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Name Pack
Fawn Rogue
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 8 mos.)
1075 SP

Character Information

If only I could, I'd be running up that hill

Voiced by Kate Bush

Running up that Hill
Anxious | Indecisive | Klutz | Meek | Obsessive | Paranoid | Pessimist | Germaphobe

Fawn has some issues.

Let's list them off!

Despite being a decent healer, Fawn boasts an unnatural fear of.. Well.. Everything that can kill you. She's closed off, willing to live her life in a nice, protective bubble if she so could.

Driving this are some mental health issues, developed from a poor, abusive upbringing. She has high anxiety, and can be prone to panic attacks from stressful situations.

Lucky for her, she tends to avoid others in general, which has kept her from any unpleasant encounters that may have been her end. She still tends to keep away from large crowds, and wolves who are in general a bit too exuberant or frightening.

Efeon has gone and broken down some of her walls, and she's now fully comfortable around him. He has earned her trust, and as a result Fawn's a bit more stable and can even enjoy the odd moment of fun or cuddles. Around him, her true personality shines out, as a caring, patient, and affectionate mate.

Around him, she can be somewhat possessive, even protect. She tries to help out as much as she can, tending to feel useless if Efeon does all the work for her. Wanting him to socialize, Fawn has even taken to being a bit more open to social interactions, and can tolerate most wolves as long as she's by his side.
Nothing special, Fawn boasts a small build. She's built average sized, but is a little on the chunky side, which she'll adamantly tell you is only her poofy coat. It's not.

She's fat. Chunky. Would be excessivly plump if not for the constant anxiety that keeps her appetite down. She's never quite fully grown, though, and keeps a lean to average figure.

Anywho, she also doesn't have a poofy coat. It's rather short, and a little tufty in places from odd bite marks that never quite healed over. So rather scruffy. It's started to smooth out a bit as she's taken better care of herself, and in certain lightening Fawn's honestly quite pretty.

Her coat color is a dashing reddish ochre, which has some highlights and shading in sandy tones. Her tail tip is black, her only standout marking.

Her eyes are an unimpressive amber.

She's a mildly bland looking wolf, overall. At least Efeon thinks she's sexy.

The end.


Other art: Scary World by Drew

Afraid Together by Hal


Height Build
Small Average
Someplace far away
Father Mother
big jerk dead
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet