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Name Pack
Fawn Adunati Rangers III. Healer
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 4 mos.)
3550 SP

Character Information

Species Fur Height Weight Length
Canis lupus youngi - Southern Rock Mountain Wolf Thin in summer, patchily thick in winter. Coarse 22 in78 lbs4.6 ft
Traits anxious, emotional, stutters, tenacious, smart, affectionate


Fawn has some issues.

Let's list them off!

Despite being a decent healer, Fawn boasts an unnatural fear of.. Well.. Everything that can kill you. She's closed off, willing to live her life in a nice, protective bubble if she so could.

Driving this are some mental health issues, developed from a poor, abusive upbringing. She has high anxiety, and can be prone to panic attacks from stressful situations. She hates being grabbed, her father having abused her and her mother as a child. As well, she has an phobia of water after nearly drowning being 'taught' to swim.

She tends to avoid others in general, which has kept her from any unpleasant encounters that may have been her end. Fawn still tends to keep away from large crowds, and wolves who are in general a bit too exuberant or frightening. Despite this, she's made a few close friends, namely in {Yuna} and {Bucky}.

{Efeon}, her mate, has gone and broken down some of her walls, and she's now fully comfortable around him. He has earned her trust, and as a result Fawn's a bit more stable and can even enjoy the odd moment of fun or cuddles. Her true personality shines more frequently, as a caring, patient, and affectionate mate.

Fawn can be somewhat possessive, even protective. She tries to help out as much as she can, tending to feel useless if Efeon does all the work for her. Wanting him to socialize, Fawn has even taken to being a bit more open to social interactions, and can tolerate most wolves as long as she's by his side.

Fawn's very small, almost on the petite side of the spectrum standing at 22 inches. She's been gaining weight now that Efeon's feeding her (too much) fish, though she'll never really surpass an average build. Somewhat slender, her coat is short and sleek, where it was once very patchy and falling out in places. She has a few small scars around her scruff from being grabbed roughly as a pup, but no noticeable wounds. Fawn's colors are sandy, cream along her underbelly and with a black tail tip. Her eyes are an unimpressive amber, a little pale.

She's a mildly bland looking wolf, overall. At least Efeon thinks she's sexy.

Brought up with an abusive father, Fawn was quickly traumatized and beaten down into a submissive, fearful young adult. Her mother was knowledgeable with herbal remedies, and she ended up teaching Fawn her tricks. On her own, she learned more about hallucinogen drugs, as a form of escape.

When she was about a year, her mother committed suicide by taking lethal herbs. Fawn found her dead, and to this day has never gotten over her closest loved one choosing death over her.

She ran away from home, and kept running. Fawn avoided all contact where possible, often getting bullied by wolves who she wouldn't stand up to. Her anxiety and OCD grew, to the point her fur fell out in clumps and she wouldn't really eat.

In Horizon, she met a few wolves, notably {Bane} and his kids, of which the former threatened to kill her if she snooped around again. Later on, she met {Nomad}, who almost chased a horse over her but ended up being very sweet, if not hyper. During the wildfire, she was injured, and {Yuna} offered her herbs.

Seeking solitude in the mountains, she ended up running into a jerk named {Kyoren}, who had a strange wolf named F12 with him. F12 was suffering from lung damage, and Fawn was unwillingly forced into helping heal the nearly-dead male.

The herbal cure worked, but F12 passed out and Kyoren assumed she'd poisoned him. Fawn swore she hadn't, but he threatened to kill her anyway if his 'friend' didn't awaken by sunset. Lucky for her, Eefie (as she soon took to calling him) did wake up in time, and Kyoren left them both alone.

Fawn was tempted to leave, but.. Something about F12 drew her in. She was worried Kyoren might hurt him, but chose to stay anyway as long as Eefie promised not to hurt her.

During the meteor shower, she cuddled with him, and their bond started growing deeper. By the time they met {Bucky}, on the lookout, it was obvious to everyone but them that they were a couple. Bucky pointed it out, and after Fawn explained to F12 what love was, he confessed that was the feeling he had for her - and vice versa.

Kyoren once more threatened Fawn, telling her to stop 'lying' to Eefie about him. She was willing to lie herself, and pretend to run away to get help, but Kyoren managed to strike a deal with her to stop being so cruel.

Still in the mountains, Fawn soon learned more about F12's past. She was there to listen through all of it, encouraging him to take a new name since he deserved it. He didn't know what to pick, and asked her to - Fawn renamed him {Efeon} so she could keep his nickname.

They ended up travelling to visit Bucky and his Ranger pack, staying and reconnecting with Nomad and Yuna on the way. During flooding, they headed back towards the mountains, but {Pharaoh} caught up and begged Fawn to help his sick sister. Realizing from the symptoms he described that {Caesar}'s ailment was merely a cold, Fawn told him what herbs to look for, and expected to leave the dangerous coast.. ((WIP))

The end.


Other art: Scary World by Drew

Afraid Together by Hal

Best Traits Affectionate | Intelligent | Good with herbs | Patient | Big heart
Worst Traits Anxiety prone | Pessimistic | Scared of large groups | Afraid of water | OCD
Fears Water | Being grabbed roughly or hurt | That everyone she loves will leave her


Height Build
Small Average
Someplace far away
Father Mother
big jerk dead
{Efeon} Forever and Always

{Fox}, {Speck}, {Eve} and {Doe}
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet