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Name Pack
Felicity Silvano Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 2 mos.)
305 SP

Character Information


Like most belonging to the Silvano line, Felicity flaunts an impressive stature, lean musculature, and pale fur. Her coat is nearly snow-white, save for a few distinct, ash-colored guard hairs along her spine. Her eyes are exceptionally pale, dancing the line between silver and sage green.


Slightly under revision. The unanticipated product of courtship between an emotionally feeble mother and absentee father, Felicity learned early on the importance of persistence and autonomy. Responsible for her own well-being from a tender age, she values strength, intelligence, and competence, and may be unnecessarily critical in judging those who do not meet the strict standards to which she holds herself. Empathy was a quality she was never taught to hold in high regard.

Hedonistic, she believes the purpose of living is to achieve happiness. Her actions are forever commanded by a self-seeking nature, and as long as her own desires are not put second to another’s, she would begrudge no one the pursuit of ultimate pleasure. Should her excellence be shirked, however, she may entertain vengeful thoughts—but she is, first and foremost, a wolf of cooperation. Hers is merely conditional, as she struggles to recognize authority that would limit her in any way.

She acknowledges, however, that mortal decadence would taint a mind unfortified against complacency and idleness, and thus also seeks intellectual excellence. Adaptability is an important quality in her mind, both in her mode of thinking and behavior. She may don various masks to accomplish her goals, appearing guileless, compassionate, sinister, or obedient at any time if it would serve to ensure her survival and comfort. Opportunities to exist in harmony with others of her kind she welcomes, knowing she would harbor no guilt for severing ties should they fail to benefit her at any junction.

Though she would prefer to utilize rhetoric and persuasion, she is also not above the infrequent aberration from such cerebral tactics, and may rely upon her physical prowess or feminine wiles should she feel it necessary to do so.


Born in the Tumbling Knolls, into a small, peaceable, communal pack. Mother was flaky and negligent; learned with her brothers from a young age to be independent. The trio often scrapped for dominance and helped one another excel in areas of strength and cunning. When a disease ravaged the fertile land around their second birthday, the Silvano triplets fled to find somewhere else to live. They split up just beyond Horizon valley, thinking that to cover more ground would give them better chances of finding their next home.


Height Build
Very Large Lean
Tumbling Knolls
Northeast of Horizon
Father Mother
Denzel Nora Silvano
{Felix} — brother, littermate
{Forrest} — brother, littermate
Other Family
{Bianca} — aunt, maternal
{Lorenzo} — great-uncle, unacquainted
{Kaya} — great-aunt
Other Relationships
{Ozias} — Grossly misjudged.
{Kaya} — Earning her respect.
{Crixus} — Intriguing. Desirable?
{York}, {Narcisa}, {Samaya}, {Brynn}, {Gareth}
Oh No! — Marina and the Diamonds
Numb — Marina and the Diamonds
Settle — Vera Blue
The Mission — Puscifer (Milla mix)
Dark In My Imagination — Of Verona
Love Bites (So Do I) — Halestorm
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet