to claim a place in the mountains, learning more about his family and himself in the process.

Though he does not much care for rules or expectations, he knows better than to absolutely defy his parents. He has a deep fondness for his mother, {Sparrow}, a lasting respect for his father, {Ink}, and {Rook} is his well-balanced partner-in-crime.


Run Boy Run - Woodkid


Height Build
Petite Thin
Riverside Hollow
Father Mother
{Ink} {Sparrow}

Stillborn (Thanos)

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet