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Fathom (Joining)
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Character Information

[] Appearance- Though a timber wolf, Fathom is on the smaller size. Being the runt of the litter and her mother not having enough to eat to provide nutritious milk caused her growth to stunt. Fathom weighs about 72 lbs and stands at 4'7 ft. Her pelt is a beautiful ivory and it grows thick in the winter and keeps her well insulated to stay warm; while in the summer it thins out to keep her cool. Fathom's eyes are usually the first thing wolves notice since her blue eyes contrast with her fur. The bite power of Fathom is quite powerful, helping her secure her prey and enemies. She can crunch through muscle and can break bones if she bites hard enough. Fathom has wispy and strong legs, she can run for many miles without stopping. Her legs are filled with pure muscle allowing her travel quietly and quickly to reach her destination. [] Personality- Fathom is a rebellious and loving, strong-willed wolf. But, watch out for her attitude. She has a sharp tongue and she will leave a few scars to remember her by. Intriguing and a different taste to others. She can really leave a ever-lasting impression on anyone. Fathom is energetic and swift on her paws. Intelligent and out-going, brisk and athletic, and impossible to forget. Being a loner for so long, she be stubborn. But she puts her faith in those who she is sure won't betray her and is quick to help those in need, willing to fight in order to ensure their safety. [] History- Fathom was born in a cave in Starlight Peaks during a harsh winter. She was the runt in a litter of four, being smaller than her siblings. Her mother though caring had lacked a mate to help bring her food to sustain herself. The season had not been kind, killing three of her pups and only leaving Fathom. Needless to say it was tough, trying to balance feeding her only pup and herself and in the end she barely made it through the winter, but she did everything to keep her pup alive. And she did. When Fathom was old enough, her mother taught her how to hunt small prey like mice and squirrels. One day her mother fell ill and died when Fathom was only ten months; leaving her to scrounge for meals in order to survive. For the last year she has wandered through territories trying to find a place to call home.


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Starlight Peaks