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Name Pack
Farra Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
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Young adult
(3 yrs, 6 mos.)
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Character Information

Personality: Farra has definitely changed from her young self. She has kept her kind and nurturing personality, but has become less naïve. Her trust for others has gone down slightly, since an important secret has been kept from her and her beloved Leas. However, Farra will not shun away a fellow traveler, especially since she feels safer because of her size. Farra has a soft spot for pups because she wants them herself, also for younger wolves. She tries to be patient, and be interested in things, but sometimes she has to fake it. However, Farra’s intentions are always for the better of others or for good. She also tends to put others before herself, but this doesn’t keep her from thinking logically… sometimes.

Appearance: Farra is not your typical looking wolf. She has a tan/light brown color pelt, and a white “collar” marking across her shoulder blades/lower neck area. Her eyes are a light amber with green flecks in them. Her build is large and lean like Leas. Farra also has a cream underbelly and a white patch of fur on her lower chest (between her front legs).


Height Build
Large Lean
Somewhere South
Father Mother
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet