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Name Pack
Farra Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 2 mos.)
60 SP

Character Information

inspiration: optimus prime from transformers.

Determination. A factor that not only helps you get on with your life, but succeed in it as well. Farra is the epitome of determination - she displays the common trait in her everyday conversations and the way she explains herself. The woman is nothing short of being inspiring, for she has sought her half-sister after learning a truth that had been hidden from her the entirety of her youth. She has recently grown to emotional maturity - she is by no means naive in any way, in fact, she speaks very wisely as if she has far more years upon her than she physically does.

After having her trust broken, she has become wary of trusting others with specific tasks and if she can do it herself, she won't ask. Survival is an instinct that has been forged by the girl since the day she had decided to go out on her own. Farra can be happy-go-lucky at times, she is a very motherly individual and loves others that are younger than herself. She hopes that one day she will be able to settle down and create a life for herself. Farra is extremely kind - often putting others before herself, unfortunately, this makes her goal in life slower to come by. Afterall, getting lost was not an attributing factor to arriving at the valley.

She is an averagely-patient wolf, however, she fails at remaining interested in conversations that are not interesting to her, however, the woman continues to have good intentions at heart despite everything. Sometimes, it may not be fair.

Farra has been readopted as of 7/4/18. Any posts before then are not mine.


Height Build
Large Lean
South of Horizon
Father Mother

{Leas} - Half-sister

Other Relationships
{Adhara} - Niece

{Adler} - Nephew

Aeneas - Niece †

{Auberon} - Nephew

Spirit Symbol